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URGENT!!!! Two Activists Jailed For Refusing to Cooperate with Grand Jury

PRISONER SUPPORT NEEDED! Two Animal Rights Activists From San Diego Jailed Unjustly

On Tuesday, July 12th, David Agranoff and Danae Kelley appeared before Judge Irma Gonzalez at the District Court in San Diego for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury. Judge Gonzalez, with the prosecution's encouragement, ordered the two jailed immediately for civil contempt. David and Danae are currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in San Diego. They are imprisoned tonight, not because they have committed or are suspected of committing any actual crime but because they have refused to cooperate with the federal government's latest witch hunt.
The Grand Jury probe is demanding that those subpoenaed disclose their political beliefs, the names of their friends and associates, the political beliefs of their friends and associates and even the names of those in attendance at a public speaking event two yea rs ago. Of all eight people known to have appeared before the Grand Jury, only these two refused to testify on the grounds of First Amendment objections. Help is greatly needed to put pressure on authorities to release them.

Please call the jail now and continue calling. Be polite but insistent on demanding their immediate release. Also inquire about their status and well-being. David and Danae are both vegan and we want to ensure that they have access to healthy vegan food (per Judge Gonzalez's order). Keep in mind that, like the Feds, the jailers often lie... so be persistent.

The next rally will be held at the Federal Building (880 Front Street & Broadway) on Tuesday, July 19th at 5:30pm and will move to the MCC. Please keep up the pressure until they're free!!

MCC San Diego
Metropolitan Correctional Center
808 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-4311

David Agranoff, register .. 94343-198
Danae Kelley , register .. 94342-198

David and Danae can both receive letters at MCC. Prison is an incredibly lonely place and both have been cut off from their friends and families. Please send them a quick note letting them know that they have your support and that they are not alone! Please remember all mail is read by authorities. All mail must have a return address and be addressed as follows:

David Agranoff 94343-198
MCC San Diego
Metropolitan Correctional Center
808 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Danae Kelley 94342-198
MCC San Diego
Metropolitan Correctional Center
808 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Funds are greatly needed to ensure that they can purchase additional vegan food, phone cards and writing materials. Please consider donating to their commissaries. Any amount helps! All funds must be sent in money order or money gram form, with their names and register numbers on the money order /gram itself. Please send all funds to the address below, they cannot be sent or delivered to MCC directly:

Lockbox, Federal Bureau of Prisons
**Inmate Name & Register Number**
PO Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

Alternatively, personal checks, money orders or well-concealed can be made out to Compassion for Farm Animals. Donations will also be accepted to help cover David and Danae's expenses while incarcerated. Please address them as follows:

Free Speech Defense Fund
c/o Compassion for Farm Animals
PO Box 16502
San Diego, CA 92176-6502

David and Danae can also receive books but they must paperback and sent directly from the publisher. Amazon.com is the easiest and most reliable way to do this. Just remember to address the books exactly as you would letters (as shown above).

For more information or to help out with their support effort, please e-mail  freespeechdefense@yahoo.com. Please also e-m ail us if you have deposited money into their commissaries or sent them books, this way we can keep track of what's gotten there and what hasn't.

Additionally, the Assistant U.S. Attorneys leading the witch hunt would do well to hear from the citizens who pay their salaries. They can be contacted at (619) 557-6747.

On August 1, 2003, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
reportedly claimed credit for a $50 million arson at the
then under construction UTC
condominium complex. No one was injured in the fire and
investigators have no known suspects and made no arrests
in connection with the ELF action.

While Agranoff and Kelley are not charged with any crime
relating to the UTC arson and are not suspects in the
investigation, they face nearly a year in federal custody
for simply refusing to provide the names and details about
attendees at a controversial speaking event following the

Both Agranoff and Kelley state that while they have
nothing to hide, they refuse to cooperate with a grand
jury probe they view as an abusive process historically
used by federal investigators to intimidate and disrupt
political and social movements.

