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Comment period on Oregon prison phone changes extended to August 8th

The public comment period for the proposed inmate telephone rules change at ODOC has been extended to August 8. We need to keep going with this and calling, phoning, emaling and faxing. The people who have called already should write a letter. If you have written a letter and email, write another one and use different info. We need persistent and constant pressure on this. They need to know we are watching.
call them!
call them!
It has been confirmed some prisoners [how many, i am not sure of] are not using the phone at the moment and have not for the last couple of weeks. If people can post this to lists, friends, etc, please do. If they can do this on the inside, we can surely make an effort to make their lives a little more bearable. thanks,
friends of jeff luers
Updated Action Alert-Call ODOC and object to proposed telephone rules change

The deadline for the action alert regarding the proposed telephone rules changes at ODOC has been extended to August 8th. It is necessary that you call, email, phone, fax and write the rules coordinator consistently and repeatedly until this date.

If you haven't write, do so and send them your email in the mail too.If you haven't called yet, please do. Try to call early as soon as the workday starts and at the end of the day. These are the times that will impress upon them most our seriousness.

Here is the barebones information. Be sure to be polite, of course.

Rules Coordinator: Janet R. Worley
Department of Corrections
2575 Center St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4667
Telephone: (503) 945-0933
This is the general fax and email for ODOC.

If you want to read about the rules changes straight from the horse's mouth, see

Action Alert-proposed inmate telpehone rules changes

Many of our friends in the Oregon Prison System are very concerned about a
proposed rules change about prisoner telephone use. The proposed rules
change effects the way prisoners can make calls, who they can call, and
how many people they can call; amongst other things. Sources tell us that
that this is a reincarnation of a previous unpopular rules change attempt
which was soundly defeated by a prisoner telephone strike. We are asking
for your help in letting the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) know
how we feel about this restriction on Oregon prisoner's lives.

Unfortunately, the deadline for comment is July 18th. We need you to call,
email and fax NOW. The contact information is listed below. Please do what you can,
and do it often. Let's impress upon the prison bureaucrats that they will have to deal with us before
they attempt to screw more with the prisoners.

Please send us any responses you get from the ODOC.

Friends of Jeff "Free" Luers

Department of Corrections
Chapter 291

Stat. Auth.: ORS 179.040, 423.020, 423.030 & 423.075
Stats. Implemented: ORS 179.040, 423.020, 423.030 &
Proposed Adoptions: 291-130-0011, 291-130-0080
Proposed Amendments: 291-130-0005, 291-130-0006,
291-130-0020, 291-130-0030,
291-130-0050, 291-130-0060
Proposed Repeals: 291-130-0010, 291-130-0070
Proposed Ren. & Amends: 291-130-0040 to 291-130-0016

Last Date for Comment: 7-18-05

Summary: The department has upgraded its inmate telephone system to provide for advances in technology. The upgrade changes the way in which inmates may access and use the new telephone system. These rule modifications are necessary to establish new standards governing the use of the telephones by inmates.

Rules Coordinator: Janet R. Worley
Department of Corrections
2575 Center St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4667
Telephone: (503) 945-0933

Problems with these proposed rules changes-
You can view a pdf of these proposed changes at  http://www.oregon.gov/DOC/INSPEC/rules_policies/docs/telephones.pdf
or  http://www.freefreenow.org/telephones.pdf

1 - Access to Directory Assistance will be denied.- It's stricken from page 1 under procedures and page 3.

2 - Limiting of authorized calls to 40 I believe this started at 25 which was a big concern to incarcerated people in the strike. In the old system, there was a list of people an incarcerated person was prohibited to call - like victims or victims families. You could call anyone who would accept a collect call. The subsections of (2) limit how a person can add and subtract names to the list. You can make 5 changes once a month and you're limited to a total of 40 changes a year. This definitely limits an incarcerated person's ability to call out. For example, if someone wanted to call a non-profit - they'd have to find the phone number (and could no longer use directory assistance), fill out the form to add it to their 40 number list, submit it once a month, and wait for it to be added.

3 - The phone company can impose a minimum deposit amount Another possible problem on page 2 is subsection B. There's no restriction to what the thieves that prey off prisoners at the phone company can set as the minimum amount in their phone accounts. What if you had to have $100? I think you could still make the collect calls, you just couldn't make debit calls & the whole movement in support of debit calls is to help calls be made more affordable.

4 - Limits the ability of people in the SMU [secure management unit] to make calls Page 3 - section 14 - - before they were allowed four a month & the change seems to make it the discretion of the SMU guards to allow calls.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org