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We Are So Fucked

Got an uncle who looks alot like Osama? A son who resembles Zarquawi? We are so very fucked.
CIA-backed tech can instantly spot terrorists in a crowd

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
WASHINGTON The U.S. intelligence community is investing in new technology meant to provide instant recognition of insurgency fugitives in such crowded facilities as airports and subways.

A Los Altos, Calif. company, Pixlogic, has been developing technology meant to search for fugitives and insurgency suspects in a crowd.

Pixlogic has employed new software based on visual pattern recognition and search technologies to match archived still or video images with those gathered from security cameras or other sources, Middle East Newsline reported.

Executives said the CIA has been an investor in the development of technology by Pixlogic and other U.S. companies.
"It does a reasonable job of matching people that sort of look alike," Pixlogic chief executive officer Joseph Santucci said. "Most [competing] software tools only work under constrained circumstances."

Executives said the company's software could also detect and alert investigators to anomalies in video footage provided by closed-circuit television systems. Such anomalies could include an individual carrying a large box, or a truck that returns to the same spot. They said such technology has not yet been employed in either Britain or the United States.

Industry sources said the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement community was also expected to increase investment in counter-terrorism technology. They said the technology would include instant translations, particularly from Arabic to English, as well as search and text mining.

"We have put a little over 100 technologies into the intelligence community that are actively being used," In-Q-Tel chief executive officer Gilman Louie said. "Some of them you know, while other technologies we don't broadly advertise."

U.S. companies have been wooed by their counterparts in Israel for joint marketing and development projects in counter-insurgency. Several Israeli firms have been developing software and sensors to track insurgency suspects and detect bombs.

Gitta Gripp 12.Jul.2005 20:02

Hal Burton

If you are getting excited about this phoney crap, relax. Just try to remember the last time the u.s. government ever did anything that was very accurate. What happened to those satellites that could,"read your license plate from outer space". As I recall, The u.s. military was still using 1960 u-2 spy planes to spy on Iran. I can't think of one single thing that the government does that is not filled with blunders and mistakes. The only area at which they excell is news/propaganda and this is all contracted out to the corporate media.

The harder they try, the easier it gets 12.Jul.2005 21:18

W. Nyles Phobic

In the times of Global Warming, when mosquito bourne diseases like Dengue and West Nile are on the rise, public health agencies are advisiing us all to take precautions. a simple hat with mosquito netting will defeat the camera based feature recognition patterns.

Actually... 12.Jul.2005 21:30


Actually Hal, those satellites probably do exist now. Look at services such as Google Earth with the satellites images of US cities just a hundred feet from the ground. If the general public has access to services such as this, imagine what the US government has. Live feed from satellites to distances just 5 feet off the ground.

And of course all the cameras from every intersection in the United States.

but anyway...

Likely ... 12.Jul.2005 23:07


I think Hal is dead on.

They're full of shit and will do and say anything to scare so-called "subversives" into stopping their actions.

Undoubtedly, they do have spy satelites that can see to whatever distance (but the images are so grainy and cost so much to get, they are worthless), but they also have laser guided "smart bombs" that they can "fire down chimneys" (yet constantly miss, as during the war in Kosovo, when the "smart bombs" didn't just miss, but were hitting other countries hundreds of miles away) and remember they've had ICBM's that can hit targets clear across the world (yet they still must get within 2000 miles of Baghdad to incur their so-called "shock and awe"). They put a man on the moon in the late 60's, but can barely get a shuttle off the launchpad or back onto a runway over 30 years later. They have the "most advanced" military in the world, yet when they moved into Pristina during the Kosovo war, they fully expected to be greeted by thousands of cheering Kosovars, but were met instead by a roadblock manned by Russian Federation Special Forces who had slipped in during the night and had already brought the city back under control. They have Stealth Fighters & Bombers that radar can't detect. We were told that the super Batman plane was "invisible" and more or less invincible, yet during the Kosovo Conflict, the Serbs not only tracked an F-117 Stealth Bomber with 45 year old Soviet made radar, but then shot proceeded to shoot the plane down with an SA-6 Kub. Though NATO pilots dubbed the Kub (Cube) the "Three Fingers of Death", the SA-6 is considered the grandfather of Russian surface to air missiles and enterted service in 1967. So, together with 45 year old Soviet radar and a 30+ year old Soviet SAM battery (and remember "we" had supposedly passed the Soviets YEARS ago), a little country called Serbia (which is the size of Ohio and most Amerikans can't find it on a map), shot down what was (and still is) considered the height of American air technology.

The Serbs also shot down a whole list of other "advanced" and "superior" air gear and you can see an entire list here:


and other neat toys the Serbs shot down or blew up with their archaic weaponary, like Predator drones and Tomahawk cruise missiles:


Take a look and remember it the next time the Pentagon or FOX News rant and rave over the American military and security.

The feds have this and they have that, which they claim can do this and that, yet no matter what, their shit doesn't work simply because these people are incompetent and American made technology sucks.

Kosovo 13.Jul.2005 09:48


Actually I thought that the only missile to go astray was the one that struck near an apartment complex in Sofia, Bulgaria. That country borders Serbia, and the capital Sofia is near the border. What do you mean "countries hundreds of miles away"?

Kosovo 13.Jul.2005 11:41


There was at least one that hit Sofia, but there were also a pile of others that slammed into other countries:

26 March: Missile fragments fall on Bulgaria
28 March: Missile lands in Macedonia
31 March: Missile lands near Bulgarian village
2 April: Two missiles land in Albania
6 April: Two missiles land in Macedonia
20 April: Part of missile found in Croatia
23 April: Missile lands in Bulgaria
27 April: Missile lands in Boszenfa, Hungary
29 April: Missile hits house in Bulgarian capital Sofia
1 May: Two missiles dropped near Bogomila, Macedonia
3 May: Two missiles dropped near Sveti Nikola, Macedonia

NATO also admitted that two stray missiles hit Bosnia and Hercegovina. MonteNegro also incurred NATO caused civillian casualties.

Of the 8 border countries surrounding Kosovo, only Romania was not hit by NATO munitions, but NATO pilots did invade their airspace and drop two fuel tanks on a town.