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WorldCom CEO gets 25 years, Should Tre Arrow receive more?

Bernard Ebbers was sentenced to 25 years in prison today. So What?
Bernard Ebbers crime was Fraud. It was a monetary crime. No living thing was physically injured. So does he deserve such a stiff sentence? Your God Damn right he does!

So, lets step forward in time to 2006 and lets assume that Tre Arrow has lost his appeal to stay in Canada, and has been convicted on all counts in the US. Should Tre receive a harsher sentence that Bernard Ebbers? Not at all.

Yes, the crime was one of violence, but No living thing was physically harmed. The only thing the timber company, or its insurance company lost was money. Of course it didn't cost them anything really because they pass the costs on to others in the form of higher lumber and higher insurance rates.

So, if Tre is convicted, and lets all hope he is not, then we should push for him not to get any stiffer sentence than Bernard Ebbers did today!
Not to mention the facts that... 13.Jul.2005 20:16


Worldcom was looting from working people's pension accounts and the like. Further, Ebbers will no doubt go to a white collar prison (not that it's a picnic, mind you, but it's still different than the type of hellhole Tre will no doubt be shipped off to).

And, I wouldn't characterize burning those logging trucks as "an act of violence." Though our society has indeed elevated machines to some sort of exalted status, it's still not the same sort of violence that's comitted against flesh and blood people. It was more a mode of political expression and disobedience. (Of course, it's highly questionable whether Tre is guilty at all.)

As a friend said many years ago: "capitalism is the conspiracy."