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McDonald's Torched

In booming bend oregon a large influx of Southern Californians have been transforming a sleep town to a tourist hell and some people are taking action.
In Sisters oregon just outside Bend a proposed McDonalds, which would have been the first chain of it's type (to my limited knowledge) was torched by unidentified individuals. Locals quite uncomfortable the idea tried to put a stop to the plan however local developers welcomed the work. Late last week (???) the building, nearly 90% complete was destroyed by unidentified persons. The developer (some guy in his late 40's and 33 year resident) said "Damn kids, believe this rethoric they hear... I think it would just be nice to not have to pay 12-13 dollars [a slight exageration] for a hamburger". Blah blah blah, what are we gonna do?

Marshmallows on a stick 20.Jul.2005 19:11

Ed Chigliak

I wish I'd have known about it as it was happening.
I would have brought my bag of marshmallows...

From the Heart 20.Jul.2005 22:17


Excellent Reporting on the American Revolutionists indeed!

zenith in southern Oregon 21.Jul.2005 00:13


Be nice if that were the end for mickey D's in Bend, but insurance just builds that **** back up. Never really been to Bend...touristy and rich isn't it?...but the population is growing with many more shorter term visitors...guess they need that quick snack option. Those kind of snack places are also a nice service for junkies and prostitutes, but also homeless people, which Bend's favorable climate, seasonal economy and per capita income is likely producing. Guess Bend really is thinking more of its lower class residents.

An arrest 21.Jul.2005 13:03

prisoner support?

There was actually an arrest in this case. From KGW-

Deputies arrest man in Sister's McDonalds arson

Associated Press

SISTERS, Ore. -- Deschutes County sheriff's deputies arrested a Bend man early Wednesday in connection with an arson fire that heavily damaged an under-construction McDonald's restaurant.

Nicholas Patterson

Nicholas Patterson, 23, was arrested in Sisters by detectives from the Deschutes County Sheriff's office and an officer from the Black Butte Police Department.

Patterson is being held at the Deschutes County Jail on $221,000 jail charged with arson, criminal mischief, burglary and trespassing.

Many residents of Sisters opposed the restaurant, saying it would clash with the Western character of their town.

The fire broke out last weekend hours after workers had installed kitchen equipment. It was to open next month.

Plans to build the McDonald's led to a showdown over the future of fast-food chains in the city. The City Council voted 3-2 last month against an ordinance that would have limited the number of franchise restaurants in Sisters to four.

Because three other franchises are already operating in Sisters, the ordinance would have barred construction of any more after McDonald's.

Any details on where this guy is being held, if he wants support, etc?

Hmm. 22.Jul.2005 15:07

Bison Boy

How interesting. I was in Sisters for the first time in many years that very day, but I guess the fire happened after I left. (Wasn't me, honest.)

Burgers at the local burger joint (The Sno-Cap?) were expensive, but a darn sight better than anything McD's ever did. Good ice cream, too. Still, I'm sure at least some folks would prefer a local burger joint with running-water restrooms instead of port-a-johns.

I wonder if the arsonist was that annoying skinny boy behind the Sno-Cap counter who, it seemed, had taken upon himself the solemn duty of annoying all the female staff nearly to tears? He seemed tempramentally capable of arson and many lesser crimes besides. I kinda hope it was. Putting that guy in jail would be the best tip the Sno-Cap counter girls could ever receive. :-)