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to the hispanic community of activists

?hola! i am wondering if there is a website or local (NW) hispanic organization geared towards environmental activism?
because the environmental community seems to be so dominated by the pale folks, i am curious if there is a pacific northwestern corp group of hispanic peoples dedicated to improving the environment. and i use the term environment loosely to include all manner of activist causes from better working conditions to defending native forests. and in no way do i mean to suggest that i am any expert on who is most active in the NW regarding activism!
Please organize it's very much missing 13.Jul.2005 14:49


By all means please, Organize you people. Personally I'm quite tired of being a member of the majority white activist community in Portland, fighting issues the affect majority in S. America without little show of support from minority community.

There is VOZ 13.Jul.2005 16:45

A Person

VOZ main focus from what I've seen has been social justice issues concerning day workers, but if you think about it that also includes the environments they work in. here is a link to their website.


EJAG 13.Jul.2005 23:25

DJ Shadow

Try Environmental Justice Action Group. They do great work. Not Latino, but led by people of color.

Anarchist People Of Color in Portland 14.Jul.2005 10:21




To megaton 14.Jul.2005 10:35

DJ Shadow

A member of the "majority" community tired of working hard for the "minority" community without getting any support? Umm...I'll try not to be too patronizing here, but I encourage you to look at a little deeper here. Without knowing too much about the work you've been doing, and how you've tried to reach out to the "minority" community (assuming that you have--you have, right?), I see a couple of issues. If I'm way off, please forgive me, but here's what this looks like to me. First, check out how white privilege gives folks more time to engage in activism. More privilege=more pay=more free time=more time for activism. This isn't the case for everyone, but it helps to make our movements more white. Then our movements are more white, and then there's racism (from subtle to overt) and that makes some stuff less welcoming to people of color. Portland is pretty white already, when you add in some other factors, stuff can get even whiter pretty quick.

Another issue I see is an attitude of "I'm doing all this work to help people of color, but they aren't showing up at my actions." Further blaming folks for what you see as an inability to recognize your great contribution to helping them is probably not the way to get anyone more involved. And maybe people don't see how environmental work is so important when US imperialism is such a threat to people everyhwere. If I were from say, Venezuela, and I see you at a rally to end logging in Oregon (nothing wrong with that, just an example) I might think--"that's great, I hope they stop logging here, but I really wish these well-intentioned folks would put more energy into stopping the US administration from organizing coups against the democratically elected government of my home country." It's not that the logging in Oregon isn't something we should work against, it's that bunches of people have been killed in Venezuela as a direct result of US intervention.

So--please don't blame people for not showing up. Maybe do a few things first: make sure you are doing everything possible to make sure your stuff is welcoming to everyone--are you providing translation? childcare? transportation? is at a time and place that's convenient for everyone you're trying to reach? Second, look at your work, and examine why it might not appeal to folks. Maybe examine how you're doing outreach. If stuff still isn't working, you can always ask someone why it doesn't appeal to them--however, asking someone to be a spokesperson for all people of color "Why aren't more of your people showing up" is probably a good way to make things worse.

Sorry to be so preachy here--I know I don't have all the answers, but your post sounded a lot like where I was at a while back, so I wanted to offer a few of the things I have learned.

Response to DJ Shadow 16.Jul.2005 02:55


thanks for the good input, that's all I'm trying to get on this subject. I've gone to a lot of direct actions and rallies, and not saying I plan on stopping. Justing wanting to know where people are at. I understand what your saying but I'm just trying to give people alittle push to get working on something in their own community. I definately have seen amuch better mix of people, which is good. But I've also seen a lot of poor turnouts for rallies dealing with Trade and workers rights. Anyway, point taken, my post was alittle rough sounding.