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Warm and Fuzzy Baby Killing

UN sanctions in Iraq made massacres like MyLai, Vietnam unnecessary. At least one half million children had already been killed as a result of UN sanctions, before the 2003 US military invasion of Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of Shiites, Kurds and freedom fighters were slaughtered by Iraq forces immediately after OPeration Desert Storm. This was similar to the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Nazis massacred resistance forces who were also upposed to Stalinist domination.
Russ Hallberg Jr.

Opposition to the Iraq conquest has been tangent to the placement of US forces there. There limited reports of atrocities, such as Abu Gareb. The atrocities that have occurred since the arrival of US forces in Iraq are minor, in comparison to the preemptive infanticide and pedocide that occurred during the previous 12 years.  http://www.geocities.com/iraqinfo/sanctions/sanctions.html

Water treatment facilities were selected as "militarily strategic" targets in the onslaught of Operation Desert Storm in 1989. This action was followed by UN sanctions which prevented the replacement of equipment and chemicals necessary to supply the Iraqi population with clean drinking water. As a result, half a million Iraqi children died. This infanticide by the "humanitarian" UN was somehow connected to ridding the world of the evil Saddam Hussein.

Another case of genocide occurred after the victory of liberating Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm. The Republican Guard forces had suffered minor loses in Desert Storm. The majority of losses were by Iraqi conscript forces. They had little heart for fighting and supporting the Hussein regime.  http://www.polishresistance-ak.org/6%20Article.htm

Expecting US support, thousands of Shiites, Kurds and Iraqi resistance freedom fighters rose up against Saddam Hussein's forces. Instead of support, they were left as open targets for the Republican Guard.  https://research.maxwell.af.mil/papers/ay1999/awc/99-149.pdf This writer noticed the parallel to the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Stalin's forces were winning against the retreating Germans in Poland. They approached the outskirts of Warsaw. The Polish underground freedom fighters rose up against their Nazi overlords. Instead of advancing to aid their "allies", the Soviet forces stopped across the river from Warsaw. The Nazis slaughtered the freedom fighters in Warsaw.

The Warsaw freedom fighters were not Stalinists. They would have resisted a Stalinist dictatorship, just as they resisted the Germans. It was convenient for them to be slaughtered by the German enemy, making it easier to subjugate the Polish people under Russian rule.

The post Desert Storm uprising in Iraq served a similar purpose. The forces that would have made an independent, democratic Iraq were slaughtered. What are left are people subjugated to US interests.

The majority of the militarily strategic deaths of Iraqi children occurred during the US respite from rule by the Bush family. President Clinton was absolved from his responsibility for this carnage by the convenient discovery of his sperm cells on Monica Lewinsky's dress.

The genocide of women and children in Vietnam was confirmed by the photographic evidence from the MyLai massacre.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:My_Lai_massacre.jpg. Word of mouth had already labeled returning GIs from Southeast Asia as "baby killers." In cosmopolitan locations like New York, California and even our own Portland, returning GIs were advised not to wear their uniforms. The GIs were spat upon by the outraged US citizens.

Hugh Thompson was a helicopter commander who rescued some Vietnamese civilians at MyLai. Vilified for thirty years, he has recently lectured to West Point cadets about ethics under fire.

Soldiers in the present occupation of Iraq have been spared the gruesome task of massacring entire villages. This would be a difficult secret to keep, in the open plains of Iraq instead of the jungles of Vietnam. The preemptive slaughter of a half million Iraqi children by bad water made this unpleasant job unnecessary. Returning US soldiers have been spared the label of "baby killers." No one is spat upon, least of all the world leaders who made this semi-secret slaughter possible.
thought this was 16.Jul.2005 14:15

going to be about the

LAPD babykillers who shot that guy holding his kid over 90 times. Wonder exactly how many bullets hit the baby? Who needs to go to Iraq? The craziness is right here at home where it always was.

Laughter is the best medicine 16.Jul.2005 16:56

Dr. Humor

Headline from The Onion: "My Lai massacre raises questions about U.S. involvement in massacres"