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Sandwich Board Actions

As part of a nationwide campaign, ACLU activists are hitting the streets to draw attention to the kinds of private information the government can demand under the Patriot Act, without any prior judicial review.
Wearing messages like "I took Viagra this morning" and "My library book, 'The Joy of Sex,' is two weeks overdue," concerned citizens are making the point in a vivid and entertaining way. L.A. Chung of the San Jose Mercury News (registration required) called the Sandwich Boards a way "to make the privacy issues more personal." To watch news video of the sandwich board campaign in San Francisco, visit the Web site of KRON television.

Sandwich Board photos from ACLU affiliates in California, Colorado and Virginia:

Directions for Making Sandwich Boards for Street Action

Materials Needed
Two 20 x 30? sheets of white foam board for each sandwich board set. Purchase these in a local art supply or office supply store. Prices range from $4.50 to $5.00 per sheet ($9 to $10 to produce each sandwich board set).
1 piece of cord, 5 feet long for each sandwich board set.
Wide tip markers (if writing messages on boards)
Sandwich Board Messages: You can download pre-printed messages from ACLU, write your own message sheets using our suggested messages below, or do it all yourself with your own messages about how the flawed provisions of the Patriot Act endanger our privacy.


Assembly Instructions

1. Cut two holes 1 to 2 inches from the top edge on each of the boards. The holes should be far enough apart (10-12?) to fit over your head with the cord resting comfortably on your shoulders.

2. Cut one long piece of cord (about 5 feet).

3. Run the cord through all four holes.

4. Place the sandwich board over your shoulders and align it so it sits comfortably and straight.

5. Double knot the two loose ends snugly and cut off any excess cord. Use the side with the knot as the back of the sandwich board.

6. Add your message.
I see a therapist once a week.
I took Viagra this morning.
I bounced a check in March.
I keep my Vegas winnings in my underwear drawer
I go to Temple 3 times a week.
My library book The Joy of Sex is 2 weeks overdue.
My cholesterol level is 333.
My checking account number is 0112316475.
I owe $25,489.37 in college loans.
I was turned down for a mortgage.I went to the shooting range last weekend.
I donated $1,090 to missionary work abroad.
Last week, I didn't put anything in the offering plate.
Or create your own!

Your private statement on the front of the sandwich board catches people's attention.

A brief explanation and call to action on the back of the sandwich board completes the message. We recommend this wording for the back:
Your privacy is at risk.

Contact Your Local ACLU Affiliate!

To tell us about your Sandwich Board action and to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact your local ACLU affiliate. To find your local affiliate, go to ACLU.org and search in the lower left corner under YOUR LOCAL ACLU.