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Whats Bugging Me Lately

Items in the news that are disagreable.
1. Pseudophedrine prescriptions. Precrsiptions cost money and the poor are not making much by definition. So poor allergy sufferers will likely buy psuedofed in WA or go to the doctor. This shows the doctor making money for treating an over the counter ailment. This shows how stupid the legistlature is. But you know that if your reading this, this far. Next the law abidding poor allergy suffer who cannot make it to the doctor will just have to wait till something else arises which will reduce the nassle discharge that fills the lungs and in turn creates breeding groung for bactrial infection. Yes we shall see more respitory death from this law. You should call your senator.

2. 2o months on the job and the guys ready for the supreme court. Need I say more?