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Rally For A Clean Willamette Today noon-1pm @ the Salmon Street Fountain

There is currently a proposal by the Port of Portland and the EPA that hasn't hit the news yet; These two agencies are considering building a toxic dump 1200 feet from the Historic Town of Linnton. They told the town of Linnton about this at a community meeting several months ago, but most people in the town weren't there and didn't read the minutes - it was slid in at the end of the meeting.

This Rally for a Clean Willamette is being put out by the Sierra Club. This chapter of the Sierra Club holding this rally has been made aware of this Port of Portland proposal, but it isn't clear what they are going to be doing about it... If this proposal passes, it will add more toxic waste to the Willamette, destroying much of the hope some people have of ever cleaning this river up. The person in the EPA to write about this proposal is: Mr. Sean Sheldrake, Project Manager, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Sixth Avenue, ECL-117, Seattle, Washington, 98101-1128. Maybe some concerned folks showing up for this rally could influence the Sierra Club to oppose this dump as well.
Rally for a Clean Willamette

Wednesday, July 13th


Salmon Street Fountain

The time has come to stand up and speak out for a Clean Willamette. Join the Sierra Club and other concerned citizens for a Rally for a Clean Willamette today!

The rally will be the kick-off event to a three-day boat and paddle trip UPRIVER to Salem to deliver the first 1,000 public comments to the Governor. We have already heard The Oregonian will be running a story and sending a photographer to the rally. It is so important that we show the public and the Governor that Oregonians do care about their river. Come out TOMORROW at lunch and show your support!

You can track the progress of the boat and see the whole schedule of the event at www.sierraclub.org/community/portland.

For more information, contact  erica.maharg@sierraclub.org or call 503-243-6656, ext 302.


Erica Maharg
BEC Community Organizer
Sierra Club
2950 SE Stark St, Suite 100
Portland, OR 97214
Office: 503.243.6656, ext. 302
Cell: 614.596.1860
Fax: 503.238.6281

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