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A Letter to American Troops In Iraq (BKH)

Time to support our troops by bringing them home...

Grave Danger In Iraq

There is the very real possibility of a very dangerous situation developing in Iraq. It could turn out to be the case that the Iraqi resistance might do something really damaging to Washington by declaring a unilateral cease fire in that conflict In Iraq. Given how that war is going to last ten to twelve years, taking a short break for refreshments wouldn't really make that much difference. And this could prove to be very, very dangerous, because then that would mean that the Capitalist would have to pay someone a big pile of money to go around shooting people dead onthe spot - first a prominent Shi'ite would get gunned down by that Capitalist, and then next thing you know that Capitalist would machine gun a leading Sunni, maybe try and get something started. Yes, if the Iraqi resistance movement declared a ceasefire then you can be sure that people would start to die in Iraq, and no member of the new Iraqi government could sleep soundly at night from the day on, worrying, always worrying, if they might be next, as that Capitalist goes around mowing down the Iraqi puppet government, a Kurd here, a Sunni there, in the hopes of getting something started in Iraq, for you see, otherwise that Capitalist wouldn't have a reason to offer to stick around and help to clean up that mess between those different brown skinned herds of a place like Iraq.

A second danger would then emerge, in that suddenly some of our top progressive writers on some of our top progressive websites would no longer be able to probe into the primitive depths of the Islamist mind, which would mean that if they wanted to probe into the cesspool of some ideology, they might have to scour the planet and search high and low for another substitute ideology foul enough to foot the bill, should they decide to pick up a pen and keep writing.

A Letter to American Troops In Iraq

Hi. It's me again. You might remember me from last November. As you recall I told you guys that I would be off to start a strong antiwar movement and then I would be doing everything I possibily could to get you guys home and out of that place called Iraq.

Well, now I'm back, and perhaps you know, perhaps you have heard, that the Second American Revolution has begun. Yes, it was an uphill battle, fighting my way past all those hordes of progressive writers on our top progressive websites, but in spite of their best efforts to stop me from ending the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq, I did manage to light the fuse and start the Second American Revolution. While I was at it, I also completely destroyed Capitalism, that ideology now heading down into the cesspool of history, or, at least I think I completely discredited Capitalism, but I could be wrong, and maybe there is still a few parts of it that retain some credibility, which would mean that I haven't found those parts yet and completely destroyed them as well. But as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day.

So then if you think about it, you will see that the price for invading Iraq proved to be extremely high for those gun slinging capitalists, in that now they have nothing left except a ruined ideology and no system can survive on planet earth when its ideology has been discredited and destroyed. I will leave it to those capitalists, and their legions of apologists to find someway to apply a bandaid here and a splint there and see what they can come up with to get that ideology of theirs off the death bed and back onto its feet, should they feel like wasting anytime on that effort.

Now it has been said the Crusaders invaded the Middle East for the sake of the Ideology of the Roman Catholic Church, so then you can see that they had a reason for what they were doing. You American soldiers have invaded Iraq for the ideology of those gun toting thieving war criminal Capitalists, who have broken every single International War Crimes Law on the books, that's right, I do not believe that even one War Crimes Law has not been broken this time, giving them a complete set. Some of you might think that you are fighting the war against terrorism, which would explain why you are in Iraq, but fighting the war on terrorism is my job, not yours, and I can prove it to everyone, having been the only person so far to have actually won a battle in the war against terrorism, thus having something to brag about in that regard, especially when you consider that my methods actually work, while the methods of King George and his cronies actually make terrorism even worse than before, that is, if they get lucky and a terrorist actually shows up, there not having been hardly any terrorists at all for years and years, which I am sure disappoints King George, who was probably hoping to be fighting a terrorist a month at the very least.

