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If you only have a second

There are things that are forgotten along a new smooth road. And momentum in those things we share. The definition of luxury is (kapow) so fickle that it may takes an imperfect dashboard to make us worry. As we and ours explode onto the number on planet faster and with the the familiar linear air of someone with something to deliver to a goal. An achievement is near.
it is the pre-emptive
it is the therapeutic velour on our
their needs are planets plenty
mine mine mine
a second thought will slow me down and I am a sound ant on the hill.
Are we cutting it up or what?
arrived on the scene to acquire and forget and become sarcastic skirmishes of the things known
"So, so solid, bro."
Accomplishments will not make you happy. They are only necessary. A map is being created of the consequences of your actions. The CREDIT will not revive your previous anatomy. Your yesterdays cadence. The even attitude the point of the whole thing is to get it overwith, in a sensory world on time, in a place where there need to be lanes for your travel. Anoint yourself the barracuda of the soft smooth carpet and check out the action from here. Here where it is safe and cool and pleasant. We have that. We hate that
(and so why whould you share and send the scene anything.)
Will a convincing brush stroke allow the others to slide the builders tools off the table? Is effectiveness, the satisfaction of a mulled over opinion, the accolades striped and in order enough for the time to be worthwhile. How do you feel about talking about feelings at the office, and why?
Political scientists talk about how we live through institutions or At least the opinion exists and is legitimated. Read: the difference you will make in the direction of this thing we enjoy mapping through is the result of a growing coherence among divisions, not combinations. This stability for the senses was already represented in what was here before. It is not a noble goal to want to hold onto the past for anything but the present. Can it be appreciated? What is the frequency of an excel spreadsheet?

it is how you had moved through it, in the end, limb by limb.
intimate, untimed

and did you think it was worth sharing the trip?
could you bare it and them too?
smallest to biggest?
back again:
breathe, you are twenty five laps deep, or revolved.

phone: phone: 503 233 4550

Beginnings 02.Dec.2005 11:09


Tristan's first rap (poetry is neither created nor destroyed - it is heard) - improvised one night from his car seat in Bellingham, Washington, a not so long time ago.

The dark is in the rain
the dark is in the rain
the dark is in the rain
the rain is in the dark.