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Weekly Peak Oil & Sustainability events

Portland Peak Oil has started a weekly series of Peak Oil and Sustainability events. Last week we had nearly 100 people come to the free screening of The End of Suburbia!

When: Every Wednesday
Time: 7-9 PM
Location: St Francis Church Dining Hall, 1182 SE Pine St, Portland
Cost: FREE
What: Introductions to Peak Oil, learning what you can do to prepare, movie screenings, lectures, discussions, hands-on workshops, and more!

The schedule for July is:

JULY 13: General meetup to learn the basics and/or details about Peak Oil, learn what to do about it, learn what's happening in Portland to prepare, and meet others concerned about the challenges Peak Oil will bring.

JULY 20: Slide show presentation and discussion going into more depth with the details of Peak Oil. More structured information on Peak Oil than the July 13 event.

JULY 27: Presentation on sustainable building and retrofitting of houses by Alan Scott, green architect. See Alan's bio

Events will continue into August; we'll send out a detailed schedule once it's finalized.

Hope to see you Wednesdays at 7!

Amen Brothers and Sisters 13.Jul.2005 14:45

Rudolph Diesel

Check this out and learn how the prohibition of NEW IDEAS has been accomplished.  http://freetheplant.net/