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Where are all the negative comments that were written about me before?
You know, when I broke this story about Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home, the only comments that could be found were those trashing me and my character. But now that I was right . . . where are they now? Those people have their tail between their legs now and have not uttered a word. Well, such is life and the natural order of human things. This is what I have always complained about -- people say one thing and then do another. They do not have the heart nor the guts to retract in the face of a verdict derived from facts. Where are you? Where are all of you? Now, since I was backed up by the state, you say nothing? An you think this makes you WHAT kind of person? Sad, very sad. At least, have the guts to make a comments based on the recent verdict? I should have figured since the comments mostly came from within the funeral industry that these are the kind of people who would hide when the truth came out. You have nothing to say . . . because your comments were based on only surface feelings without any true foundation aside from . . . well, I do not know. That is how baseless they were. I hope you take this as a lesson learned and next time around . . . think before you write. Or in ya'lls case . . . think before you think.

yes, please think before you write 11.Jul.2005 16:04

sick of SPAM

Hi, I'm glad you were victorious in the case, that really sucks about the cemetery management. You're not going to post four more articles about this today, I hope?

For some posting just to chastise posters and suggesting ". . . think before you write", you certainly don't seem to plan out your posts very well. I've seen three or four in a twenty minute period. Not that I don't think this cemetery issue is noteworthy, just that it seems abusive of the newswire to post the same info over and over in the same day.

this is what happens when you're not sure you're a 11.Jul.2005 17:31

polished consumer outlet or a raw data stream

That sort of thing is pretty common in "real" newswires like the Associated Press wire.

If they spell somebody's name wrong, the whole story goes out again with the correction.

On indymedia, that's really what the "comment" section is for. (NOT for rambling arguments ... like this ...)

ummmm 11.Jul.2005 19:15

I have to agree

I'm interested in your comments and the news you have to give us, but your repeated ALL CAPS headlines posted 20 minutes apart may have turned some people off. My now-ex-husband was a funeral director, and I did find your news interesting, especiallly with my familiarity with the industry. In future, recognize that single article posted will get just as much traffic as MANY "VERY-IMPORTANT" POSTS IN QUICK SUCCESSION and not so much negative feedback. I think if you look back on the "negative" comments posted for your previous posts, you'll find that many were annoyed by repeated all caps postings and not by the content of your posts. Thanks for bringing the issues to our attention and for bringing us the resolution. Next time just post it once.

"ugly american" arrogance 12.Jul.2005 06:17

cointel killer

constitution trashed, delapitated wars on two fronts, lies, conspiracies, mass slaughter, DU babies, treason...but luckily someone who's name I've already forgotten...WAS RIGHT!

thanks for the distraction, where were we? Oh yeah, BUSH LIED!

What was the truth...? 12.Jul.2005 09:25

One who knows

Floyd, if the truth as you have put it was true then why is Rose City not shut down. If the truth as you put was true regarding all of those sick things you thought about in your mind the OSMCB would have yanked Rose City Cemetery & Funeral Homes license to operate. If the truth was at all true those people at Rose City they would be out of business. Since what you wrote was a pack of lies and the only thing that Rose City is on the fence for is a couple of language items that that were not even directed at a family or a client then you need to take a chill pill along with your medication and Thorazine drip.
Shut up for once.

Last time I checked the laws for licensure in Oregon...If you lie or misrepresent yourself regarding warrants and convictions on your original application you will not be licensed in this State. Hey Floyd, you lied. You stupid idiot. You will never work in this industry. Have a great time.
Portland IMC has been very good to put up with all of your spam. This is the only way you will ever see yourself published. Because you can put anything on this website. What a fool.

