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anti capitalist forum
Yes we must continue our struggles and continue to visualize a world without regular patterns, but there's more we can do. Imagine a worldwide network of anti capitalists, people in every town and every village, young and old, fat and thin there really are such people but we don't always know who each other are. We don't wear labels and we're not networking.
Now the idea is simple. Let's bring all our ideas together and meet up at public spaces locally early on Sunday afternoons, we can start having a ongoing forum with no structure, just a meeting and a sharing of ideas, a chance to chill (even sleep) and nothing more, no speeches, no rules. It doesn't matter if you even turn up, there's always next week. Cake too. Take drugs if you must, no one cares.
When the idea catches on, and it will, it will be possible to walk into any town at noon and find a group of people with vaguely similar aims sprawled and leaping all around, this will be extremely empowering for all the individuals involved and the causes they support. It's called the pointlesspicnic.pointless picnic needs you. Spread the word.

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pointlesspicnic/

great idea! 20.Jul.2005 14:08


Great plan! Our group does this all the time and it is quite successful (regular dinners and brunches). The best ideas simply come over yummy food and cake...