Now I am sure that you American troops must remember that bit I told you before about how under the International War Crimes laws it is illegal to change even so much as one law of another country, so then if they wanted the stop light to be purple and someone invaded from another country and changed that stoplight to red, well that would be an International War Crime. As we have seen, Bush sent in Bremer to change all of Iraq's laws, including the constitution, including a clause that says from now to eternity, Iraq cannot change any of Bremer's new laws, which means, of course, that when the Second American Revolution is over back home, and we finally get some justice returned to the earth instead of this endless criminality and murder and theft like we have right now, Bremer will of course be doing hard time. Iraq was also privatized which is also an International War Crime, the worst of them all, since that would be looting and plundering an invaded country, the most heinous of all the War Crimes, for the simple reason that plundering is the reason for war in the first place, so in theory if you made that looting illegal that should stop all unneccesary violence on earth, assuming that you had justice to go along with your laws, otherwise that turns out to be just some worthless piece of paper, that law, and you might as well use the Magna Carta and the Constitution to wipe your butt, given how such things would no longer be worth much of anything, without justice to go along with those laws.

Yes, the price for invading Iraq was really high, since America no longer has an ideology, which means that America will now have to have the Second American Revolution, so as to draw up a new ideology, get the i's dotted and the t's crossed on some documents for that fresh new ideology, since the old one is trashed and must now be replaced. For you see the way I see it is that if those mobster capitalists are going to trash the magna carta as an ideology then I am going to wipe that ideology of theirs right off the face of the planet forever and ever Amen, as a form of retaliation, which I have already done, unless I am not actually completely done, in which case I will finish that demolition job later, a little here perhaps, a little there, until I do get done.

Now under the International War Crimes laws soldiers have the guaranteed right to say no to any War Crimes Order, indeed they have a duty to refuse such orders. Now keep in mind how Iraq has been plundered and looted, except for the O-I-L which was privatized by a puppet from the government right at the same time as the London Bombs went off, believe it or not, you know, to keep it out of the papers and off the headlines, although if reporters were dogged they might still uncover that little scam and report on that last bit of looting timed with the London Bombs, if they so wished. You can see the point I am getting at here. I am not in the military so I do not understand all their brainwashing tactics, but I do understand vicious bullying and threats, and so I can understand how just one soldier might not want to just say no. But if you guys want to end the Iraq war the quickest way to do so would be for everyone in unison, all at the same time, to just say no. That is the safe way. Always act together. Then the supposed powers of the world lose all their powers and become weak and helpless. For they can only be powerful if they pick on the weak and the helpless one at a time, but they collapse and their powers dissolve when they are faced with a united front. Its just that simple.

So what I propose to you American soldiers is that you take a vote, sometime, when no officer is around, and just see who wants to go home, and vote on that, and you can also vote on who wants to be a thief robbing a country, who wants to be an International War Criminal like the Waffen SS in Germany. These are all things you can vote on, you soldiers in Iraq, and given how you are Americans I am sure you understand the concept of voting.

And so while you are voting, or thinking about voting, I am going to get in touch with your mom somehow, over here, and get her thinking about that voting idea as well, so that she can talk to you about that, maybe discuss it togerther over the phone the next time you get your phone call home from Iraq.

Take care, you guys, and remember...I am stil on the job and always will be...

By the way if you American soldiers would like to see how much damage I am doing here, while I bring down the Second American Revolution on this place, but completely destroying those capitalists, you can download the following files, if you are not up to date on these matters yet.

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Dismantle the war machine is the goal of the anti-war second revolution. 22.Jul.2005 12:33


It has always amazed me that the first revolution always said that freedom comes from war machine victories. When it is a materialist truth that freedom comes from labour power that works in solidarity with the planets evolution and revolution. A war machine is destrution of the planets livability, and as it produces nothing it must get its existence from those who do produce. That truth shows its parasitic intrinsic essence. So why not start the second American revolution by closing down the war machine manufactury, and turning all technology to solidarity with the living planet. That way material life improves and the cheers never end. How you say. Just close down the morning shift at each and every military establishment, and voila. End of wars forever. Provided no other shifts are allowed to work. Six overkill by your present push button technology is not really victory to the living world. So back to reality, end war, not as the devil says, endless wars on earth and the skies above. Viva liberation.