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The Propaganda Message is the Context not the Content

After years of struggle, now it is time to turn the tables on the IMF, the World Bank, the G8, and the Capitalist Media System, et al, by pulling the same stunt on them that they have been pulling on everyone else for years...
Monstrous Comedy

I have been doing some surfing around, and I have noticed that people have heard my Lenny Bruce comedy routine, which wouldn't be a surprise to me, because everyone needs a break from time to time. Furthermore, while there is a time and place for everything, people need some balance in their lives, and given how such monstrous comedy helped to restore my sanity, I decided to maybe help to restore some balance to everyone's life at the same time. It turns out that comedy is like some kind of Propaganda Weapon of Mass Destruction. If anyone wants to become a comedian, which was never my life's goal, but rather I was driven to comedy, then you must wallow for some time in the pits of horror and despair, since it turns out to be the case that the source of all really effective comedy is horror and despair and yes even great tradegy, which might seem counter-intuitive, but its true. I think maybe it was last year or the year before that I came to the realization, that after so much horror, I would never be able to laugh or experience any kind of joy again, forever and ever. It was just so clear to me. Little did I know that just beyond that last pit was something completely unexpected, monstrous comedy, which just goes to show a person that you should never jump to conclusions. So then if you are someone who is at the lowest point in your life, and there just doesn't seem to be any point in going on, because it is obvious that it is all over, well maybe you just need to go through some more sheer hell and then finally you will be A Okay, so just hang in there. If you skip the suicide and go through that last horror, you will find an unexpected solution to that problem.

The Proganda Message is in the Context

For years powerful intitutions of systems of brutal oppression have been communicating their message through the context in which the content was presented to the public, rather than through the content itself. The context was a disguised form of racism masquerading as 'third world reformism', you know, to get those third worlders thinking straight, reforming their ways, getting their structures restructured so they would be structured the right way instead wrongly like they were before. As for the content that went along with that racist theatrical performance, this served no useful purpose when it came to brainwashing the general public, since most people do no understand all the Harvard and Yale mumbo jumbo talk. Rather this was part of the propaganda technique known as The Big Lie, the idea being that, as Hitler so bluntly described the concept, people are good and gullible and credulous and just cannot believe that someone could be an atrocious liar, so therefore propaganda must be an atrocious lie to be believed. One can also assume that propagandists must know the enemy, being in this case a protest and resistance movement, which would have to be dissected and analyzed by psychologists and other such experts, if the little kiddies were to be effectively controlled and neutralized. So then since so many protestors and resistors would find it hard to believe that anyone would analyze their psychology, and then give them a Big Lie to analyze and dissect and resist, they would then assume that the proper activity would be to analyze that Big Lie and right up reports about the flaws in the Big Lie on the assumption that perhaps some people are just misguided. In this way the content would be confronted rather than the context, which is where the real damage can be done.

This would then leave the protest and resistance movement perplexed, perhaps disoriented, when such a thing was revealed, perhaps wondering what to do next. The obvious solution would be to communicate the resistance message in the context of an action or event, rather than in the content. I am not saying that the content is unimportant, if the truth is being told, and I find that sort of thing to be very important, but not everyone reads reports, and even if they did, there would be a brick wall in place preventing them from understanding what they are reading, as well as that gullibility that causes them to doubt that the official line is actually a big lie, since no government, no matter how naughty, and thus prone to lie them in the small way all the time (something there are accustomed to and expect) would then go on to also tell them the most atrocious lies. This sort of thing they cannot accept. It seems to far fetched. To go along with that Big Lie propaganda technique there is the Big Evil technique the general idea being that if you are going to be evil then be atrociously oppressive, even ruthless and relentless in stalking prey, for most people would not believe that sort of thing either, thus causing the resistance movement to be hamstrung once again.

Now then, if we are going to communicate a message through the context of an event or action, rather than its content, how should come up with a strategy to do such a thing. My answer is that it is already in the bag, so therefore, it is not a priority right at the moment to come up with a strategy along those lines. What we just went through was the Live 8 and G8 propganda offensive, which was intended to glorify a non agenda and make it seem like something was actually happening for the poor, as well as acting like a giant honey trap, to keep people bound and chained to the system through the practice of liberal protest ideology and its appeals to elites who then pretend to respond to their appeals, thus staying powerful.

Almost all of the money for that deal is off in the future in the next decade (after the year 2010) and is in the form of pledges, and as history shows, you can forget about those future deals and those pledges. It is propganda and nothing more. For example, I remind you of the great big deal made about ending child hunger, which would have cost about the same amount as the Iraq War, thus being affordable, and then sometime around the year 2000, when every goal was missed, even though the liberal protest movement kept reminding those elitists that they were missing their goals and falling behind, well after that it was time to set a new goal and start working towards that new future goal.

In short, everyone has been taken to c,leaners just one more time, in an extravangant extravaganza sort of a way.

Perhaps you would enjoy some justice for this latest attack, and perhaps instead of being screwed again and again, you would like to turn the tables and try a stunt like yourself for a change. So let me focus in like a laser beam and make everything crystal clear, or as close as I can manage to get to such a thing this afternoon.

