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9.11 investigation

The 9/11 Key to Political Transformation

There is now an enormous amount of scholarly evidence and expert testimony that a) clearly demonstrates the official 9/11 story is a sham, and b) supports the millions of New Yorkers who, according to a recent Zogby poll, believe that top US officials "consciously" allowed the attacks to happen and that we desperately need a new investigation now.
Artwork by Daniel Heuben
Artwork by Daniel Heuben
-- A belated strategic initiative to turn the world around
by W. David Kubiak

Given the momentum and added troop strength of the corporate forces now in power, citizens will face unending appeals this year to help combat firestorms on many different fronts.

Already we are struggling to prioritize our efforts to stop war atrocities, torturers' appointments, escalating Pentagon appropriations, horrific new weapons, the resurrection of Star Wars, and the imminent draft, not to mention environmental assaults, our ballooning debt, attacks on our rights, the slashing of the social safety net, and a dozen other centrifugal symptoms of the sickness at the top.

Alternatively we could step back a pace or two and see where all this carnage connects and focus on a strategy that might stop it all at once.

We need what social analyst George Lakoff calls a "strategic initiative" - a plan in which a change in one critical area has automatic reverberating effects in many, many, many other realms.

Looking at the onslaughts we face, it's obvious that this administration's primary source of war-making, rights-taking, vote-raking power is still and always has been the "official 9/11 story." The exquisitely timed "surprise attack" it portrays instantly justified what we now know was a long planned agenda to take us into endless war, crippling debt and constitutional twilight.

There is now an enormous amount of scholarly evidence and expert testimony that a) clearly demonstrates the official 9/11 story is a sham, and b) supports the millions of New Yorkers who, according to a recent Zogby poll, believe that top US officials "consciously" allowed the attacks to happen and that we desperately need a new investigation now.

This is no longer a fringe position. Identical calls have been made by fifty victim families and over one hundred prominent Americans including three 2004 presidential candidates [Nader (Ind), Cobb (Green), Badnarik (Libertarian)], respected rabbis and imams, historians and legislators, military officials and diplomats, as well as celebrated leaders from the environmental, alternative economics and "peace & justice" communities. Examining these eminent names on the 9/11 Truth Statement at 911truth.org will quickly show that with regard to 9/11 at least, today's so-called "conspiracy theorists" are not who they used to be.

Indeed one of America's greatest theologians, Dr. David Ray Griffin, methodically demolished the credibility of the Kean Commission cover-up in his latest book, "The 9/11 Commission Report - Omissions and Distortions."

As this extraordinary breadth of skepticism clearly signifies, the demand for 9/11 truth is not about to go away. It is not simply a matter of belated justice for the tragedy's immediate victims. The attacks have since been relentlessly exploited to keep generating new victims for many years on many fronts both here at home and in places far away.

The fabricated "official 9/11 story" has in fact empowered so many subsequent offenses that 9/11 truth has become the mother of all issues and remains the key to widespread redress. If anyone is really looking for a "strategic initiative" to unplug the entire neocon power supply, consider the impact that full disclosure of 9/11 deceit would have upon the following range of concerns.

Uncovering the truth of 9/11 is simultaneously:

* A peace issue: the public's ongoing ignorance of official 9/11 lies will continue to feed the fear and hostility the "War on Terror" depends upon. Once the truth is known, "Remember 9/11!" will take on a whole new significance and foster a vital "fool me twice" mistrust of our military-industrial complex and most aggressive leaders.

* A national security issue: as long as 9/11 lies are exploited to mount support for brutal resource wars, the more the Muslim world will rightfully despise us and threaten our kids for generations to come. (Some indeed argue that creating this durable new defense budget-sustaining threat was a more important motive for the phony 9/11-to-Iraq war segue than seizing oil or shoring up Sharon.)

* A children's issue: the social programs sacrificed for "War on Terror" boondoggles and profiteering overwhelmingly victimize the young, especially those with disabilities.

* An environmental issue: post-9/11 calls for "energy independence" have been seized and twisted by Bush's corporate sponsors to justify more wilderness oil drilling, abusive environmental practices, and a rebirth of nuclear power, not to mention a lengthening list of corporate takings from the ecological commons.

* A public health issue: in New York, official lies about post-attack air quality promise to kill more residents from toxic WTC pollution than those who died from the attacks themselves; nationally, the cost of the 9/11-fueled War on Terror is gutting public health budgets across the land.

