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A morning screed, rant, get it off my chest before I explode kind of essay
We got one collective nerve left, and your standing on it

What the hell happened to live and let live? Odds are you don't know us, never met us, and if we stopped breathing in the mid../..dle of this sentence, you could care less. So someone needs to explain to us as though we were ditto heads, why the sam hell you don't shut the fvck up, take care of your own business and keep your g*ddamn nose out of ours? Seriously, what's the matter with you, do you have so much friggin' spare time on your hands that all you know how to do is condemn people you've never met, and will never meet? Look, if you have that much energy, go out and save the environment, care for a neighbor in need, or at the very least, chill out. We're happy for you if you feel your idiotic believe in a moon made from green cheese makes you a better person, but shut up already. Whatever your ideas about god and religion are, save them for others who want to hear your particular brand of silliness. Just because we support your freedom to be as big a moron as you wish does not imply we want you to govern our life in any shape form or fashion. Get over yourself, and realize your thoughts about most things are so much unoriginal, regurgitated nonsense. You are clueless about how much your pitied and tolerated for politeness sake, and fortunately for you, those of us with a real moral sense can't be bothered to making your life the hell on earth you so richly deserve, nor are we willing to fight for the mandatory neutering we secretly think may be the only way humanity will ever get rid of you and your kind. And, no, you whining, sniveling little butt wipes, we don't hate you, hate is not our thing, we just absolutely find almost everything that you believe to be repellant, amoral, unmitigated crap. Your complicity in murdering people you never even knew existed until a few months ago is not a virtue; it's a moral outrage and a crime.

Your false righteousness, and the bile that fills your thoughts do not make you suitable for public office, hell, we would fear for the strays if you were to be elected dogcatcher. Your brutality knows no bounds, and your ability to rationalize any horror makes you nothing but pond sucking scumbags. But in this politically correct world, no one bothers to tell you there is no redemption, no golden streets, no mansion in the hereafter awaiting your benighted moronic ass to move into. Seventy virgins? Wheels of Life? Heaven and Hell? A universe based of the cleansing power of human blood? Good fvcking grief, where you dropped on your head as a small child? Get it through your thick neanderthal skull, the only "good" found in this life is the kindness, and the tolerance you bring to the table! Your just like the rest of us, you have no answers that will stand up in the light of day, so quite worrying about us and instead, go out and offer a homeless person a decent meal. Look, if we took a gun, put it to your head and said, "believe in us, love us, otherwise, we'll cast you into the lowest pit of hell if you don't" how would you react? Would you think to yourself "Hmm, these a**holes are crazy, amoral fvcks, I better placate them for now so I can survive" or would you think "Hmm, these are obviously morally superior super beings with only my welfare at heart". How simple do we have to make it so you'll understand? You and you gods are a scourge and a plague on humanity, so no matter how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel to believe your "special", at least have the decency to KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. The rest of us out here with half a brain think that telling you there's no Santa Claus is not our business, unless you start insisting our laws and our privacy are yours to invade.

For all our sakes, read something other than a religious text once in awhile. The founding fathers were A) not Christians in any sense you claim, and B) not omniscient demi-gods with answers to all future questions. They were brave, contentious, ornery, damnable, virtuous, bigots who managed to start something new and potentially noble in this world.

We're fed up with the hate you spew, the lies you reverence, the disregard for truth you display, and the power mad fascists you help to elect. We think speaking truth to power is a dangerous necessity; you on the other hand, seem to think being an unthinking sheep is a virtue. There's over six billion of us on this rock, so put your efforts to making sure there's enough healthy food and water, housing and health care, education and jobs, and quit slaughtering innocents around the world and building prisons for the rest.

Good Fucking Grief, What the Hell's Wrong with You?


I got up this morning and read Canada has legalized Gay marriage, and I thought to myself, A) good for them, and B) why is it my country seems to be filled with so many moronic a**holes who can't think their way out of a wet paper bag?

fed-up in america
this sorta stuff 21.Jul.2005 15:27

knocks pertinent postings off the front page for NO GOOD

reason. personal rants that make no sense whatsoever are as good as erasing relevant posts. think first-does anyone need to read this so bad that it's worth relegating another article to the archives?

To whom are you speaking? 25.Jul.2005 05:14


haha it took me two paragraphs to realize you were spouting the recently-fashionable predjudice and hate against people of faith. At first I thought you were talking about the hippie-crits. (if you re-read your first 1 1/2 paragraphs you can see how your complaints easily apply in that regard)

Predjudice is predjudice is predjudice. You are no different from the Racists of the segregation era. You've just packaged up your predjudice into political correctness to try to justify your hate.