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Start a Drumbeat for Cannabis...

Weekly Cartoon From Dirt Worsiping Heathens Sketchbook
The name's Miki, old friend of Jonathan's, here to tell you that WE ARE A MAJORITY, us folks that want marijuana decriminalized, more than two-thirds of citizens over 18 so if we all stand up and be counted, WE RULE. It's the way it works right? Majority rules.
Prohibition doesn't make any sense, unless you are someone who profits large by the prohibition. Without much thinking anyone can make a long long list of who the big time profit makers are. It's not the tax payers. Enforcement of prohibition costs 10 billion a year not counting the 1.2 billion it costs to keep over 60,000 thousand Americans in jail for just marijuana charges. Guess who pays those bills? Initals U&I...
Prohibition doesn't effect abuse or sobriety one way or another. It wont stop yor kid from smoking pot, you have to do that! Legalization can help us save the planet. Growing hemp can save farmland from developers and forests from clear cutting.
Hemp can be made into lots of stuff: BIODIESEL to lessen our dependence on oil, which helps with global warming and cleans up the air too, the hemp fibers can be used to make fabric, paper and building panels and we can get rid of a lot of plastic, another oil product.
But its up to you to pick up the beat.... Lobby, educate, infom, email your elected officials. Show our majority!
Start a beat for cannabis...

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Amen Brothers and Sisters 13.Jul.2005 03:16

Rudolph Diesel

Check this out and learn how prohibition has been accomplished.  http://freetheplant.net/

love at hempstalk 19.Sep.2005 14:48

horny sprout anthole17@yahoo

Bravo all you drummers, singers, smokers,and freaks! fly your flag and let your voices soar. Thanks to all who came out to the portland hempfest, Hempstalk! it was a great time and we were beating the drums and feeling the love. Circus Pandemonium was glad to freely contribute our voices and antics to the general fun vibe. we need to see more bodies at these events to let our presence be known in this town and the whole world! Hemp for Peace, healing, love, freedom, environmental restoration, Hemp can save the Humans!
Sacred Herb of the East, meets peace pipe of the West,
Smoke it and be blessed.
All the things that pass through my hands,
mining the tailings, sifting the sands,
finding pearls in foreign lands,

Earth's People, joining hands.

Use you art and your voice to spread the word!

Peace and love-
Bonnie greene Buddha Ksc. Pandemonium
Aka Horny sprout

portland rainbow lightline