* A women's issue: the ongoing costs of 9/11-related warfare, job loss and social program austerity fall far more heavily upon women and children nationwide; and 9/11 fear has politically empowered the far right to launch a war here at home on women's basic rights.

* A human rights issue: the official 9/11 story has spawned such bigoted and vengeful fear that a recent Cornell University poll found that 44% of Americans are now ready to slash US Muslims' civil rights, while a nearly equal number now accept the "need" to torture prisoners.

* A social justice issue: poor and minority Americans are deeply scarred by "War on Terror"-related cutbacks in social programs at the same time that their youth are the most heavily recruited by the military and sacrificed in battle as the conflict proceeds

* An electoral issue: although "god, gays & guns" are often characterized as "family values" election ploys, their common denominator is fear. Fear that we are beyond self-help as a people, fear our children will not think or act like us, fear that without our firearms we are helpless in a sick and scary world. The higher the national fear quotient (and custom color-coded threat level), the more these constituencies will flock to bellowing "tough guy" leaders who peddle dread, feign infallibility, and seem happy to wield deadly force to protect them from all harm. (See Erich Fromm's "Fear of Freedom" for the classic study of how fear fuels authoritarianism and acceptance of fascist societies.)

* A Constitutional liberty issue: the official 9/11 story (and deftly timed anthrax attacks) generated instant blind assent to the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act as well as scores of other presidential and Department of Justice directives that further threaten accountability and our shrinking Bill of Rights.

* A national solvency issue: the "national 9/11 emergency" has allowed the Bush team to abandon any pretense of fiscal restraint, flood corporate backers with exorbitant profits, plunge the nation into an abyss of debt, and hasten arch-privatizer Grover Norquist's dream of "a government small enough to drown in a bathtub."

* A media reform issue: the consistent, breathtaking refusal of mainstream media to investigate official deception since 9/11 (up through Iraq and 2004 electoral fraud) has openly exposed the industry as cowardly and/or corrupt. Thus far only the independent and second-tier media have shown any journalistic integrity regarding these questions and will benefit enormously when public outrage over the cover-up finally forces the breakup of conglomerates and across the board reform.

And so on...

In sum, the official 9/11 myth's emotional and political power will continue to drive the country in a dozen different destructive directions until we confront and deconstruct it with 9/11 truth.

This cynical fable has indeed become the corporatists' essential power supply upon which all their military crimes, legislative overreach, and electoral success depend. (See how incessantly they invoke it to justify every brutality, theft and assault upon our rights.)

It is, however, also their gravest vulnerability since it is only sustained by a tissue of lies, corrupt media and public ignorance.

One of Karl Rove's most useful axioms is "attack your opponent's greatest strengths." He thus focused on Kerry's war record and Gore's intellect, and systematically savaged them with loud and clever lies. We can likewise devastate support for the current administration, but honestly and honorably using 9/11 truth.

We can also use it to forge a wider, more diverse coalition with many others equally afflicted by this government's abuse of its misbegotten power. In fact, there are few groups fighting for social justice, the environment, or basic human rights in the world today who would not profit immensely from a fearless indictment of our top officials for their 9/11 lies and crimes.

For many of us that truth may prove more disturbing than the countless lies we've recognized, but the threat will no longer be invisible, mysterious or misunderstood. It will also be within our power to deal with as a democratic people, using the force of law instead of black ops, torture or high tech brutality. Yes, it will take a lot of anachronistic courage, but recently the Ukrainians, Serbs, Venezuelans and Filipinos have all been kind enough to show us the way. Closer to home but long ago in 1775, Patrick Henry also challenged us with words that ring today.

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth - and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it now."


W. David Kubiak is a Project Censored Award-winning journalist, executive director of 911truth.org, and founder of Big Medicine, a Maine-based research & education institute focused on the corporate takeover over our country, culture and consciousness. Email: kubiak(at)nancho.net

tired of these features! 30.Jul.2005 09:12


Just wanted to air a complaint, hopefully the editors of the site will read it.....

These various 9/11 features on indymedia are typically the same thing, over and over.
This is the 2nd (albiet somewhat unrelated) 9/11 feature up on the front page right now!

Why do they keep getting featured?

I'm not against these being featured per se, if they're local or and maybe occasionally if there is some new big news (but not too much since there is tons of "new big news" to choose from everyday!).

But there are just too many of this.

More about this than CAFTA, more than about local transit issues here, more about this then about Wyden, homelessness, local labor organizing, more than pretty much anything (besides media and forests maybe).

