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Thinking Outside the Box

Weekly thoughts geared towards a deeper understanding of this strange world we all live in...

Who Are WE?

By Alex Ansary

Who are we? Why are we on this planet? What is our purpose? No matter what religion we were brought up in, no matter what color our skin is, or what language we speak, the questions never go away. If we ignore them, we can go insane. These questions can be the key to our wildest dreams or the root of our worse nightmares. The choice is up to us. How we seek to find the answers to these fundamental questions is a taboo subject in our society. Our society functions like a well-oiled engine, and the worker bees busily maintain the cogs of the machine. Our main purpose on this planet is to produce for THEM. As long as the supply of wealth into their pockets continues without disruption, we will continue to enjoy our little moments of perceived rewards. These incentives take the form of paper wealth with a fixed purchasing power to buy their products, keep it in the system, and focus our free time on the programming and entertainment of their choice. This is part of being a team player. As long as we play the game, we get our rewards. If you don't want to play within the rules of the game, you must learn to function outside the system. The day inevitably comes for every industrial bee to ask themselves who they are, and if they are doing what they really want to. We have been conditioned to call these moments a mid-life crisis, just a pesky phase of life to deal with. Being Human beings, and not machines, it's in our nature to want to know whom we are, where we came from, and where we're going. Enter fundamentalist Religion. As expected, the worker bees asks these questions from their established lower position in life, and they expect the established higher forms of life, the recognized spiritual leaders, to come to save them. These leaders point to all the right sentences and paragraphs that explain that life is so simple. They mustn't ask the really hard questions or wonder so much. All they have to do, if acknowledge how low they are on the totem pole, give their lives over to an estranged messiah, and there place in the hereafter is secure. Think of it as making a reservation at a 5 star hotel, only it's in the cosmos. Hopefully, the worker bee's questions are answered and they will be easily redirected back to the factory, back to this reality. Since our reality is so wonderful, and so important, let's take a brief examination of what average life is. We enter this world into open arms. Some arms cradle us and nurture us. And some will squeeze the life out of us. This world receives new life forms, not as something to celebrate and learn from, but to shape and create. The baby now becomes a piece of clay as their reality is created for them. In the early years, the little boy plays with toy guns and learns that violence is a way of life, a form of conflict resolution. When mommy and daddy aren't around, television becomes the guardian, the teacher. The little girl learns how important it is for a human to be secure in a luxurious modern home, complete with a real life Ken, and a corvette. As she becomes older, she will learn that her place in society depends on her breast size, figure, and overall sex appeal to the man. Both the boy and girl learn important lessons in their new reality. They must be the top dog in whatever form of society they enter, and without this "healthy competition", they will be nothing, and will cease to exist. The so-called reality that our society has embraced for so long is showing it's true colors and the fallacy is crumbling. The sugar pedestal is falling apart all around us. We don't know why, we just know it is. Everything was supposed to be so simple, wasn't it? Go to school, listen to your teacher, do your homework and excel at learning information they give you. Don't argue, don't talk back. That's the beginning of a criminal mindset and they have a place for that. Yes, its' called prison, it's called homelessness, it's called unemployment, the place for the dirty nobody's and the undesirable ones who didn't play by the rules. Focus on being the best you can be in the field of your choice. The reward will be determined on your skill and field. Military? Click here... Doctor? Check here... CEO? Business? Punch here... . Now wait one second, your number is being issued. You say your name is Joe, but we'll call you 230. As adulthood comes, we assess how we'll we fit into the square in the waffle. Did we stay circular and resist the square? Or become part of the system? According to society, if we made the right choice, we aimed for the career or path that would yield those so-called keys to happiness. Financial gain (little blips on a computer screen) to pay a mortgage payment on a oversized house, a car payment on a gas guzzling car, various toys for the living room or child (who has also been programmed to seek happiness in a certain area.) Maybe if we made the right choice and did all the right things, we can end up with the best mate. That mate would be picking us out of a line up, not as a person, but a piece of the machine whose cog fits neatly with her cog, who fits with her needs, as society taught her. They system isn't going away overnight, and few would dare question