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how to respond to Roberts Nomination

the gentle art of judo, my friends
it is clear that the Rove situation will blow the entire lid off the worm-infested coffin of evil known as the Bush "Administration." and the Roberts nomination is timed as a distraction. regardless of whether or not Roberts makes it to the bench, the Bushies of course put forward someone so horrifically conservative and out-of-touch with reality, that they hope to draw the fire of the left away from Rove.

the GOP is following the advice of Peter T. King (Repub, NY) "Republicans should stop holding back and go on the offense: fire enough bullets the other way until the Supreme Court overtakes" events.




Meanwhile, you go for flanking action. Ever hear of judo?

Here is my suggestion:

Hit Frist and Rumsfeld, noting the following facts:
1) Rumsfeld becomes CEO of Searle Corp 1978
2) Rumsfeld on Reagan transition team 1980-1981
3) Rumsfeld gets Hayes appointed as commissioner of FDA, Aug 1981
4) Hayes approves Aspartame, a deadly neurotoxin (previously BANNED) as a food sweetener, Nov 1981
5) Hayes resigns, Nov 1981
6) Bill Frist collects more than $873,000 in contributions from pharmaceutical corporations
7) Frist introduces a bill to cap and nearly eliminate the chances of lawsuits against vaccine manufacterers, particularly in cases of parents seeking damages on behalf of children injured by the vaccines (bill S. 2053).
8) Rumsfeld, Searle are defendents in a proposed $350 Million Dollar class action lawsuit on behalf of innocent victims who consumed Nutrisweet (Aspartame) products, claiming that Rumsfeld used his political influence to get approval for a known neurotoxin, thus allowing a deadly substance into the food supply
9) Bush signs the "Class Action Fairness Act" which caps and severely limits the damages that can be assessed against corporations by complainants, Feb 2005

any connections in the above?

This is another ENRON, with the addition of DELIBERATELY POISONING THE WORLD'S FOOD SUPPLY for profit!

anyway, I would strongly suggest an all-out rabble rousing on the Rumsfeld - Aspartame - Frist - Class Action Fairness issue as a flanking action.

see esp.  http://journals.aol.com/shallwetalkabout/Letstalkaboutwhatever/entries/1084
Nah 20.Jul.2005 10:32


Too complicated. Keep hitting on Rove.

poisoned food... 21.Jul.2005 07:19


I wonder what they and their kids eat....mad cow burgers and poison coke...?