It fails to of the feature guidelines(according to  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/features.shtml):

NOT 1. original writing - not a re-post from another publication.
-- It's a pure cut and paste from another website based in Maine

NOT 3. local issue/story - "local" = cascadia not covered by other IMCs, i.e., seattle or sf bay.
-- It doesn't mention anything about Cascadia

I do recognize the latter one is reffered to as "optional", but there are TONS of undercovered national/global news stories -- this is THE ONLY one that gets so much coverage. Compare with article on other misreported issues: Iraq, Global Warming, Patriarchy, Racism, Corporate control, etc.

Given that the other 2 qualifications for a feature are incredibly basic (i.e., that it has basic who/what/where/when information & that it be consistent with indymedia values), one wonders why this is featured, instead of:


all of which meet all 4 of the guidelines

or these which meet 3 of the 4: (missing either detailed who/what/where/when OR available elsewhere)


What's up with this?? I'd appreciate a response from a workerbee...

response from a workerbee 30.Jul.2005 09:49


to "me": are there any stories currently on the newswire that follow featuring guidelines that have not been featured? (looking at the ones that were posted up until the time when this one was posted.) that is, are there any stories about "CAFTA, more than about local transit issues here, more about this then about Wyden, homelessness, local labor organizing, more than pretty much anything (besides media and forests maybe)" that were missed?

if there were no stories of those types that were missed, then this 9/11 feature is merely an addition to those, and no harm done.

if there were some stories that shoulda been featured, in your opinion, and weren't, please post the URLs here so that can be addressed. perhaps they were over-looked. perhaps they didn't measure up. perhaps the story was already featured from a previous post and a newer post didn't offer any new information or analysis.

as for this particular story being featured, look through the 9/11 archive, and you'll see how this one is different. it's particular take -- that tackling 9/11 is vital in order to properly tackle *other* important issues, because 9/11 affects so many other issues -- has not been featured before. this take has not been adequately explored yet (and this article merely introduces the concept), and it is in response to the many people who have criticized 9/11 investigation for not being relevant to other social justice causes, or that it takes away from other social justice causes.

in other words, this particular 9/11 story offers an analysis of 9/11 investigation that deserves attention, and does so in a fresh way.

re. "not a repost" -- articles that have appeared on other websites are frequently featured on indymedia. an article does not need to appear ONLY on indymedia in order to be considered "not a repost". "not a repost" means a) not from corporate media, or, b) if not from corporate media, not from a source where the story has already gotten tons of play. for example, there have been features made of stories originally published on the locally-based "One True bIx" and "news 4 neighbors" websites, and on the non-locally-based "Counterpunch" or "Global Research" sites, just to name a few of many. with the high number of "blogs" now in existence, it is becoming almost common for pdx indymedia to feature a story previously published on a blog. David Lindorff's material is an example of that. he publishes first to his blog (and here too, apparently), and then submits to Counterpunch, too. the current feature on G.W.'s brother is an example: he published it to his blog, then to pdx indy (where it was featured) then submitted it to Counterpunch (where it was featured today).

basically, the word "repost" is not the best term to describe what's really feature-able or not. not sure what a better term would be.

as for other national stories not getting enough play, you would find agreement with that among pdx indymedia activists. stories about "Iraq, Global Warming, Patriarchy, Racism, Corporate control" are regularly featured. perhaps not enough, true. i'd point to the example of Haiti as being instructional, though. in the case of Haiti, there have been many many features, mostly because a bunch of the stories have been locally-authored. "locally authored" will get a national/global story in the features column pretty quick. another example is the series of stories from Palestine from earlier this year, when a PDXer was visiting and posting here regularly: "Sami in Palestine" it was called.

the most important point to make, of course, is that this website is ALWAYS in a state of change and flux, depending on who's posting what. featurizing is a very reactive task. it's totally driven by what goes up. of course there's a reaction that sometimes (but not always) happens when a particular topic is featured -- it tends to attract more stories on that topic. featurizers are aware of that, and know that they are, in a way, soliciting more stories about a topic by giving it that attention. not that this always works; "labor" stories have never been posted here as much as they are happening. in that case we have to look, too, to the politics and attitudes of labor organizations and activists, some of whom have chosen to focus more on getting there stories into corporate media rather than alternative media. other activists make this choice, too, and there's not much to do about that! (except feature stories about how the corporate media sucks, and won't really truly help you, which was also done this week.)

it's also true that topics tend to rise and fall over time in how much attention they are getting in general, in society and in activist and reporting circles, and that -- what with McKinney's hearings and the anniversary of the 9/11 commission report and the bombings in London that seem related in method/result -- 9/11 has been more to the forefront than it was for the few months previous. so yeah, looking back through the feature archives of the last few weeks, there has indeed been an uptick in 9/11 features, but there have also been features about most of the other topics you mentioned.

thanks for the comment, and i hope this helps.

