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Does anyone know about an attack that happened on 7/10/05 @ 12:30am in front of East?

I saw a couple of guys that were sitting in front of East Chinatown Lounge in Old Town on Saturday night. A group of about 5 men called them fags and then proceeded to beat the crap out of both of them. I yelled and then proceeded to call the cops. An ambulance came, but the guys were gone by the time that the cops showed up.
The cops are looking for more witnesses to this crime. Apparantly no one that was inside of the club even saw anything. Don't they have bouncers outside? It looked like one of the guys had his leg broken and the other guys face was a complete mess. Please contact the police if you know anything about this. This was obviously a hate crime and it kills me that I couldn't do anything at the time. East Chinatown Lounge is located at:
322 NW Everett
Portland OR
I think that my friend saw this happen! 12.Jul.2005 11:25

Bill Freer

I'll talk to her and get back to you!

Hate Crime in Old Town 12.Jul.2005 11:33


Wow! I was just going to post about this...

So, when Nazi's show their idiotic faces in town, we stand up to them. But, what's to be done about the spats of anti-queer violence? There have been bouts of seemingly calculated violence in Portland for the last few years. When I first moved to a place on SE Ankeny, a friend and housemate was recovering from an attack that happened as he was crossing E 28th & Burnside. About 4 abercrombie&fitch-looking-frat-boy types decided he was gay, surrounded him and beat the shit out of him. They left him unconscious and with thousands of dollars in medical bills. There was no lead-up and no wind-down. It was more of a lynching than a fight, except my friend didn't die.

And it happened again, c. 12:30a this past Saturday morning (July 9, 2005). A brother of a friend was sitting w/his friend outside of East in oldtown. Four frat-boy-looking guys approached and said something like, "Hey look, a coupla' faggots siting outside a gay bar." Neither of the guys responded, nor were they even gay. Just the perception mattered... and the intent of the four idiots. They jumped the two guys, broke one guy's leg and slammed the other into the pavement until he was unconscious. Strangely enough, no one came out of East. Like the earlier incident mentioned (in 2000), there seem to be no witnesses.

Did anyone see this? These guys hit fast and hard and leave quickly. Is there any way to organize against this type of random yet calculated violence? In Seattle they had the Q-Patrol and other neighborhood watch volunteers which purportedly lessened attacks on Capitol Hill...

img 12.Jul.2005 11:56


cut out the hate
cut out the hate

Citizen Patrols 12.Jul.2005 12:37

Kathleen Mitchell mitchellkat@yahoo.com

I believe that local police generally like it when citizens form patrols - I know that people who patrol Oaks Bottom get some training from professionals on what to do if they see some sort of crime in progress. The thing to do would be to get as many interested people together in once place at one time along with perhaps a police representative, or a city council member, or some such. Would take a bit of research to find out beforehand what the city would allow you to do - but I bet if someone found out, and then posted stuff all over the place about "Anti-Hate Crime Patrol Forming" with a date and time, you'd get people showing up willing to help. Anyone want to work on this? Email me.

Thank god someone saw this!! 12.Jul.2005 16:53


My son was one of the two victims. Neither one of them is gay; they are just two friends who were having a beer without their girlfriends. Neither one of them saw it coming, and they had no opportunity to say anything. My son remembers nothing, but his face is a mess! His entire eyelid had to be stitched up. His friend has a broken ankle. These thugs have to be found and held accountable for this!

never start a fight but learn how to finish them 13.Jul.2005 09:11

nunya bizniss

Growing up in West Virginia as a "freak" taught me some things about human nature and the males of our species. Until the summer of my 15th year, I was a human punching bag. I have never started a fight in my life and have always been on the small, skinny end of the scale. There is nothing like the terror of being beaten by one or more strangers... You don't know why they are hurting you or how far they will take it... Dying seems like a very real possibility. Everyone who wanted to hurt me was successful in their endeavor; then one day, something changed while a big guy was getting ready to punch me... After he hit me I went crazy-eight-bonkers on him and beat the living shit out of him to the amazement of the crowd that had gathered to see "the freak" get "whupped" again. I never wanted to learn to hurt people, to become acquainted with violating someone. Since that day, no one has gotten the best of me after deciding that they wanted to get physical with me. I had finally learned to fight back.
I learned about fighting the hard way; but there are many other ways to learn about how to defend yourself when someone wants to be an animal and tries to hurt you. We live in one of the most violent societies in the "developed" world and no one should be without the ability to fight off an attacker. I implore everyone to learn how to defend themselves. Bullies can sense fear and they get off on hurting people. Not being a community of punching bags is the best step toward not being hurt. Not all attacks can be prevented and not all attackers will be bested by their victims; but the negative reinforcement of a "freak", "fag" or a "pussy" knocking out some of their teeth will change their perception of who they can fuck with.

I'm in Florida and hope the Portland police are on top of this. 13.Jul.2005 10:21

Just an "old Florida Grandmother"

Things like this are terrible. what kind of a future does our Society have? This sounds as bad as some of the terrible things happening over in Iran. I hope and pray this sort of thing is stopped. I also hope and pray the young men are able to put this behind them and recover to live a good life and perhaps help in putting an end to this sort of thing.

Fighting Back 13.Jul.2005 13:38


I can understand your comments about fighting back, and my son would not be afraid to defend himself; he's done it many times. He didn't see them coming. They jumped him, and he was outnumbered.

yikes 13.Jul.2005 13:46

concerned citizen

Just wanted to say that it's disturbing to read about this happening and I hope that we as a community can actually mobilize to DO something about such situations.

