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What are the implications for free speech?

This morning NPR broadcast the story of the sentencing of Ali a- Timimi, A Virginia cancer research scientist for the crime of speaking his mind.
Ali a- Timimi was convicted of attempting to aid the Taliban by encouraging his "followers" to leave the country. Apparently some of the people who heard his speeches following 9/11 where he said that it was a dark day for Muslims in America then left the country and wound up in Pakistan where they were getting training as insurgents before they were apparently apprehended. None of these followers actually ended up fighting for the Taliban.
Al-Timimi did not own weapons. Was not convicted of funding the Taliban but of attempting to aid the Taliban by speaking out against the west and thereby encouraging others. He was sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT! What do you think?

Does anyone have more details that would make sense of this? What implications are there for free speech? Are speakers responsible for the actions of their listeners?