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These things can be done, but there has to be support,
and a belief that reason will ultimately win this war.


/ / These things can be done, but there has to be support,
and a belief that reason will ultimately win this war. \ \

/ / There is no greater privilage in living
for a better world, in defending God, in defending
what's right, what's true, and what's just. \ \





Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

Blair refuses to allow OUR justice to prevail.



/ / And the contract couldn't be clearer between the intentions
and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights
and human liberty, and those who kill -- those who have got such
evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks. \ \



/ / In 2005, a UN panel defined terrorism: "as any action
intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians
or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a
population or compelling a government or an international
organisation to do, or abstain from, any act". \ \


A proud God loving bushite killer confesses all


Egyptian Gov't: Al-Zarqawi Works for America

"All Evidence Proves that Al-Zarqawi Works for America"



/ / An audiotape purportedly attributed to the al-Qaida leader
and the most wanted man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,
claimed that his group had kidnapped the Egyptian ambassador
to Iraq. \ \



/ / Newspaper Guild president Linda Foley said May 20 that the
US military is deliberately killing reporters, particularly
Arab journalists, in Iraq. \ \


Justice for Humanity

How much proof needed before the truth comes out?

``It is just possible that an ultimatum could be cast in terms which
Saddam would reject,'' the document says. But if he accepted it and
did not attack the allies, they would be ``most unlikely'' to obtain
the legal justification they needed.



/ / Thus, by his own admission, Bush regards war - slaughter, ruin,
chaos and terror - as the measure of success, the path to
greatness. \ \


/ / In fact, Saddam spent the months of bombardment frantically
offering a virtual surrender: unhindered WMD inspections, free
elections under international supervision, support for any U.S.
position on Israel-Palestine, vast oil concessions. But these
offers, negotiated through back channels with U.S. intelligence
and leading neo-conservatives, were spurned by Bush \ \


/ / ``The mother let off a deafening cry of anguish, but the Marines
were smiling at each other as they were leaving,'' [...] "killing
of an unarmed innocent civilian - a cold blood murder." \ \

A proud God loving bushite killer confesses all



He called Iraq only the latest battlefield in the war on terror,
and declared that "America will not tolerate regimes that harbor or
support terrorists."

"President George W. Bush doesn't deserve our allegiance. He
doesn't deserve to go back to Crawford, Texas. He deserves to go
to prison for what he did."


/ / At least 134 civilian deaths have been counted but the real toll
could be higher. More than 25 villagers were killed after US
fighter jets attacked an alleged Taliban compound in Kunar on
Friday, an Afghan official told the BBC. Most died in a second
wave of bombing after rushing to help victims of the first, he
said. \ \


/ / Harvey's evident approval of slavery, genocide and nuclear and
biological warfare would seem to put him at odds with Disney's
family-friendly image.
ACTION: Ask Disney why it finds Paul Harvey's nostalgia for
slavery and genocide and his calls for nuclear war acceptable, but
deemed Michael Moore's film unacceptable. \ \


HERO - A bushite killer speaks candidly






/ / Notice how Bush likes to pose in front of the troops, when the
reality is Bush has back stabbed the troops at every chance, check
out these links:


Read the "nothing but lip service" article by the Army Times! When
the Army Times calls out the commander and chief you know it's
really bad! \ \


/ / Instead of murdering our own families as war criminals for bush
to pilfer the undefended wallets of our grandparents, why don't we
all smarten up, and just kill the unarrested demon bush instead as
something truly Patriotic? \ \


/ / The Americans are firing bombs, everything, everything they
have on them. They are firing on Families! They are all children,
old men and women in the dessert. Other Iraqi people are trying to
help them. \ \


/ / ``The soldiers shot at the backs of people running in terror
from the APCs, shooting from automatic weapons... One of the
soldiers tried to kill me. A bullet from his weapon hit the
backpack which was on my back, and went through it, passing through
my notebook and my journalist identity card...'' \ \


/ / K.B.R. received the oil-repair and fuel contract without
competitive bidding, and after it had been secretly hired to detail
the needs and likely costs of postwar oil repairs. \ \


/ / Last year the heist amounted to $160 billion. Since he took
office, Bush has quietly spent over $640 billion of the Trust
Fund's money in this way. \ \


/ / When we asked under this law, this information law, about how
many people were taken, what was the justification, whether they had
attorneys, whether their families knew, whether their consulates were
advised, whether they could make calls, we got an answer from our
Department of Justice that we were not entitled to know. \ \


/ / Citing what he called repeated "gross errors and mistakes" in
the U.S. military campaign in Iraq, Kennedy told Rumsfeld: "In
baseball, it's three strikes, you're out. What is it for the
secretary of defense?"

"Isn't it time for you to resign?" Kennedy asked.

