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Walmart gets some "special" programming!

Potentially offensive, this is a story of retail revenge from an ex walmart employee. A little long but ultimately hilarious, make sure you read this piece prepared to laugh out loud!
Set the stage
Set the stage
The day after Thanksgiving is notorious for being the single busiest shopping day of the entire year. Naturally, every single Wal-Mart store in the nation is completely swamped with parents hoping to find great deals on stupid toys that their children will completely destroy within 4 minutes of opening the package. This fact does not stop them from coming in DROVES to hand over their hard earned money for the cheaply made knickknacks. Knowing this, I set upon planning the ultimate revenge which would take place on that infamous day.

Give youself a good laugh and read the whole story at...

 link to www.mentallyincontinent.com
Good Laugh 14.Jul.2005 18:20


Wonderful story and a good laugh. The first half of the essay describes the young author's plight as an employee in the retail juggernaut, including, how he was set up to be fired, by the boss and some colleagues. The second part describes the planning and execution of his sweet revenge.