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London bombings: wake up

Is there still anyone who thinks the bombings last Thursday were NOT cooked up by Bush Blair Inc.?
To all the people in indymedia land who still think that the London bombings were NOT an inside job, would you please pull your heads out of butt? Besides the obvious fact that the Israelis got advance notice, there are a few other disturbing facts that the corporate media is suppressing, like these:

--The day after the bombings, forensic "experts" from the NYPD and the US military were dispatched to England to "assist" in the investigation. These are the same guys who hustled to cover up the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

-Rumsfeld is known to have met THE DAY BEFORE THE BOMBINGS with the Israeli military attache in the US and an Israeli "journalist" who is known to be the head of Mossad operations in the US.

-A couple of White House staffers who had been planning for months to go to London (they just got married in South Carolina by some fundamentalist wacko preacher and were about to take their honeymoon) "missed" their plane on July 6 and had to reschedule for the next day. Sort of makes you wonder who ELSE got tipped off.

-A psychologist who has made a career out of studying how people's facial expressions give them away was interviewed on the radio and said that after watching Blair's first statement to the press, he is "100% certain" that Blair was lying.

The British press is now reporting that the bombers were all British. Yeah. They only left out one important detail: they're all MI5 agents.
yesterday all the bombs 13.Jul.2005 09:42

went off simultaneously but

today it's SUICIDE BOMBERS? how goddam stupid are we supposed to be anyway???

Giuliani was in London on 7/7 + alsoTarpley on London 13.Jul.2005 21:59


more terror drills related to bombings, reminiscent of 9/11 war games !

On 7/7 Rudy Giuliani was in London nearby the attacks, coming from Yorkshire, 200 miles away.
His reason for a visit in London is not established yet.

According to a BBC5 report, the consultancy agency Visor Consultants with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.


Original BBC link (to be open in REAL PLAYER):

There are some claims, that Rudy Giuliani had "past associations" with Power Visor Consultants. I couldn't establish these links yet, however Peter Power might know Richard Sheirer, Giuliani & Partners, because both met on older and forthcoming "world conference of disaster management", as already mentioned in another thread.

Sheirer was former Commissioner of New York City's Mayor's Office of Emergency Management (OEM), which drilled "building collapses" and "plane crashes" prior 9/11, as confirmed by Bernhard Kerik at a May 2004 testimony for the 9/11 panel.


Peter Power
Managing Director, Visor Consultants
United Kingdom

Peter Ryan
Principal Security Advisor, Athens 2004 Olympics

Richard Sheirer
Senior Vice President, Giuliani & Partners
United States

Here's another ITV video mirror link, with Peter Power (Visor) admitting, live on TV, that they were running terror-bombing exercises ALMOST EXACTLY like what happenened, at the same time:


EXCLUSIVE: Webster Tarpley - The London Explosions