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Two More WTC Workers Claim Massive Explosion Took Place in North Tower on 9/11

Two More WTC Workers Come Forward, One Seriously Burned And The Other Hurt While Trapped In Basement Elevator, Both Claiming Massive Explosion Took Place In Lower Levels Of North Tower On 9/11
The two men's eye-witness testimony, never before released in America, aired as part of a Spanish 2002 television 9/11 documentary in Colombia; Total of four eye-witnesses have now surfaced, all claiming a bomb exploded in the basement of the north tower just prior to airplane strike 90 floors above. Although testimony is in the public eye, it has been completely ignored by 9/11 Commission and mainstream media.in what looks like a government cover-up aided by a media blackout.
After Rodriguez brought him to safety, Giambanco remembers being taken to an ambulance and rushed to a hospital where in his hospital room, he received news reports that both towers collapsed.

"I threw myself on the hospital floor in tears and I finally had to get an injection to calm me down," said Giambanco. ?For a long time after, every time I would try to go to sleep I would get nightmares about being trapped in the elevator?

Reflecting back on his 9/11 near death experience, he added:

"I remember riding in the ambulance that morning and looking back, thinking it had to be a bomb.

"Later they told me it was an airplane that hit the towers, but how could it just be an airplane? I know all the newspapers were saying that, but it was just too incredible to believe if you heard and experienced what I did. It had to be a bomb."

Here is a summary of articles and radio interviews for those who haven't been keeping up with Rodriguez and his efforts to gain deserved media attention:

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Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Eye-Witness Testimony Of 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower Basement

Media Big Shots at NBC and New York Times 'Hush Hush And Evasive' About Why WTC Janitor Story Never Appeared, A Story That Blows The Official 9/11Account Sky High

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