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Welcome to the Krytocracy

The biggest difference between a Capitalist Society and a Free Market one is the ability of corporations to lobby the government to hedge their respective competition out of business. This is the very foundation of a Krytocracy, a government ruled by Judges who are appointed rather than elected by the people. And as such, legislature toward ousting ones competition is a cottage industry under the Bush Regime, which is in itself a "Mobocracy", exhibiting the tendencies of a Republic without having to be accountable to the people.
The word "alternative" is being legislated out of our vocabulary.

Various items of interest in the past few years illustrate examples of the movement toward a Krytocracy. The recent cases involving the Schindler-Shiavo decision or Kelo vs. the city of New London, CT are examples of such instances. Some of these elements focus on Corporations acting behind a thin veil of Government pulling the strings of the Markets. More than merely influencing them, these organizations seek to dominate and control the direction of the Market without accountability to the people.

Alternative Fuel

With the current situation in Oil markets, and the fear of "peak oil" looming, the discussion of an alternative form of fuel would seem paramount in importance. The biggest problem is in the language in which these concentric bills are written. For instance, alternative fuels tend to be defined as, coal, biodiesel, natural gas, and propane. This list is rather small, and refuses to admit some of the more popular breakthroughs in battery power, and solar power technology.

The willful ignorance of these major alternatives to "burning fuels" show a conscious contrivance on the part of Corporations to lobby decision makers on Government policy. The burning fuels are cheaper and therefore more cost effective, and in a Capitalist society, maximizing profits is tantamount to the health of its citizenry.

Alternative News

One of the major talking points about Independent Media is the conspiratorial view portrayed by it. The function of the alternative media is to give a voice, finally, to the citizens of this great nation. With the advent of the internet, free expression of the truth runs rampant, and historical views previously distorted by the "revisionist history" that is so pervasive, and key to our societies view of itself, is often removed. These barriers cause a curious psychological phenomenon referred to as cognitive dissonance. By the addition of these new truths, the mindset of the average citizen is elevated, and the illusion of control is dissolved.

Thusly, there is legislature drawn up attempting to limit the free expression of the truth. The legislature seeks to censor the Internet, and how we communicate with one another. The legislature seeks to have only approved individuals to be given access to website ownership and the distribution of information. This objective is essential to the control of information as well as the maintenance of one-dimensional thinking so pervasive in education. The corporately owned media has suffered a major loss in traffic as of late, and seek to take back their share of the market, muscling out their competition.

Alternative Medicine

Which brings me to the Codex Alimentarius, otherwise known as "the ban on vitamins, herbs and the elderly". The Codex is unusually aggressive in the spectrum of conspiratorial views of corporate giants leveraging their competition out. The Pharmacon Industry is treacherous and plays on the ignorance and fears of common individuals. They spread deception and produce counter reflective reports, contradicting themselves whenever necessary and altering or completely destroying the results of tests to further their agenda and maximize their profits.

The problem with big pharmacon is that medicine is a manmade contrivance. Most of the prescription drugs in the world contain the very herbs the Codex seeks to retard. The drugs are never fully tested, mainly because each human reacts differently to different forms of medication. Race, Sex, and level of fitness are all factors on how the human body will react to drugs and fight off infection or disease. By removing and restricting the sale of these herbs, big pharmacon is able to literally crush their competition.

Herbal healing is reduced to a cultish new age philosophy that does not follow the rules that pharmacological companies wish to implement.

And so the word "alternative" is slowly demonized, and removed from our language.



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authoritarian free enterprise 19.Jul.2005 10:17

dissappearing ink

What do Bush (USA), Blair (UK), Schroeder (Germany), the Clintons (USA), Sharon (Israel), Gorbachev (USSR), Zemin (China), The Pope (Vatican), Prince Charles (England), Queen Beatrix (The Hague), Etzioni (Israel-USA) and Kofi Annan (United Nations) have in common? They're all political communitarians. Political communitarianism is the synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic, and because it's so perfect it gives rise to no antithesis, this page cannot exist.


The Hegelian Dialect 19.Jul.2005 18:55

August Harper

Thank you for that link. Very informative read.