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Seattle September 24 Anti-War mobilization

There will be a Sept. 24 anti-war demonstration in Seattle, in conjunction with the national anti-war demonstrations called by the ANSWER Coalition for Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has initiated a Seattle Sept. 24 anti-war demonstration in coordination with the national demonstration in Washington DC and joint actions in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Anti-war activists in the Pacific Northwest will gather at Westlake Plaza in Seattle at 12 noon on Saturday, September 24, 2005, to express their outrage and opposition to the war in Iraq as well as oppose colonial occupation and US threats against other countries. (See attached flyers in English and Spanish.)

To endorse the Sept. 24 demonstration, please email ANSWER-Seattle at  answer@answerseattle.org or call 206-568-1661. Volunteers and funds needed. ANSWER-Seattle has a weekly organizing meeting on Mondays at 7 PM, 1423 10th Ave (near E. Pike.) www.answerseattle.org

Local endorsers include: Arab American Community Coalition, El Centro de La Raza, BAYAN-USA (Seattle,) Digging Deeper Media Collective (Bainbridge Island), Filipino Workers Action Center, Independent Community Activist Network, Native Forest Council, US Committee for Labor and Human Rights in the Philippines, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee, Voices of Palestine, Rev. Angela Ying, Bethany UCC Church*, Dr. John Ruhland, F. John Jeannot, member, Squire Park Community Council* and Women in Black (Seattle). *Organizations listed for identification only.


homepage: homepage: http://www.answerseattle.org
phone: phone: 206-568-1661
address: address: 1122 E. Pike, #1211, Seattle, WA, 98122

I have a bad feeling about this 18.Jul.2005 18:55


I have a bad feeling about this anti-war rally in Seattle. Usually a rally event like this does in fact sometimes turn out from the opposite of their cause: a war zone.

Transport? 18.Jul.2005 20:26


Any transport to seattle from portland?

Response 18.Jul.2005 21:39



Transport 18.Jul.2005 22:27


Perhaps we can get some carpools going in addition to the typical amtrak/greyhound.

Bored in Seattle 19.Jul.2005 23:42

anarchrist on a crutch

The same lefties. The same paid staff of non profits. The same culty socialists hawking papers. The same cops pushing people on the sidewalks. The same long, boring speeches filled with pedantic rhetoric. Don't waste your gas money. Continue to build resistance and in your communites; challenge power through organization, not whining in droves.

Good Point on the Gas Money 20.Jul.2005 00:31


Don't waste your gas money = Don't give the Saudis any money. Good point. Lets keep it at home.


Have the courage to oppose an illegal and counter-productive war/occupation. 03.Aug.2005 11:54

James jow2jow@msn.com

I fully support the September 24th anti-war protest at Westlake
Center. I will certainly attend. As an Veteran who was in Kuwait and
Iraq in 2003, I wish our troops a speedy return from President Bush's
illegal war and occupation of Iraq.

Large scale protests such as this are an important part of a democratic society. The Bush Administration has been perhaps the most deceitful and misleading administration in U.S. history. It needs to be countered with the voice of free speech and democracy.

To those who have a "bad feeling" about the upcoming rally, remember last February 4,000 people from all walks of life peacefully held an anti-war protest at Seattle Center. I hope an even larger crowd this September will let President Bush know that we do not support his war and we will support the troops by encouraging there safe and speedy return.

support sept 24 12.Aug.2005 13:15

Peggy Sue

I have a GOOD feeling about Sept 24 in Seattle. I hope millions show up. I will be there.

Stand up for your beliefs....not down! 18.Aug.2005 18:24

jm pioneercountry@cs.com

We must stand up and voice our outrage! We must spend the "gas money", if we don't we will be doing exactly what George Bush wants! His deep pockets will only deepen if we (the little people) don't speak up - LOUD and CLEAR. This "war" in Iraq (and soon to be elsewhere) is wrong!

Please join me in Seattle on the 24th!

Peace is powerful if only given a chance-


Where are the posters? 24.Aug.2005 21:46


Is there a poster or leaflet that we can download and circulate, so more people will know about this in Seattle? I had to do a web search to find out about this. It should be common knowledge all over town.


Flyer download for September 24, 2005 Westlake Center anti-war rally 26.Aug.2005 14:14

James jow2jow@msn.com

You can download flyers from:


This is the homepage of the Seattle Chapter of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)


~ James

Great, the more the better 28.Aug.2005 15:42


Get out and show that you care enough to spend the time and money and energy to get the Iraq occupation stopped. And continue to build resistance in your communities. It is time for the masses to be heard and thank you for publishing this information.

My check for "PEACE TRAIN" hasn't been cashed? 19.Sep.2005 08:41


Hi everyone,

I sent a check to the transportation organizer from A.N.S.W.E.R. several weeks ago to reserve my place on the Amtrak up to the Seattle protest. Saturday is fast approaching and my check hasn't been cashed yet. Has anyone else encountered this and do you think I should be worried? I even e-mailed the organizer to ask if she received my check because I wanted to make sure I still had a spot reserved. Never heard back. I guess I'm being paranoid and should just show up at Union Station on Saturday morning. I just get nervous when checks haven't been cashed.

BTW, is anyone from the Eastern Oregon area driving up to Portland to take the train? I would be interested in Carpooling if you are leaving on Friday night. If not I will have my parents meet me and my boyfriend halfway in the Dalles like we usually end up doing. Feel free to send me a message through my yahoo group. You will be the first to do so...lol!

PEACE CHILDREN 23.Sep.2005 20:49

EBN elotuslisa@msn.com

So...I am a Proud Parent of a El Centro Del La Raza Shining Star. I am taking my Son whos 3 1/2 in hopes that others will as well. This is a HUGE issue for ALL but especially our little Peace Makers. Let us a Stand together and UNITE for these unreal times....


Seattle Protest 24.Sep.2005 00:56


"anarchrist on a crutch" wrote:

"The same lefties. The same paid staff of non profits. The same culty socialists hawking papers. The same cops pushing people on the sidewalks. The same long, boring speeches filled with pedantic rhetoric. Don't waste your gas money. Continue to build resistance and in your communites; challenge power through organization, not whining in droves."

True, but the more show up the better nevertheless. You should know that by now.

Besides, what are you doing tomorrow at noon that's more important? Reading Emma Goldman?