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Get Acquanted with the Resistance in the Biscuit

Join us at the Hobson Horn Timber Sale. Learn, share, connect, get involved.
August 6th & 7th

Hiking, Music, Food, Camping.

At the Hobson Horn Timber Sale

COME learn about fire ecology, old growth 'salvage' logging, Biscuit timber sales, and current forest defense efforts in the Wild Siskiyou!

CONNECT with front-line forest defenders- learn about the treesits,
blockades and on-going occupation that have been keeping the trees

HEAR from the courthouse- find out about the litigation on timber sales

MEET folks from the broad base of supporters that tie it all together-
media liaisons, fundraising, outreach, supply-gathering, indigenous
allies, musicians, artists.

A sustained people's movement of civil disobedience has resulted in over
70 arrests, many of them elders. We need to work together to continue
making creative duels of resistance.

Please join our community mobilization and education weekend.
Bring supplies for warm days and rugged country.

Visit www.o2collective.org for a map to camp

Call Wild Siskiyou Action for more information, ride-sharing or to find
out where to send donations 541-659-2862

To The Tree Sit!

*From I-5 take the Merlin exit just North of Grants Pass
*Head West on the Galice Rd and pass Indian Mary campground
*Left on Forest Service 25 Rd (also known as Taylor Creek Rd)
*Go 10.5 miles, take a right onto the gravel FS 2510 rd
*Follow detour signs about 4 m then right onto the FS 2402 rd
*Left at the junction and again follow the detour signs
*After about 3 miles left onto paved FS 23 rd (on some maps it is labeled 34-8-36)
*After about 2 miles take a left on FS 2411 rd
*You are at Hobson and will soon be greeted.

For more local news on the Biscuit, check out: www.rogueIMC.org

homepage: homepage: http://patrickdodd.com
phone: phone: 541-955-5118

CORRECTION: 02.Aug.2005 14:20

WSA typogeek

The correct phone number for Wild Siskiyou Action is 659-2682, not what is above. So please stop bugging the person at the typo number. :)