the wheel of control that we all have created and maintained. What master are we serving? Is this why we came here? To be tools of the production trade? To raise such questions will raise the harshest criticism, yet how happy are people? When the natural questions about reality and truth arrives, there should be an attempt to discover the answers. But when we suppress these questions, we become spiritually sick. What happens on the physical level? Drug Addiction. Suicide. Alcoholism. Sexual Addiction. Excessive Shopping, Dept, Work, Studying. Anything, absolutely anything, to make that little voice go away that tells us something's wrong with our life. Maybe a doctor should be called. Maybe this is schizophrenia, or depression. The television tells us a little pink pill will solve this, and the television gives us all the answers. What's our doctor's name? We are in conflict with nature. Over the last several hundred years, the quest for maximum production and industry has created a new reality. We are becoming the very machines that were supposed to be our tools to make us happier. Worse yet, we are the cogs, that collectively make up the larger machine, which is operating by someone more important that us (so we were told.) Our world is now about wealth and status. What happened to judging a man by his character. We are seeing a new, unprecedented escalation in our merging with the beast. Our identity is being stolen. This started when those already indoctrinated into the system brought us into the world. Is it any wonder that the indigenous people of the world have been wiped out. Doesn't it raise any eyebrows that our culture's educational system re-creates history and avoids alternative perspectives. Is it any wonder that we still know very little about the teachings left behind by ancient civilizations. Is calling them "drug addicts" because they smoking strange plants and saw different gods the very best our scholars can come up with? Wake up. Our reality has been created for us. We are the pieces of the puzzle that make this system function the way it does and for what reason? To make a few people ungodly rich and provide the chess pieces for the game of total world control. The system is now entering a whole new realm and sophistication in the creation of reality and production mass propaganda. Everything is a product. Our school system makes us smarter, our prisons and police make us safer, the fast food industry gives us food, the current form of transportation is the highest, our currency is godly, and war is good for the economy. These are the messages that we receive everyday through the tube and our peers. But why do these messages work on our culture? Because we were always taught that we didn't have the answers, that we were the dirty sinners who were the real people that society needed to watch. Self-editing, surveillance, thought policing, neighborhood informants, spies. This is the answer to our problems. Yes, were we taught that there always need to be an authority above us, not matter what "ism" it called itself. It can be political, or religious. It just has to be above us and we just have to stay at the bottom. What did we give away our responsibility to? A machine? A God? An ideology? The Devil? An idea? Where did all the human beings go? Hint: We're still here. It's quite plausible and likely that our production has peaked. The same can be said about our biological merge with the machine. What the mad scientists in the white coats never expected when they were manipulating our brains, was that our society, our collective consciousness, would subconsciously self-destruct before the dream of the e-man, the centralized control of all human beings could be realized. Science has been held up to high esteem for centuries and is far beyond the traditional God status. The all Seeing Eye of science is the faith that our productive society has been based on, yet one element was left out in the mad laboratory. The Earth. Yes, the living creature we live on. What would happen to the atmosphere after years of pollution and bombing around the world? What would happen to the seas and rivers, as a result of producing mass waste? What would happen to man's relationship with the earth as we moved to the inner cities and began to live closer and closer to each other, while simultaneously getting farther and farther socially from each other? As intelligent as the white coats and leaders on the throne thought they were, their mistakes were significant. We are not above the almighty God, we are not above nature, and we are not above the Earth. Over the course of the next decade, natural disasters will escalate. So will violence and terrorism. This doesn't mean the end of the whole world is coming. Only the reality we created up to this point. We weren't meant to live like this. We are not slaves or serfs. We are brothers and sisters and the earth belongs to everyone, not a select few. The time to find out who we really are is now, and as the vibratory prison walls begin to break free, the purging will begin. We are already there, staring out at a vast universe we were conditioned to believe didn't exist. Don't be afraid as you stick your arm through the transparent portal into another world. The truth is coming to us all... ... ..


Alex Ansary


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