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Talk of Wal-Mart Banned from City Council Meetings

This is very disturbing to me. How can a city coucil which is supposed to represent the public, ban the public from mentioning Wal-Mart or Big Box Stores at city council meetings while a new store proposal is being considered?
What next? Ban forest activists from mentioning trees or endangered species? Ban social activists from mentioning the word homeless? Ban anti-globalization activists from mentioning multi-nationals?
Town shuns Wal-Mart

YELM, Wash. - The town council barred residents from mentioning Wal-Mart at meetings, prompting a challenge by civil libertarians who said a "free and accountable" government depends on a citizen's ability to voice concerns openly.

The retailing giant has an application pending to build a superstore, spurring controversy in the small town about 15 miles southeast of Olympia.

In a letter to the council, American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Aaron H. Caplan said his group believes it is unconstitutional to ban any mention of Wal-Mart at council meetings. The term "big-box stores" also is banned, as is "moratorium."

The ban began because council members were fed up with complaints about the proposed superstore and related demands for a moratorium on big-box stores, municipal attorney Brent Dille said. He said officials also didn't want to appear biased if the council ever hears appeals in the matter.

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