Nik Hensey of the newly-formed Free Speech Defense
Committee asserts "This is anything but a legitimate
investigation into alleged criminal
activity... It's a smokescreen and a political witch hunt.
Today's imprisonment of innocent and principled activists
is an attempt by federal investigators to shift the focus
away from their failed detective work. As to be expected,
the FBI now resorts to targeting lawful and aboveground
activists when befuddled by those who engage in
clandestine activity."


Our Animal Liberation brothers and sisters need your support!
Remember, writing a letter takes 10 minutes of your time, but it
touches the hearts of those who have put their freedom on the line in
defense of our animal companions, and have dared to stand up against
the repressive state that upholds the status-quo of animal torture and
Write to these political prisoners:

Joppe Anthonissen, Gevangenis Dendermonde, St.- Jacobstraat 26, 9200
Dendermonde, Belgium. Accused of trying to steal a cop's gun at a

Dave Blenkinsop EM7899, HMP Rye Hill, Onley, Warwickshire, CV23 8AN,
England. Serving 10 years. 1) Three years for a stave attack on the
Managing Director of HLS. 2) 18 months for rescuing 600 guinea pigs
from a lab supplier. 3) 5 years for planting incendiary devices under
abattoir vehicles.

Paul Le Boutillier KA9326, HMP Wealstun, Walton Road, Wetherby, LS23
7AZ, England. Serving 2 years for making threatening phone calls to
various animal abusers including people associated with vivisection,
blood sports and farming.

Josh Demmitt, 12314-081, PO Box 6000, Federal Prison Camp, Sheridan,
OR 97378, USA. Serving 30 months for an arson on a University animal
testing facility.

Sarah Gisborne, LT5393, HMP Cookham Wood, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3LU,
England. Serving 6 years for conspiracy to cause criminal damage
following the damaging of 8 vehicles owned by people linked to
Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Stijn De Greve, p/a Gevangenis van Dendermonde, Sint Jacobsstraat 26,
9200 Dendermonde, Belgium. Accused of smashing a McDonalds window and
a furriers window.

Johan Jaatinen, Anstalten Skenas, SE-610 31 Vikbolandet, Sweden.
Jailed until October 2005 for an accountable action that saw the
damaging of a hatchery's incubator machines, resulting in the stopping
of the development of 55,000 eggs. All precautions were taken not to
harm any hen which had already hatched.

Koen Van Keer, p/a Gevangenis van Dendermonde, Sint Jacobsstraat 26,
9200 Dendermonde, Belgium. Accused of smashing a McDonalds window and
a furriers window.

Keith Mann KJ9365, HMP The Weare, Portland Dock, Portland, Dorset, DT5
1PZ, England. Serving 6 months for contempt after he threatened an
animal abuser in court. Due for release 29/06/05.

Olivier Van Moen, Gevangenis Dendermonde, St.- Jacobstraat 26, 9200
Dendermonde, Belgium. Accused of assaulting and wounding a cop at a

Geert Waegemans, Gevangenis Dendermonde, St.- Jacobstraat 26, 9200
Dendermonde, Belgium. Accused of assaulting and wounding a cop at a

Peter Young, ..223341, Dane County Jail, 115 West Doty St, Madison, WI
53703, USA. On remand accused of releasing mink from a fur farm.

(Keep in mind, the letters you write will be reviewed by prison
officials beforehand, so don't write anything of sensitive nature.
For tips on how to write to prisoners, go to

homepage: homepage: http://www.fbiwitchhunt.com

I cant believe you people 04.Aug.2005 18:27

Fireye pleiadian@alienembassy.com

Here we have a police totalitarian state building prisons all over the place and handing out life sentences like candy for even the most minor of offenses as well as passing thousands of dictatorial ever changing rules all designed to make you a permanant ward of the state and remove any last little bits of freedom and you people are throwing your lives to the beast over animal rights? I would think that animal suffering should take a back seat to human suffering at this time. Trying to defend animal rights in a police state is total futility and senslessness.