Not Getting Tired 30.Jul.2005 14:55

mobile unit

the point of this piece is to emphasize the overarching importance of the events of that day to the greedmongers , and more importantly to the denizons of the rest of the world !!
i for one think that it needs to be hammered on over and over until something cracks in the armor plate that the PNAC freaks have set up in corporate media. " moving on " to other more current or personally perceived issues of importance will only embolden those sick bastards to continue with their criminal activities because once again they got away with it .

WHEN DOES IT STOP ??????????

This issue is the most important issue today and for the forseeable future 30.Jul.2005 15:41


Thank you "workerbee" for your thoughtful commentary.

As a 9/11 activist, I have been extremely frustrated with the left in that they are either afraid to look into this subject or else they don't think it is particular germane to other progressive issues. After much thought and analysis I too have come to the same conclusion as David Kubiak in that most of the really agregious abuses in power that we have seen since 9/11 are connected to that one event -- 9/11, i.e., the Patriot Act, the War on Afghanistan and Iraq, lack of money to fund social programs for the poor because money is diverted to war, furthering of survelliance cameras and faster buildup of a militarized/police state.

You were right to point out as well that London has experienced their 9/11 on 7/7, and there are many questions that need to be asked about that event that aren't being asked one the mainstream media. Indymedia and the blogs are the only media that are analyzing and talking about these crucial events in a critical way. And since the elites are taking away more of our liberties everyday (The Patriot Act was just recently voted on and is now permanent) we have to sound the alarm before all of our rights are gone. It is imperative we do this or else, you, dear reader, will truely be living in Orwell's "1984".

parallels are striking 30.Jul.2005 17:03


Remember the only photo of 911 'hijackers' going through a heavily monitored boarding gate? Those two doomed dupes were in the ONLY picture ever released, although all boarding gates have surveillance and should have taped the other 17 'hijackers' too. London too. No videos are shown, just really shitty, blurry 'stills' that are so digitally featureless it's impossible to authenticate their veracity. Photo scams are as old as Lee Harvey Oswald and the cover of Life magazine, the most famous false-flag media promo of all time. The whole idea of the London attacks is to distract serious attention away from 911, Rove, and the daily Iraq slaughterhouse. They just keep arresting 'the usual suspects' they've already baited into their plans, one after another. A UK M.P. just complained that the only information he's being given is from the "C.I.A." He says "They're in charge". In charge of what? Great Britain's very police agencies? What would Dr. Watson say about that? Of course there's zero physical evidence tying any of these people being revealed to the public. We just have to take them at their word that these suckers are somehow connected, and accept the neo-martial law now in force at face value. There's no getting away from 911. The History Channel has really taken the lead lately in 911 propaganda concerning the collpse of WTC 7, flight 93's crash, and the 'melted steel' bluff about the Twin towers. Each subject has had it's own one-hour special, complete with re-enacters screaming as Flight 93 'crashes' like in some cheapo TV disaster flick. Pretty insidious, eh? The boys from Brazil are really working overtime on 911 revision while most of us are glued to watching London Bobbies renact the Keystone Cops. As they say in England- It's all really a bit too much, isn't it?

if you don't like it, don't read it! 30.Jul.2005 21:03

simple as that

Thanks workerbee. I agree. ;-) 9-11 is THE DEFINING ISSUE that affects everything that the original article so thoughtfully mentions and makes very clear. Bush is a terrorist and is not only destroying the United State, he is destroying other countries, period.

There is no escape from that conclusion unless you like self-delusion.

response to "me" re. specific unfeatured articles 31.Jul.2005 19:31

pdx indy workerbee #6082

i didn't respond to your questions about specific articles before. here we go:

OR Rep. Ron Wyden Passes CAFTA
this is a duplicate newswire post. the headline is different, but the article is the same Joshua Frank story. The original post was featured shortly after it went up (4 features down from the 9/11 post)

Unwire Portland Public Workshop reveals lack of public interest
this post, which was featured, went up AFTER the 9/11 post that was featured

Guadalupe Erazo, Salvadoran anti-CAFTA protest leader, returns to Portland!
this is an event announcement. announcements are not featured often because they are listed a) at the top of the page, b) in the announcements section, c) in the calendar, and d) sometimes in the left-hand column. the center column is usually, though not always, reserved for stories/analysis/commentary

Joan Norman. In her own words. 1933-2005
the text of this post is a duplicate of an earlier post that was featured. the only new element is the video.

