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Rove Going Down For the Count

goodbye Carl
Looks like Carl Rove is going to be the sacrificial goat (my pet goat?) for the Bush Junta. I'm having a ball watching the expressions on the faces of Republicans and their spinmeisters as the realization sinks in that a Watergate-scale scandal is in the works and that no amount of spin can stop the forward momentum. From Frist to Fox Commentators, the fear and stress are evident. Turn off the TV sound and listen to Neil Young or someone decent as you watch these unreal contortions cross the faces of these squirming weasels who only yesterday were celebrating their absolute power. Now their Supreme Court mission is in shambles as Rove, the Grandmaster of the NeoCon Lodge of Death, the great designer of the global putsch heads toward prison, or at the very leat, retirement. W will be lost like a baby in the desert without Uncle Carl to burp his butt. But anyway, it's so entertaining to see these bastards squirm as they attempt to spin this into some minor infraction. That is their ugly, devious gig after all. But it's nor going to work. It's already a known fact that about a dozen people in sensitive overseas positions were killed because of the Novak leak. They'll never tell Mr. & Mrs. Cleaver on ABC News, but the beltway crowd knows. God Bless America. No, I really mean it. Where else can things change so quickly and unpreditably. Every action gets a reaction, and the 911 chickens may be starting to come home to roost. Of course the biggest question is what did Bush know and when did he know it? Did W break the law by lying about this situation for the past two years? Watching Scott McClelan sweat when being accused of having no credibility anymore by Saint Helen of the Press was an Emmy-worthy TV moment. Rove sure is a weird little misfit, isn't he? Sort of the Himmler of the group.