What we have hear is a hidden famine in Africa, which was taking place underneath a blanket while that other propganda attack was going on in public. What we have here is both a Great Big Lie and a Great Big Evil, which Jane and John Doe will never believe, if you were to write a report on the Great evils of the world and give it to them, but they will believe, if the message is communicated to them in the context of an event, as all that racist posturing proves, since John and Jane have absorbed that message even if they understand nothing from the content.

Fortunately for us, we have the Capitalist Media System to help us, which is unheard of, and should give you some encouragement. How much of a big liar is the Capitalist Media System? I am not asking you, because maybe you already know that. It would be John and Jane I would be asking about that.

This one famine will give you everything you ever dreamed of getting over all these years shoudl you decide to pounce. If you do not pounce then you will be ruined by it yourself, instead of having it ruin those people by themselves instead, this being due to the effects of wild rumour mongering, which have already been unleashed on the planet, so that it is now just a matter of time. There will be a lot of people getting nailed and taken down by that rumour mongering, for people will be really mad at the capitalist media system, and disgusted by the selfish performance of any liberal that might still be left in the movement, the type that just wants to just pressure elites and stop there, leaving them in place to launch their next future attacks. Given how people will remember how those liberals decided to protect the collapsing elite system even if it meant a trade off will be taken down with the Capitalist Media system, killing lots of those birds with that one stone. Think about this...

I mention this jjust in case there are still some unrepentant unreformed liberals out there who need someone to straighten out their thinking on this matter, by reminding them that its over. This time it is over. So then if there still remains a liberal around I will just remind you that you are either with us or you are with the terrorists. However things work out I am content and at peace with myself, knowing, being a far sighted individual that I am, that after this is all over, there won't be no more problem with a liberal. So then my strategy for you left over liberals is to demoralize you if I can, and get you run up the white flag, which would be doing you a favor.

Now if there is anyone out there who is afraid, probably the case, you had best not be afraid, or you will have something to really be afraid of later on down the road. I am referring to the fascists, who would then come and clobber you, maybe make you disappear or at least send you to some Gulag, the theory being that they are excising a cancer, and all this happened because you didn't take them down when they were punch drunk and reeling from the blow. If you are afraid, then it is my strategy to make you terrified, which might seem counter intuitive, but just makes common sense, because it is you or it is the fascists. Someone is going down for the count, and you won't like the way those fascist terrorists run a gulag. So then if you are afraid, then I hope you are in terror, since my strategy for people who are afraid is to become a terrorists, perhaps spread some terrorism around, since as you notice that terrorism really gets an agenda moving, and given my penchant for robbing agendas from the opposition I might as well rob that one as well. But to change tactics here I will also remind you that all over the country there are sincere churches, a big network, which even now I am stirring up and rising up, and doing the fascist thing on a nice church granny is not a good idea. Get the picture? So then don't be to afraid, or better yet, don't be afraid at all.

Now I am struggling here since I sense some kind of mass confusion in the air, and we don't need that now. The context we are looking for here is that great struggle to get something done about that famine caused by last years plague of locusts. Now if you listen to the capitalist media system, you will see that they are getting one step ahead of everyone, and keeping busy. There temporary story for that thing is that Africa is starving due to the neglect of their corrupted governments. So you can see that we are back to subtle racism again, since apparently when something works right so many times before, why change horses in midstream.

The only problem with that particular context is that as I was saying last year you cannot have a plague of locusts going through and destroying the crops of subsistence farmers who live hand to mouth, without having a famine later. It is simple common sense. Typically, as I said last year, it takes six months for this system to respond to a famine, so something should have been done last year. Furthermore, for the cost of the Iraq war the world hunger program could be financed for close to ten years, so it is not like there isn't money that can be found from time to time if it is for a good cause. So then you can see how corrupted the elites of the system are, especially when you consider that if they all got together and wrote a small cheque, instead of putting on a propaganda offensive, that would have taken care of that problem as well. But apparently they don't care much for writing cheques and prefer to hide famines from the public instead while putting on a great big extravanganza for John and Jane Doe, and do that same rotted stunt of promising something after the year 2010, leaving liberals, assuming any were left, to complain that we are falling behind, missing the goal, so that in 2010 we can start over again, just like we did so many times before. This is transparent propaganda, but given how they so generously just gave Africa 50 billion, or so John and Jane Doe believe, that is supposed to count as their famine relief response and prove their concern and generosity, even if it did come a little late in the game, and even though it is not actually 50 billion dollars, being just a promise of 50 billion sometime in the next decade after the year 2010.

After taking some time to think about things, I decided to try to clear some things up for people who might feel disoriented, given how they aren't used to being on the winning side of a propganda offensive, thus not quite believing what has just happened. You see the principle of struggling against a monolithic system of brutal oppression is that no one is one hundred percent perfect, being maybe 99.99 percent perfect, which means that you wait for that 0.01 percent to come along, and when that does come along, since it is so very rare, you do not miss your opportunity to take that thing and ram and it and slam it right straight up the ass end of that system, ramming it so far up there that when that system is dropped into the grave, even after strenuous efforts to fart and shit that thing out, it will be buried with that thing still rammed and slammed up that hole till the end of time.

So then my part in this will be two fold. First get the rumour going. That has been completed. Second, wait for that Capitalist Media System to kick into gear and start talking, which should be interesting, and whatever that is going to be, it had better be better than what they are coming up with right now, because I will be back.