Back to Back Cafe grand reopening party
another announcement post. see above.

Legendary Forest Activist Joan Norman's Memorial is Sunday
another announcement. ditto.

The Last Summer
this post is a well-written and enjoyable piece of fiction. my own reason for not featuring it was because it didn't have a "political" -- for want of a better word -- resonance to it, so it didn't seem like it fit as a feature.

News from the Siskiyou Project
Ooops! i actually posted this one myself (i am a subscriber to the Siskiyou Project list) with the intention of featuring it, but then forgot. good eye.

Does Bernie need to go?
very short post, with no background information on who Bernie is, his past transgressions, or why he should go. seemed like it would be confusing as a feature. sometimes posts like this get featured later when more info is added through comments. as the post currently stands, with 4 comments, it doesn't say anything informative, and ain't up to that level yet.

Is Bernie-the-Banger on the move once again????
just as under-developed as the previous post. no "there there" to feature.

very tiny post, and another announcement.

portland freeskool: call for teachers!!!
yup this one coulda been featurized, esp. considering there have been at least 2 previous freeskool features.

Biscuit Timber Sale Revealed - New insider Information
this post is not what it seems! as someone who has followed the Biscuit story closely, i saw nothing new in this confusing article. also, the person says, "It has recently been revealed..." and generally alludes to some sort of scandalous secret, but there is none given. featuring this one could have served to muddy the waters around the biscuit issue, rather than illuminating them. also, previous posts from this author have been sketchy. doesn't seem to be a reliable source.

Downtown PDX Action: NO to CAFTA, Yes to Computers to CUBA
mostly an announcement. the one bit of news -- that part of what was stopped at the border was free geek computers -- is interesting, but didn't seem worth making an entirely new feature out of. (there was already a feature about the caravan being stopped at the border.)

so of the 14 you suggested, 2 should have been featured, yes. things do get overlooked, it's true. hopefully this list shows, too, how impractical it would be to feature so many announcements. the feature column would be flooded with them (as it sometimes has been in the past).

thanks for the suggestions. hope this makes things more clear.

and of course, this is just one featurizer's response. other workerbees might have varying opinions.

US control of the planet 10.Aug.2005 13:58

anon uk person realpeople@wakeup.com

Don't get me wrong,I know that the traditional aims of both Islam and Christianity are to spread everywhere and to eliminate opposition,however,there is a third player who wants to force itself on the world,much more evil than any power in history,and that is the United States,who because they know that they are an empire in decline,are forcing the world into a huge religious war.This is something that I'm starting to wake up to,and I urge everyone else to see it too,that the US is evil and not to turn on their neighbour,be it Muslim or Christian,we all need to unite against evil,and not follow US plans to rule the world and spread their evil....................

1 Just Up The Road,Just Round The Corner,Over There.

Come On Now - Remember Your History 17.Sep.2006 14:58

USA Guy gnich40@lycos.com

This is in reply to the previous post!

I went to the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Concert the other week with my son because his friend backed out had he was left with an extra ticket. I mostly thought that it sucked because I wondered how he could really promote much peace when he was so full of venom toward the Pres. You may not like him but try promoting peace when you don't have any inside??? (or look inward first) At any rate, Neil Young put a huge microphone up front and center and told us all that we should exercize our free speech & speak our conscience about the war etc. Well, Young said it but I doubt that the editorial staff of this paper really believes it as well. So, even though we hear much rhetoric, you may not see this reply in the morning because I doubt that the Editor here has the kind of balls Neil Young has.

My point is this: Read below for your history lesson boys and girls. Before you succomb to a revisionist version of history or any other such crap take a serious think about these things because they are true.

I wonder how evil we are when I realize that we have never colonized a foreign country. We have not colonized a one. We were in the Philippines by mutual consent and left when asked. We have given away billions of dollars of humanitarian aid around the world. We re-built much of Europe after WWII without being re-paid for most of it. We have allowed countless thousands of people to descend upon our country to live here and to reap our social benefits without paying into our system. We have allowed many other nations to run huge trade deficits against us. And we have allowed entertainers to traipse across our country singing songs against us for 40 years without ever needing to become a citizen - all without reprisal. When you take at look at all of this, I doubt that we are that bad after all.