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3 Tualatin cops, OSP trooper resign; avoid sex charges

To protect & SERVICE. These are a small sample
of the kind of people our trusted officials hire.

The DA's office decided not to prosecute -- instead opting to accept the men's reisgnations and the surrender of their police credentials.
From the local BELO propaganda outlet:

By JIM PARKER, kgw.com Staff

TUALATIN -- Three Tualatin Police officers and an Oregon State Police trooper have agreed to resign to avoid the possibility of charges stemming from a sexual misconduct investigation, prosecutors said Wednesday.

"The investigation established to a high degree of certainty that the four police officers did engage in illegal sexual contact with a 16-to-17-year old female police Explorer approximately 5 years ago," said Jeff Lesowski, Washington County's senior deputy district attorney.

Officers Jarod Roberts, 28; Robert "Skip" Raddle, 30; and Joseph Junk, 39, along with OSP trooper Ian Morley, 39, offered to resign immediately and forfeit their law enforcement certification, Lesowski said.

By giving up their certifications, the prosecutor emphasized the four men will never again be able to work as police officers in Oregon.

The three officers had been with the Tualatin police force for at least six years, while the OSP trooper served with the state police for more than seven years.

The sex allegations involving the underage police Explorer surfaced in May, prompting the probe which Washington County Sheriff's investigators said was concluded earlier this week. Eighteen is the age of consent under Oregon law.

Lesowski said the now-21-year-old victim refused to talk with detectives and did not want criminal charges brought against the four men; he said it appeared the sex acts were consensual and occured while all of the officers involved were off-duty.

"While the Washington County police investigators were able to establish that crimes were committed," Lesowski said, "without a statement from the victim the precise nature of the illegal conduct remains unknown."

As a result, Lesowski said the DA's office decided not to prosecute -- instead opting to accept the men's reisgnations and the surrender of their police credentials.

The Explorer program, which had been suspended by the Tualatin police chief in the wake of the probe, offers an opportunity for young men and women, ages 16-to-20 years old to receive training and education in the administration of justice.
how come Laural Portter isn't reporting this on 13.Jul.2005 18:00

KGW-TV news

you'd think they'd report something like this? Why not??????

Who Do You Trust? 13.Jul.2005 18:52


Difficult to assess or predict the potential for similar or worse "poor judgement" down the road, but rescinding their certificates in Oregon doesn't preclude hiring out their services in other states.

I believe the saga of Jason Sery--he who bravely stood his ground when public safety was threatened by a seated, belted, unarmed African-American driver, rapidly firing multiple shots into the man at point-point blank range--included some sketchy removal from an LE position in Montana for "unsuitability", only to have him wash up in Portland and get back into cop drag.

In what state(s) will these four pop up in next, ready to "serve".