It Dosen't Matter 14.Jul.2005 16:44

Floyd Decker

It doesn't matter, your comment, that is. The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board decided to suspend Orcutt's license. KOIN 6 reported that the funeral home would be shut down -- not that it means it is true. I just reported what they reported. But in truth, Orcutt's license will be suspended once his appeal is denied. I told all of you, I was not lying but you just did not want to believe it. Why do you care? Because it affects the entire industry? Well, it should. It will take a long time for Rose City to come back from this. And it should. I am glad that I did what I did. And I would do it again. The truth came out. Everyone has something to hide, even you. It is just the degree of what you hide that is judged. When you get older you will understand this. No go out there and do your job . . . and remember someone will always be watching you. Oh, also . . . never piss off a writer. Never do those things that Orcutt did in front of a writer. I don't blame you for your irate comment, for your responce is only natural. No one believed me on a single thing. And now you need to find another justification to defend . . . whatever you are defending. It is out of my hands now and in the hands of the state.

By The Way 14.Jul.2005 16:48

Floyd Decker

Yes, you can put anything on this website. But when was the last time you remembered posting something on a alternative website that helped nearly take down a business. I wrote it here because I knew it would get the attention it needed. I am not stupid. You know that. Otherwise, it would have not got the attention it did. Or was it because it was true. Or am I THAT good of a writer. According to you, I am not. SO it must have been true. And the state says it was. So . . . your move, One WHo Knows.

P.S. You still do not have the courage to identify yourself, do you?

One who still knows 15.Jul.2005 14:43

You know

Pertaining to your comments. Nothing you said in letter or person has caused the licensee to be given a letter of intent to be suspended. That was a direct quote from David Koach at the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board. Can't you read the paper.

Not one thing you reported to the OSMCB was used to take any action against the licensee. Another quote from Koach

The OSMCB is completely done with this investigation pertaining to the funeral home manager and the funeral home and cemetery. There is not a suspension at the current time and the licensee has sent a letter for a hearing, all within the scope of the law.

However, I have it from a good source they will be coming after you for your antics from when you worked at OFS. Remember... the time you and Cliff brought the bodies to the morgue from the traffic accident. You should remember that that one, you returned to the scene later to look for evidence. What a fool. You stood there playing with the ooze in the brain matter. Cliff mentioned this in one of his letters about you. You then, like the fool you are, stated "Yes, that is true." You are a stupid fool and I still know you have medical problems that allow you to do these things because you are such a lousy employee no one would ever hire you. If they do it will certainly be the worst move any employer will ever make. You remind me of one of the convicts in prison that have their own websites. Oh wait you have to use Portland IMC. You don't have one. What a joke you turned out to be.

One Who Knows . . . Not Much 19.Jul.2005 09:49

One Who Knows, too.

Still does not matter . . . the license was suspended. OFS is a joke and nothing will happen. I performed my job there with the integrity I always have. I would like to see something try and come out of that. I won the case and Orcutt's license was suspended, pending an appeal which certainly will be denied. They said the first case would be dismissed and it ws not. And of course, they have to say the appeal will dismiss the charges. It is human nature to defend yourself. As far as you are concerned, you seem to know a lot. Why don't you read the comment that I wrote in response to Cliff's little statement (Yes, CLIFF HAS SENT HIS STATEMENT). So what. No one gives a fuck about his statement. That article is Firey Comments From Cliff Robinson Responded To. And comment on that, bud. But whoever you are, maybe you are someone who worked at OFS or just gets kicks out of being the only person to really continue with this on the Portland IMC. By the way, ya'll tried to come up with something to knock me down during the primary investigation and now you say "well, it had nothing to do with what you wrote or saw or said." Let me tell you something, none of this would have gone as far as it died unless I took it that far. It would have received nothing. Swept under the carpet. Oh, and now your response is "Well, you got your attention, you sad sack." Right? Oh, I know the type of person you are. Just cannot stand losing. The fact is is that the case received the attention it deserved and now Rose City has lost so much business because of the attention. Do you think I am stupid? I thought they would and so that is why I went public with the truth. I knew that it would blow up like it did because people have a Pavlonian reaction to such things.

And if you want to return to the Idaho thing. . . well, try. It is over and taken care of. Try and call them or get on the website. You will see my mugshot no more. That little chapter in my life is over so you cannot use it against me. A little fine and two days in jail. Easy and done. Okay, your move.