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Biscuit Timber Sale Revealed - New insider Information

New information on the cause of the Biscuit Timber Sale
New informatino sheds light on a disturbing new practice in forestry. It has recently been revealed that the causes of the Biscuit Fire two years ago were in fact man made and shed more light on a disturbing new practice.

For thousands of years the forests have burned in natural cycles every year. Depositing rich nurtrients to the forest in soil dependant on them for their growth; however plants arn't the only thing to spring from the fires.

A multi-million dollar industry has arisen in the last fifty years to 'combat' this natural process that threatens to destroy the very forest it aims to protect. Wildland firefighting has become an increasingly large industry that has grown tremendously in the last few years. A list of available contractor resources has grown from approxomatly 178 engines last year to well over 450 in the last 12 months. With more and more contractors competing for the same federal funds that reach well into the hundreds of millions of dollars spent every season; this makes the competetion for time on small wildfires fierce.

Despite the environmental problems agressive human interference creates such as larger, more prolonged fires due to the forests inability to rid itself regularly of brush that builds up and explodes fiercely when fire does strike; A new profit motive has been introduced on a grand scale.
Without larger and larger fires many firefighters are left without income for a year when there is a 'slow' season. And new regulations alalowing the harvest of protected lands after a burn open a door to timber companies that was previously closeda

The Biscuit Timber sale was just one prime example of this disturbing new practice, as we can see clearly the devastating results. Once protected federal land, one of our nations largest remaining timber stands has been opened to logging due to Bush Administration rollbacks that allow harvesting on burned lands.

It is a federal requirment that all fires wild and urban are investigated. A law created to ensure profitable arson doesn't go unimpeded, however more increasingly this is being ignored as fires are seen to be a natural, and regular event.

The biscuit is one such case, determined to be human caused fire it was left to burn for an unprecedented two weeks before firefighters were dispatched to it wherein the turnaround is normally hours.

Inreased vigilance is necasary to ensure our public lands remain protected.
sources? 27.Jul.2005 12:55


I don't dought the general premise of this article, but don't you think you could do a little research and give some examples of forest service employees or others being prosecuted for arson or something. Given the level of paranoia and conspiracy allegations that are the norm on this and other indymedia sites, I think it's time to start talking about credibility and how this sort of tabloid-style journalism can have the effect of alienating the audience you are trying to speak to.

??? 27.Jul.2005 18:30

Want to believe but skeptical

Who revealed this info? Is it substantiated?

well 28.Jul.2005 08:00

Botrychium botrychium--at--cascadiarising.org

My guess is you are mixing up the B+B Complex Fire (in the Deschutes NF, west of Bend) with the Biscuit (which was primarily in the Siskiyou NF in SW Oregon)??

for more info on the B+B see:
 link to www.publicbroadcasting.net


I've been working with folks trying to stop the Biscuit logging since before the initial scoping was released, so it's a little strange to suddenly hear this new theory, especially since the cause was so well documented.

Anyhow, in case this isn't just confusion:

1) first off the Biscuit was 3 years ago, not 2. (July 13 - July 15, 2002)

2) There was 12,000 lightning strikes in Oregon during those 3 days, and 375 fires throughout Oregon due to lightning. (Do a web search for the National Interagency Coordination Center's (NICC) National Incident Management Reports for this time period).

3) This was during a record breaking heat wave in the area.

4) It was also an extremely intense period of storms, which people from the area still remember.
The lightning warning (from the NICC) in the days *preceding* the fire was:


5) As was witnessed at the time, there was four fires in SW Oregon, all started quickly from numerous documented well documented lightning strikes. They eventually merged, the merging being known as the Biscuit.

6) At no point was arson publicly suggested at a cause by anyone within the government, nor within activist groups.

My point is there is substantial evidence that this was not an arson. Suggestions to the contrary need to be well substantiated, at least if one wants them to be taken seriously.

Can you give us more background Feral, or were you just confusing the B+B and the Biscuit?

some of the truth 28.Jul.2005 08:21

biscuit lover

i spent some time in the biscuit area this winter, talking to folks and checking out the ground myself, and one thing i learned (that the forest service will not deny) is that an enormous number of "backburn" fires were started on purpose in order to contain the natural fires. in fact, the forest service created a 300 mile perimeter around the natural hot spots. the resulting area of thousands and thousands of acres was then called "the biscuit fire" and declared an "emergency" that required logging to solve. corporate media reports that included terrifying photos and footage of flame- and smoke-filled sky above towns in the Illinois Valley did not (i was told) note that what you were seeing were the FS-set backburns, not the natural burns. can you say, "hype"? and who did that hype benefit? not the salmon or port orford cedars or serpentine soil ecosystems.

so, the "damage" of the biscuit fire was not entirely caused by lightning, no. (not that a fire causes "damage" in an ecosystem that is ecologically fire-dependant.)

the B&B fire, now, is another case. lightning is the alleged cause of that large logging excuse, but it's been shown by credible researchers that arson was the much more likely sole culprit.

ON THE GROUND 28.Jul.2005 12:18

spyder eye

i strongly support the statements made by biscuit lover because i was down there during the fire and saw for myself the HUGE backburns , and expressed my outrage to the forest service in a hearing in Grants Pass. make no mistake about it , there is big money ( 93 mil. in the case of the biscuit ) , in torching our national forests. and this does not even include the windfall profits realized by the big timber barons when they buy the blackened stands at " salvage " prices !
i ask any forest defenders to keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming revelations about the B&B COMPLEX FIRES ( you know , the ones that sprang up mysteriously just two days before the shrub made his appearance here to push his " healthy forest " scam ). there are very troubling details involved with these fires that as of yet have not been revealed in the media.

you damn right humans fucked it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 29.Jul.2005 01:01


Happy to put my name on this comment. I live here. I used to help do perscribed burns and have studied fire. There's never no bloody excuse for a 7 mile wide back burn!!! Check out a report made by Tim Inglsbee. Go to AFSEE and find a on the ground report from Jerry Sorensen. another resident. Just on the East side of biscuit alone, over 109,000 acres was back burns.

Yes, lightening started it, but FS choose not to respond, "watching it"... and then; the backburns!! A weather anomaly picthed in. Got unusual summer NW winds. It raged up and down the steep slopes. So the lightening started it, the FS bumbled around, BUT BACK BURNS raged and burned hotter and killed more trees than the natural fires ever did. Come see it. The biscuit has been real sour from the start, and ever before! don't doubt it.

Global warming don't help either...