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Free State Action Camp in the Biscuit

The widespread grass-roots campain to save the Siskiyous has a long history of civil disobedience and direct action, and our hopes are high for our new site of resistence and tree-sit! This is a great time to get involved if you've been thinking of coming out, as we have an action camp starting Tuesday, July 12th. People from all over are gathering together to support the current sit as well as participate in extensive direct action plans.

There are people looking for rides in the Portland area, please write to action(at)cascadiarising.org if you have a vehicle or also need a ride.
Directions lead to the green cluster of trees on tridgeline in center of picture
Directions lead to the green cluster of trees on tridgeline in center of picture
The Forest Service has recently discovered a n occupied arboreal structure in the area, and machinery has started to enter the area. The beginning of logging may be imminent. The Biscuit campaign has been preparing and working to make this new site of civil disobedience and resistence public. Lots of planning and organizing rewards us with making this announcement to everyone interested - we are ready for your help!

We expect things to escalate over the coming week, so please come on out, and be prepared for:
*camping, including fluctuating and sometimes cold/very hot weather
*we will have some food to share, but please bring whatever donations you have
*understandably, many folks have very close canine friends - please consider leaving your friend at home as we have had some issues with dogs at camp recently
*inspired folks who want to work together to save the forest!

To The Tree Sit! (read through directions before leaving, there's a gate that can be locked, which means you need to be prepared for a long hike)

*From I5 take the Merlin exit
*head West on the Galice Rd
you will cross the Rogue river and pass Indian Mary campground
*Left on Forest Service 25 Rd (also known as Taylor Creek Valley Rd, Briggs Rd)
*Go 10.5 miles, take a right at the juncture onto the 2510 rd
*Follow detour signs - the next juncture is about 4 m away - stay straight onto the 2402 rd
*Left after about 3 miles (just follow the detour sign towards the coast)
this is FS rd 23, on some maps it is labeled 34-8-36
*after another approximate 2 miles take a left on the 2411 rd
there is a yellow gate here - there is a slight possibility that it may be locked, so in case, prepare for a long hike.
IF GATE IS LOCKED: the parking spot is another 1/4 mile down the rd, and is difficult to see; drive slowly while looking out on the right (downhill) for a small pull- out/decommissioned rd. This is where you park. If you come to where the road splits into 3, you have gone too far.
*otherwise, take a Left onto the 2411
*Right at the immediate split in the road
*stay on this main rd for about 3 miles, until large, open, 3-way juncture
*take the middle rd 027 for about 2-3 miles. As you're driving down the 027 road, the ridgeline is to your right and the valley is to your left. Right about where the pullout is the uphill side will drop, so it will be downhill on both sides of the road. That's the place to stop. If you drive past the helipad, you've gone too far.
*the sit is about 4-500 feet downhill to your left, you should be able to see a blue tarp.

Hope to see you there! If you can't come out yet, stay tuned for more information about this wing of forest defense and resistance in the Biscuit.

homepage: homepage: http://siskiyou.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (541) 659-2682