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Show this to your fellow voters next time the local Gov't comes begging for Tax hikes

Doesn't take a genius to figure out why social
and other needed services are underfunded.

Note market values and property taxes.
Fire, Police, Parks and Schools Suffer
From Tax Breaks!


Probably has been posted here before, but bears reposting again.

Ask Potter if he can hasten the fixing of Vera's giveaways at our expense.

Makes me ill. Scumbag politicians and businessmen.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopmetro.com/

ill? 21.Jul.2005 02:03


What about the scumbag citizens and voters, including non-voting activists, who let them do it.

Be very skeptical about this org! 21.Jul.2005 14:14

no friend of growth

These guys want us to be against tax breaks for new high-density buildings, and of course those buildings shouldn't get any of these breaks. But they don't want you to know about the huge tax breaks that go to low-density development on the urban edge and on farmlands and forests that never ever had any buildings on them before and that need to remain undeveloped as our lifeblood and support systems. They don't want us to know about the huge amounts of money that their builder friends make on all the taxpayer funding of new buildings on open land. They also want us to hate light rail and any other form of mass transit, but of course automobiles are the vehicles of choice for the free! Of course, they don't want us to know about the huge amounts of tax dollars that go into paving and maintaining all the roads for those cars, and all the other direct and indirect subsidies for the automobile.

The sensible, free-market action to take in these idiots' minds is to let the "free" (read, very expensive to everyone but them) market rule (via lots of tax breaks in their direction) and allow sprawl to keep on sprawling.

No builders should ever get any tax breaks. Not for high density nor for low density buildings and roads. There are already enough buildings, way too many, in fact. We should be tearing them down and planting trees and veggies where they are now eating up precious topsoil and robbing our future.

"Transit Energy vs Car Energy" is scary, and hilarious 23.Jul.2005 15:35


Check out this part of the site:

Full of misinfo, stupid claims, and there are some hilarious recommendations such as "Buy a small car for those that can't afford one" and "Let private enterprise fill whatever gaps are left."

They live in a dreamworld, where autos get a higher passenger-mpg than bus or even light rail. The average auto MPG is about 30 MPG? Uhh, you bet. They imagine the free market and the auto industry would just take care of everything.