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Making Folk a Threat Again: Riotfolk! Torrents

Riotfolk! is back. Six new albums await at indytorrents.org. The six new albums include:
  • Anna Roland - Some More Songs download
  • Tom Frampton - Making Folk a Threat Again download
  • Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman - Songs of Hope and Resistance download
  • Brenna Sahatjin - Crude but Luciddownload
  • Live...3am (on KBOO)download
  • Live at IWW Portland 01/10/05download
Riotfolk! is self described as: We are a collective of radical musicians acting as an anti-profit record label/performance troupe. We're participating in the resistance by writing and distributing music that teaches, provokes, heals, and inspires.
Torrents are simple to use. First download a torrent client like (azureus or bittorrent) after you download and install a client, you just download the torrent files using the links provided and others at indytorrents.org and let the magic happen.

through peer 2 peer filesharing, a fast download should occur as you are downloaded from multiple peers.