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New Biscuit Blockade Shuts Down Full Day Of Logging Activity!

New Biscuit Blockade Shuts Down Full Day Of Logging Activity!

Wednesday morning, just 72 hours after law enforcement dismantled the log cabin fortress that launched the Siskiyou Free State in Southern Oregon- dedicated forest defenders worked through the night to reconstruct a bigger, better-fortified version of the blockade. When the feds arrived at the Hobson old growth reserve timber sale this morning, they encountered an intricate lockdown scenario that foiled their efforts at extraction for the entire day.
Logging preparation operations by Greg Liles timber company were stymied by an unwavering forest lover who refused to voluntarily unlock and held his ground until nearly 10:00 pm tonight- making this the longest lasting road blockade in the Biscuit campaign to date!

As of last communication with the woods, only one arrest was made today, leaving dozens of folks in the area along with the intact canopy-rope-network-tree sit device that extends over multiple acres of the timber sale. An open call for allies to gather and support this ongoing civil disobedience campaign remains in effect! Logging is active in the Mac Guire timber sale on the Illinois River, and is imminent in a number of other sales.

(Photo of original blockade- same site as today's)

Photo of the site of today's action- the original blockade from above 20.Jul.2005 23:58


Photo for above story.

YAY! 21.Jul.2005 09:30


This sends a clear and resounding message of healthy nature over profit. BRAVO!

yo 21.Jul.2005 11:59


/me will be down there by this evening. /puts life on hold to defend what really matters

Yee! 21.Jul.2005 16:52


Great work folks! Hopefully the resistance will continue in a big way.

STOP BISCUT LOGGING! 23.Jul.2005 20:24


on my way down there. keep up the great work!