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London: FALSE FLAG OPERATION - Ralph Shoneman and Mya Shone

Ralph Shoneman and Mya Shone produced "Taking Aim" as a live 5pm Eastern Time broadcast on Pacific Radio's WBAI. This show aired today, July 12, 2005.
Focus areas of show:

* Sketch of London bombing timeline

* Stratfor reported that Israel had warned UK security authorities days before the attack rather than the more common press reportage stating that Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (in London) was warned by Scottland Yard in the hour(s) before the attack (and at one point the reportage was claiming that Israel/Netanyahu was warned after the first bomb blast); the twists and turns of this story is looked at in detail

* Discussion of Peter Power of visor Consultants revealing that his company was running a drill that involved 1000 people and the same train stations and same scenario of simultaneous bomb expositions; reference is made to Alex Jones and Paul Watson's work on this subject and more info can be seen below(1)

* review of the fake/misattributed attribution letter from the so called "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe" where Jamey Hecht's article(2) is cited; emphasis on the fact that the referenced MSNBC TV translator Jacob Keryakes who noted the way Quranic verses were cited suggested that the document may be phony has unusual connections of his own, and Ralph Shoneman details a chain of Internet Service Provider hosting that would point ownership towards US interests. Shoneman speculates that perhaps "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe" internet posting is being shot down so fast given links the internet host has to Western interests.

* impossibility of gaining access to trains and other infrastructure without extensive recording of such operations given the MASSIVE coverage of closed circuit TV and other monitoring devices in London

* overtures to past bombings/attacks/operations (Gladio, Madrid 2004, etc.); see also "Taking Aim" archives and in particular, 9-11 and "Operation Masquerade" shows(3)

* review of claims now surfacing that the magical and mythical Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who has previously been reported as killed on numerous occasions, yet resurrected over and over to lead the organization of the Iraqi resistance is now being linked to the London bombing as the provider of the explosives (seems this al-Zarqawi can be blamed for just about everything - maybe even for burning your dinner or for the dog poop in your front yard); Dahr Jamail wrote an interesting story on al-Zarqawi that is worth reading(4)


(1) Peter Power / Visor Consultants: Drills

(2) "The 'Koran Quotation Error' Meme," By Jamey Hecht

(3) "Taking Aim" archives

(4) "The Zarqawi Phenomenon," By Dahr Jamail, Tomdispatch.com. Posted July 6, 2005.
so much terror, so little time 12.Jul.2005 18:38

eyes closed tight

zarqawi was just fingered for assassinating the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq for four days? No wonder they call him the mastermind.

Four Days of Martyrdom

July 11, 2005

The murder of a diplomat in Baghdad suggests Abu Musab Zarqawi's terror network may have adopted a worrying new strategy. Even one-time allies now accuse him of letting blood spill indiscriminately against fellow Arabs.

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt knew Ihab al-Sherif was facing a death sentence soon after his ambassador was kidnapped in Iraq: nobody had claimed responsibility and nobody made any demands. Sherif, the top Arab diplomat in Iraq, was kidnapped the Saturday before last in western Baghdad. He did not have a security detail with him and he said that he was going to buy a newspaper. However, Iraqi and Egyptian government sources have indicated he was in fact on his way to hold talks with insurgents.

His kidnapping took just two minutes. The martyrdom which followed it allegedly lasted for four days.


Damn! Thanks Again, Ziggy 12.Jul.2005 19:09


Had a job and missed it. As always you bring home the bacon.

Inside job, Part 911 13.Jul.2005 01:26


Contradictions from London authorities:
July 8: The Tube blasts occurred at roughly quarter hour intervals.
July 9: The Tube blasts all occurred within the space of one minute.

Scotland Yard, July 8: "There were no kamikaze-style bombers."
Timing devices were used...

Scotland Yard, July 12: "Highly likely" that there was at least one suicide bomber."

Question: Why does a suicide bomber put a timer on his bomb???

Elementary my dear watson, 13.Jul.2005 03:07


because he was not a suicide bomber. He was just going to be blown up so people would believe that he was a "suicide bomber". Maybe asking the client of Peter Power's (MD, Visor Consultants) exercise being held that day how the exercise "bombs" could all be replaced by real military grade explosives would reveal some interesting facts.

Thanks, Ziggy! 14.Jul.2005 16:33


Ralph and Mya do great work. Thanks (!) for getting the word out about yesterday's show, which I heard on Pacifica radio.

You know...when radio was brand new, people gathered in their living rooms on Saturday nights to hear radio shows.

Ralph and Mya's many hours of shows (at www.takingaim.info) provide enough material for LOTS AND LOTS OF "AUDIO HOUSE PARTIES." Perhaps it's time for a new American Saturday-night tradition?

Exactly 15.Jul.2005 15:04


Why does a suicide bomber put a timer on his bomb? If you've gone to that trouble, why not leave it so you might bomb again another day? Anybody ever see "The Battle of Algiers"? And if you are going to commit suicide, why not use a manual trigger to ensure maximum efficiency or to detonate if apprehended?

Interesting early reports about the construction of the bombs as well. First two reports I heard called it a crude device. Next one said it was sophisticated. So have all the rest since.

This inside job is beginning to reek so bad, it makes 911 smell like a bouquet. They still have a few investigative journalists in Britain. Perhaps they can find a petard for Tony Blair.