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Fires burning in the Wild Rogue Wilderness

===== A message from the siskiyou mailing list =====
According to tonight's Grants Pass Courier, there are three lightening
caused fires burning in the steep canyon of the "Wild" section of the
National Wild & Scenic Rogue River and the Wild Rogue Wilderness, just
north of the Biscuit Fire Area. The 36,500 acre Wild Rogue Wilderness is
administered by the BLM and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The
fires are in the part of the Wilderness managed by the Siskiyou National
Forest. According to the map in the Courier, the fires are: 1) the
Blossom Fire (73 acres, east of Blossom Bar and Marial); 2) the Huggins
Fire (8 acres, south of Half Moon Bar Lodge, apparently named after Huggins
Canyon); and, the Solitude Fire (45 acres, south and a little east of the
Huggins Fire and apparently east of Solitude Bar). The Rogue
River-Siskiyou National Forest website did not have any further information
on the fires as of this evening.

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