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Siskiyou Free State Declared in the Biscuit!

In an exciting new chapter of the campaign to save the Wild Siskiyou, forest activists announced today the construction of a bold and elaborate infrastructure of resistance at the Hobson old growth reserve timber sale in the Biscuit Fire area. Southern Oregon forest defenders are calling on all allies to support these actions in whatever ways they can.

An impressive log cabin fortress now stands on the single road leading to this remote North Kalmiopsis timber sale, sealing off vehicle access to an area now referred to by many as the "Siskiyou Free State." In addition, an unusual new form of tree sit has been established in one of the units of the sale that connects many trees together across multiple acres in a rope-work network that suspends an activist in midair while preventing any trees from being felled in the area.

See  http://www.o2collective.org for photos.
Dozens of people worked through the night with chainsaws and other tools to transform an abandoned log deck and boulder pile into a Lincoln Log-style cabin that completely blocks the road from human passage, other than foot traffic. Beneath the fortress is a boulder-fortified basement chamber that contains two activists secured to lockdown devices that prevent their removal.

Law enforcement has now made contact with the blockade. Spirits are high and activists are confident the fortress will remain in place for a good while. The forest canopy network is sure to last even longer. Now is the time to take action in defense of this magnificent landscape. We cannot sit idly by while the last of the pristine backcountry on our public lands are sold away for corporate profit! Activists are on their way to the Free State now! Join us! Spread this message! Donate to local groups! Write letters to the editor and to the Forest Service! Have your voice heard in defense of the Wild!

To The Tree Sit!

*From I-5 take the Merlin exit just North of Grants Pass
*Head West on the Galice Rd and pass Indian Mary campground
*Left on Forest Service 25 Rd (also known as Taylor Creek Rd)
*Go 10.5 miles, take a right onto the gravel FS 2510 rd
*Follow detour signs about 4 m then right onto the FS 2402 rd
*Left at the junction and again follow the detour signs
*After about 3 miles left onto paved FS 23 rd (on some maps it is labeled 34-8-36)
*After about 2 miles take a left on FS 2411 rd
*You are at Hobson and will soon be greeted.
Excellent... 17.Jul.2005 17:19

Yolo savetheearthfirst@gmail.com

Good Job Ladies Gentlemen Co's and non-genders,
I wish I was there.
Take heart in the fact that I will be spreading your massive biscuit energy across the country as I prepare for a RoadShow in states from Oregon to maine.
I wish you all the best of luck!
Keep the faith.
Pain Complience is temporary hurt. These trees will be forever with people like you all protecting them.


mwah 18.Jul.2005 01:10


much love biscuit defenders!!

God damn craigslist ride bailing on us 18.Jul.2005 01:28

Lyra and Pax

Arrg, we'd be down there if we could. See you soon hopefully, good luck til then.

cheers 18.Jul.2005 09:41


its great to see some new forms of resistance. keep at it!

ta da, autonomy declared! here's a map 18.Jul.2005 10:30


"After four years of work, the Klamath-Siskiyou Conservation Assessment is now complete. This assessment is the most comprehensive evaluation of a large ecoregion ever undertaken, and it includes recommendations for a protected nature reserve that has a good chance of actually saving all native species and their habitats. The process and methods used in the study are part of the science of conservation biology.

Siskiyou Project contracted with Dr. Reed Noss and Dr. Jim Strittholt of the Conservation Biology Institute for the study back in 1995. We needed a vision to help guide our work and we needed a scientifically sound plan to save biodiversity that we could encourage the Forest Service and other land managing agencies to adopt. "

Real World
Real World
Fake World
Fake World

Blockade Gone: Why No Lock Down? 18.Jul.2005 14:18


That didn't last long.
Cops came, everybody ran.
Logging proceeds.

What happened?
Why no updates?
Why no lockdown at the Free State to keep the dozer out?

Go Feral Moth*rfuck*rs! 18.Jul.2005 15:04


Word, and f*cking word. Keep it up EVERYONE here we go! Don't ever stop


That's great 18.Jul.2005 16:20

Mark mmark34@msn.com

I just have to say that the log cabin thing is one of the greatest non-violent resistance things i've seen. Great work!


Arrests? 18.Jul.2005 17:48


Did anyone get arrested when the cabin/blockade was removed by USFS? Article on Oregon Live says loggers supplied the heavy equipment to remove the blockade.

that is so so rad ya'll 18.Jul.2005 18:36


ya'll are truly inspiring me right now.

Update on what's happening? 18.Jul.2005 19:37

Anyone got an update.

We're all curious of what's happening down there. Anyone got an update? see you soon

Expect updates soon.... 18.Jul.2005 19:47

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense action--at--cascadiarising.org

The news posted above that the blockade has been removed is accurate.... I suspect an update will be posted from Wild Siskiyou Action soon.

update 18.Jul.2005 20:18


thanks for all the support from afar, y'all- it is very helpful for spirits down here---I was not present for the desmantling and the crew up there is without cell communication- we can only speculate why the lockdown did not occur- it is reported that everything was in place and a thorough plan made. . .frustrating and disappointing, yes, but the treesit/multi-acre webwork platform still stands and the fortress was yet another skirmish in a much larger campaign-

resistance will conintue, rest assured, let us try to make lemonade out of lemons when they come our way- it is too easy to second guess actions from a distance and become demoralized in a downward spiral- better that we regroup and persevere- this was an amazingly coordinated, flawlessly executed action that fell apart at the last minute- but with the cards all stacked in the deck of the feds much of it comes down to the story that gets told- so lets make the myth of history ours to tell- we are a grassroots movement confronting the insane ideology of a powerful administration in the backwoods of our public forests. . .a lesson from the Zapatistas may be in order: leverage the power of symbolism and human dignity to overpower the brute force of government oppression- capture the imagination of the masses and force their hand into offering us our due autonomy. . .and above all else, support each other in solidarity and save our venom for those who have really earned it. . .

thanks, stay tuned and come visit the Siskiyou. . .we could use the assistance. . . ..