And to the Mom who has posted, best wishes from this Portland grrl both for peace and security in your life and for healing of the victims. I know it must be a difficult time.

hate crime in old town 13.Jul.2005 13:59

friend to mother of victim of hate christic@gorge.net

Has anything made it into the Oregonian or onto OPB about this? And is anybody going to connected the passage of the civil unions bill with the fundamentalist fomenting hate about that bill? I know the creeps who did this probably aren't proselytizing when thy're not busy beating up unsuspecting citizens, but how can the press just let this go unnoticed....

P.O.Box 827, White Salmon, WA 98672

Who's Violent 13.Jul.2005 14:43


So in the past 2 weeks, we have seem a bunch of un-provocated acts of violence with NO ACTION. The downtown area has a bunch of cameras, which I'm sure the police have access too. I've had numberous comments thrown my way in Downtown by groups of frat thugs.

You can't have a movement without security, 2 weeks after Pride Parade and this happens. I guess to most people this doesn't affect them until it happens to them. There are far too many people in this country in general that don't want to get involved in any social movements. Those people are contributing to the violence by not doing anything. Sitting at home drinking and smoking pot watching TV is violence. People need to WAKE UP, if you see acts like this happen call for help ASAP and if possible follow suspects at safe distance, get there licence plate number(probably Beaverton) or any other info.

I guess shit like this is not going to stop until somebody blows one of these assholes away. Then there's going to be front page stories about how what great kids these where and paint them as victims. Meanwhile the media runs stories endlessly about the newest fad of scary meth junkies.

Violence is not the answer 13.Jul.2005 15:08

Kathleen Mitchell mitchellkat@yahoo.com

Again, I urge people who really want to do something about this to contact me. Nothing would be helped by "blow(ing) one of these assholes [meaning the perpetrators, I assume] away." Citizen patrols could make a very big difference. I don't know how to get something started, but I'm smart and resourceful enough to figure it out, I'm sure. I don't have a lot of time on my hands to put something together, but I'm guessing it would only take 4 or 5 people working together to get something off the ground.

Sitting around and writing comments about how people need to get off their butts isn't going to help, either...


Just a thought... 13.Jul.2005 15:33


I live in a "red" county, and I'm constantly blown away at the knee jerk reactions of the populace. I deal with people who are always quoting the Bible to justify their narrow views of life. In my mind, I just think "MORON!", and I proceed to help them anyway, because that's my job. When they spout off about homosexuality as a "choice", I always interject that, with all of the violence and discrimination that homosexuals face, would anyone consciously choose to go through that in life?? That's when you can actually hear their minds slam shut; they can't go there; the synapses have all dried up from lack of use. I really think that the homosexuals, who come out, are truly the brave ones. Those fear-filled Nancy Boys who perpetrated this violence are the weak ones...weak in mind and spirit, and afraid to say who they are...what a bunch of wimps!!!

Cultural Brown Shirts 13.Jul.2005 15:41

bitter root

References in this thread are made of "frat" boys or thugs. If there is good reason to attribute these biggoted "wilding"s to that demographic, it might call for an effort, on the part of victims, to review class photos, admin files, etc at the various post-high school institutions in the area.

If it develops that this is an emerging frat fad, the institutions should confront relentless community pressure to deal with any students involved, at risk of civil damages for failing to expel, at a minimum, perpetrators.

Thinking a little more paranoid, since these scum appear so readily stereotyped as "frat" folks, they might be presenting themselves as such for cover.

I carried mace 13.Jul.2005 16:14

back in the day

If someone cannot see you they cant catch you.

WARNING: spraying someone and then hitting them with a chair is a felony. Spray and split, then call the cops.

FYI 13.Jul.2005 22:52


there are at least two portland organizations that organize citizens for actions against hate crimes and for neighborhood watches:

the coalition against hate crimes - contact randy blazak at  cfrb@pdx.edu

office of neighborhood involvement - downtown watch - contact jim powell  jimpowell@ci.portland.or.us

Contact Queer Revolution. 14.Jul.2005 15:46

freaked out

Queer Revolution will post stickers and fliers to warn community that these beatings are going on. You should contact them with any details.

citizen patrols 14.Jul.2005 17:53


However you feel about the founders of the group, there's now a Portland chapter of the Guardian Angels citizen-patrol organization, all volunteers, and they've started patrolling in Old Town trying to deter crime like this. They've only got enough members right now for one or two patrols at a time, but I'm sure with some expansion and some tip-offs as to what parts of Old Town and Chinatown are at special risk they'll make an effort to help prevent this from happening again. They also offer free self-defense training to anyone willing to help them out.

The only solution is to take advantage of Oregon's CCW laws 15.Jul.2005 04:29


Fortunately, we live in a state with shall-issue concealed carry permit laws. This means that anyone with a clean criminal background (no felonies) who takes a pistol safety course and applies at the sheriff's office MUST be issued a concealed carry permit. I have been involved with so-called 'Pink Pistols' groups in various parts of the country, and I cannot convey to you the safety that concealed weapons have provided to numerous people - gay and straight, man and woman - who would otherwise be objects of predation. Being armed can be part of the solution. These attackers are fundamentally weak; that's why they hit-and-run, and attack by surprise. If they know that Portland's citizens are armed and will shoot to kill, they will probably stop attacking Portland's citizens. Remember, once they violate your personal space with their fists, they have opened war on you. You have no way of knowing what they intend to do, or how far they will go. A concealed weapon, plus target practice, plus some weapon-retention training, will go a long way to reversing patterns of victimization. But the first step is to get that concealed carry permit.

solutions 15.Jul.2005 16:43


I think if the "only solution" you can think of is bringing in more guns, you're not thinking creatively enough. Everyone on the street being armed might deter some kinds of crime, but I'm not so keen on having a Wild West shootout every time I go out for a damn cup of coffee. All respect due to the Pink Pistols, but we can't just combat violence with more violence and an arms race to boot.