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call out for teachers for the portland freeskool

the portland freeskool is up and going and we really need new teachers!!
We can help find a space for the class and help you find students if there is something you want to teach. the philosophy behind the freeskool is free edcuation for all, where anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a student. We encourage non-traditional and creative teaching styles and are open to any and all ideas. the freeskool offers a supportive environment for anyone who has not taught a class before. Just some ideas for classes, self-defense, painting, drawing, sewing, bio-diesel, bike maintenance, these are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless really. It is important to share our ideas and knowledge with one another so we can grow as a more self-sufficient community. If there is something in particular you would like to learn please send those ideas. Please contact us if you want to teach or have any other ideas or questions at  info-pfs@riseup.net. Hope to hear from you soon and please help us spread the word!!