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Christain radio needs to go back into the box!

This night christain radio is drowning out KGO's station because Burnie Ward is talking about Karl Rove!
Folks, under this current administration the nut case christains are getting bolder and bolder. They want nothing but christain news and their god 24/7 and nothing else!

Call Kgo at: 1-415-954-8142 and let them kown that Bernie Ward is being shouted out by these christain raqdio stations! They are going nuts!!!!!!!!!

Also call the FCC and tell them to vote yes on I-Block.
Radio talks shows? 20.Jul.2005 21:39

v lee

They're all the same--Christian, Conservative, Liberal.
They represent the whackos out there. They're interchangable
too, just insert your choice--Republicans, Democrats, liberals/nonchristian
over the host's Democrats, Republicans, conservatives/christians...
Voila!! You just went to the other side.
All smoke and mirrors, no substance.