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Former Auxiliary NY Fireman Is 'A One-Man Investigative Team'

Former Auxiliary NY Fireman Is 'A One-Man Investigative Team' When It Comes To Finding The Truth About 9/11
New Yorker Paul Isaac was a block away when the Twin Towers collapsed, watching helplessly as many of his friends perished. Today the former auxiliary fireman and communication specialist is 'a man on a mission' who says after years of researching 9/11, he is positive a massive cover-up exists to protect an inside government job.
Isaac is a diligent researcher, a man on a personal mission who has dedicated almost every waking hour of his life to get justice for the hundreds of friends, both fireman and civilians, who perished in the towering 9/11 inferno.

The truth is Isaac has a giant hole left in his heart after 9/11, a hole he is trying to fill with information leading to the truth leading to the real culprits responsible for the mass murder of over 3,000 Americans.
?There are a couple of interesting facts, along with numerous other inconsistencies, which have led me to seriously question how the government claims the tower?s fell by jet fuel alone.

?First, many people may not recall that on February 15, 1975, there was a blaze at the World trade Center that took out six floors. In fact, the fire was much hotter than the one on 9/11 but it still didn?t take down the entire building.?
He said to his astonishment a complete set of structural floor plans was never released by the government supporting its conclusions. Instead, what he found were conclusions based without ?the slightest bit of documented evidence.?

?So I went on a personal search all over the city, a search to every government and private office imaginable to get accurate data about the WTC building plans,? said Isaac. ?Finally, in the old archives of the New York Fire Department, I hit the jack pot and now I think hold the trump card.

?I want to bring these documents to the public and I want to bring the culprits who caused this mass murder to justice. These blueprints have never been made public and it shows without question that the WTC is a whole lot stronger than the government would like us to believe. These blueprints show a very strong truss system and not a cardboard box like the government claims.?
Besides being a man on a 9/11 information quest, finding out the truth has become personal mission, not only because Isaac lost many friends, but since he considered the Twin Towers his home away from home when he worked for Engine Company 10 located right across the street from the WTC.
?As I looked up, I saw the first tower come down. I couldn?t believe it. From that moment on, I kept saying this is a war but against who is the real question. The Bush administration needed something to set in motion their global agenda for conquest and power and 9/11 was it.?
And like a true researcher with an eye for detail, he added: ?Why don?t you give Karl Rove a call and ask him what he thinks? His number is 202-456-5578. I?m sure he won?t mind if you give him a call!?