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1st Photos from the EF! action today on Hwy 26


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What a Misuse of Resources 11.Jul.2005 16:01


From the pictures here, it looks like a training exercise for the Oregon State Police Rapid Response Teams.
If it was not a training then, It was a gross misuse of resources by the State. Then the State wonders why they don't get enough funding. If they had more funding would there have been more police there ?
What's the crime ? Free Speech ?

Storm Troopers 11.Jul.2005 17:23

Mr Sarcasm

Sure glad we do not live in a Police State. Yep, there is no armed goose-steppin fascist goons here. The state of Oregon would never sell out civil liberties for corporate profit. God bless America.

Enough cops there? 11.Jul.2005 17:27

Cascadian Geezer

Obviously there were not enough cops responding. Hanging a banner is a VERY serious crime-the high crime of the century from the looks of the police response. Good work EF!

TERRORISTS! 11.Jul.2005 21:58


There are not forest defense activists in those threes. There is actually a tribe of 10,000 terrorist ewoks (those little fuzzy things from star-wars) in the trees. No one is safe! the police are there to exterminate them for your safety.

Forest shuts down over EF rumor 12.Jul.2005 10:49


Interesting note: Forest service employees were told to stay home yesterday, because of rumors about an EF action. Evidently, the FS brass thought there might be a "terrorist threat". About 200 employees got a paid holiday.