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.... now that the vice presidential Chief of Staff has been pulled into the CIA outing scandal. A real image of planning and time management regarding the neocon coveting of mideast and Central Asian oil. Not to mention the power and control that comes along with that effort to control the area
Richard Cheney, the dirty little man in American politics for many years. Under several administrations has managed to weave a cloak of neocon power, unprecedented in our history of government. The threads of corruption, bribery, the looting of government appropriations, backdoor deals, non-accountability and most obvious of all, is the effort that Dick Cheney goes to to keep his activities under the radar and himself out of the public realm for the most part.

Regarding the Palme affair.... Dick Cheney as Secretary of Defense during the George H. W. Bush presidency... didn't quite get the job done. As far as Saddam or the oil was concerned.... but opportunity presents itself again.... so let's recap.... within the White House after the election of G. W. Bush in 2000... Cheney is back in the saddle as vice president. Immediately, a confab of oil barons, energy crooks and other members of Cheney's neocon coven, Wolfowitz, Armitage. The usual scum that has come to make up our government today. Held secret meetings, in the White House no less, to more or less preset and carve up the spoils, That would be produced by the invasion of Iraq.

Illegal, treasonous, these words hardly seem appropriate. In describing what has gone on in this country in the last five years, or our governments activity since the end of World War II. We as Americans in a so-called free society, expect for our elected officials to represent the people of this country as a whole, not just the 'elite base' as George W. refers to his neocon friends.

We have gone from a Republic ruled by law, to a shithole, ruled by....gee a good descriptive word as to what our government has morphed into escapes me right now!

So in simple words, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, George W. Bush, and a host of others in the White House in the attitude of "hey. I'm the president... and a cowboy... so let's shoot from the hip"..." badge's. We don't need no stinking badges"...." I am the law".... have subverted the essence of what makes this country great....

And were left with.... Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton getting fat from $8 billion dollars in unaccounted for charges.... a $300 billion dollar plus war bill... that your children's grandchildren will be paying for..... not to mention the total criminality of this administration and most individuals involved with it.