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He blew CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover. Here's how he's going to cover that: HE WILL SAY: "ALL I TOLD REPORTERS IS THAT JOE WILSON'S WIFE RECOMMENDED HIM" (to check on the phony Saddam-Nigeria-uranium connection).

We are at war, declared by the president. Karl Rove, if he makes the above admission, caused the deaths of CIA operatives and compromised their expressed mission in the defense of the nation in that war. That would make him not just a felon but liable to prosecution for T-R-E-A-S-O-N (imagine Tammy Wynette or Aretha Franklin singing that out).
Herr Roverer and Mr. Novak
Herr Roverer and Mr. Novak
World War II Poster -- It used to be called treason.
World War II Poster -- It used to be called treason.


"Cheney's not the one who nominated Joe Wilson to go to Nigeria. Wilson's wife did." That's what Rove apparently is going to have to admit he told people like columnist Robert Novak

Now, your average newspaperman -- Matt Cooper, Judith (Judy) Miller, or even Robert Novak -- is about one rung above a TV anchor in intelligence. If Novak didn't already know that Mrs. Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame are one and the same, it wouldn't take him two minutes on the phone or the Web to find it out.

Next, pray tell, why would President Bush take some guy's wife's advice to send her husband to Nigeria on a secret mission connected with the War on Terror? Heck, my wife might recommend me, gladly, but who would listen? Well, if Bush listened, it's because he KNEW the lady had some credentials in the foreign-intelligence field. What government department is chartered for that purpose?

The CIA. Clearly, Rove and Bush knew that Plame worked for the CIA, and BOTH are prosecutable for outting her.

At any rate, that Great Bushian (as opposed to Great American) Robert Novak told the whole world in a newspaper column on July 14, 2003, that Plame-Wilson was a CIA employee. This was Bush-Rove's revenge for Joseph Wilson revealing a week earlier that Bush lied in his 2003 State of the Union address about Mr. Wilson's findings on ties between Saddam and Nigerian uranium. This address that will live with Lincoln's Gettysburg address -- except in infamy -- lied us into the Iraq Quagmire.


So if Rove said to Novak, Judith Miller, Matt Cooper and other reporters something like, "Joe Wilson's wife recommended him to investigate the Nigerian connection," does that make him:
(a) a felon, (b) a traitor, (c) neither, (d) both?
You are very right. 13.Jul.2005 21:20


They will most likely put the case in front of one of their wonderful right wing judges and the thing will be dropped. But this is such a serious crime that the justice just might come. Stay tuned.

What's the real crime here? 13.Jul.2005 23:41


Novak was going to be Novak, a player all along. But isn't the true crime, the real treason, that these reporters and their editors knew what was happening, knew the motives behind the disclosure, and didn't publish the crime itself and spoil the image of the series of events that have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths? They can talk all they want about standing up for some principle, but it seems to me that they have betrayed us, and it's even a greater treason than Rove or whoever outing agents of an organization that is in the business of terror and crime, of death squads and drug-dealing, of weapons sales and overthrowing legitimate governments. The worst that can be said for those who disclosed was that they shot themselves in the foot. As for the editors and reporters, they've shot themselves in the heart, and I, personally, have no respect for their honesty, credibility, or honor. Theirs has been treason against humanity. May they rot in hell.

Treason is Punishable by DEATH ! 14.Jul.2005 09:14

A Concerneed Citizen

According to our Constitution, Treason is punishable by Death.

We should be going for the Death penalty on this.

Why settle for anything less?

Weenie roast 2005... Just when you thought the 4th was over... 14.Jul.2005 11:21

Red neck

So we're supposed to be outraged that Karl, I mean Peter Novak outed a CIA agent?---That's highly illegal buster!
It couldn't be that "Democrats" want some payback on Karl Christian Rove for their lickin? No, that couldn't be it, cause the "Democrats" Beat themselves. What was the election about? I forgot... Oh, gay marriage. But neither candidate supported it?
I'd like to thank Karl/Peter for the info, never know might come in Handy.

Oh I'm glad I'm not an Os-car Mayer Wie - ner
That is what I'd tru-ly wouldn't like to be
'cause if I were an Os-car May-er Wie - ner
Ev-ery one would be laughing at me.