"I've offered my resignation to the president twice," Rumsfeld \ \


/ / When the police become militarized, and are trained with modern
military techniques, they're being taught the same thing: those
defined as "perps" are not human. That's how a grown man can stick
a submachine gun in the face of a six-year-old boy. He's not
thinking; he's just "following orders." \ \


/ / The Associated Press ran an article entitled, "FDA clears Lilly
drug in suicide". And six months after Johnson's death, the FDA
approved the drug for the treatment of depressed patients. \ \


/ / But the witness said McMillen seemed cooperative.

"Why did they use (the taser)?" she said. "He was handcuffed and
there were four officers. He wasn't going any place."

McMillen has been transferred to the Gila County Jail in Globe and
charged with aggravated assault [...] \ \


/ / I don't get it. You suddenly get evidence that strongly
suggests that this administration lied to all of us about war, and
your reaction is to dismiss the evidence? And to put down the
people who are calling you screaming about why you haven't bothered
to mention it? \ \


/ / The briefing paper says that 'military planning for action
against Iraq is proceeding apace', however 'it lacks a political
framework' [para. 1]. Translated from Foreign Office speak, the
US planners had not sold the war to the US public, i.e. had not
developed the political framework. That sale would come later
because, 'From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new
products in August' [White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card in
September 2003]. \ \



/ / A collective psychosis is a closed system, which is to say that
it is insular and not open to feedback from the 'real' world.

[...] There is no point in talking rationally with a Bush
supporter, for example, as their ability to reason has been

[...] It is as if the dark side of our nature, or we could even say
the shadow of God, is revealing itself and incarnating itself
through the unconscious of humanity.

[...] Our unawareness of there being a psychic epidemic is itself a
symptom of the psychic epidemic. \ \


/ / An audit by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq
Reconstruction said U.S. auditors could not account for nearly
$8.8 billion in Iraqi funds and the United States had not provided
adequate controls for this money. \ \

/ / ''Torture does not stop terror,'' it said. ''Torture is terror.'' \ \


/ / The hearing featured videotaped testimony from a former food
manager in Iraq for Kellogg Brown & Root who said the dining hall
where he worked in early 2004 charged the Army for 20,000 meals a
day when it was only serving 10,000, routinely used expired foods
and punished him for speaking to auditors by transferring him to
the more dangerous outpost of Falluja. \ \

/ / An Army Audit Agency report in November 2004, publicly
described for the first time on Monday, found a pattern of
duplicate billing and "excessive" costs in the logistics contract,
including a charge of $152,000 to provide a movie library for 2,500
soldiers and the purchase of more than $500,000 worth of unneeded
heavy equipment. \ \

/ / Although the UN has managed $61 billion of Iraq's oil revenues
since 1996, the global organization refuses to take $16 million from
the funds to pay Iraq's membership dues, thus depriving Iraq of its
vote in the General Assembly. \ \

/ / But wait, these are representatives of the Bush administration,
so think again. Here was a paragraph buried deep in the Times
piece that caught my eye:

"The [CIA] suspects stayed in five-star Milan hotels, including the
Hilton, the Sheraton, the Galia and Principe di Savoia, in the week
before the operation, at a cost of $144,984, the [Italian] warrant says,
adding that after Mr. Nasr was flown to Egypt, two of the officers took
a few days' holiday at five-star hotels in Venice, Tuscany and South

A Washington Post report added this little detail: "The Americans
stayed at some of the finest hotels in Milan, sometimes for as long
as six weeks, ringing up tabs of as much as $500 a day on Diners
Club accounts created to match their recently forged identities."
The Los Angeles Times contributed the fact that the $145,000 tab
actually only covered accommodations. As it happens, our luxury
warriors were gourmets as well. They ran up tabs at Milan's best

All of this fits so well with general attitudes at the upper
reaches of this self-indulgent administration. \ \


/ / "We know of children under 15," Clarisa Bencomo of Human Rights
Watch told me, "held for over a year at Guantánamo Bay, whom the
government later said were not security risks." Even if a child is
found guilty, he or she should be treated humanely, rather than
tortured or "rendered," as the CIA puts it, to third parties that
torture. \ \


/ / At De Zulueta's reference to the article, Giovanardi shouted:
"It's false."

Addressing the Chamber of Deputies later Thursday, Giovanardi
called the Post article "a report without any foundation, a false
report, which the Italian government is able to deny with great
calm." \ \

/ / By once again connecting the PNAC plan to invade Iraq with the
events of 9/11, George W. Bush clearly proved that he is one lying
son of a bitch. \ \

/ / The number of bombs dropped on Iraq in March and April of 2002
was almost zero. But from May to August, that increased to 10 tons
a month. \ \



/ / You must understand that lying is not necessarily illegal.
Lying to Congress however is. Lying to Congress to start a
war is even more so. There is a word for that.
It is called treason. \ \



/ / The date - July 23, 2002 - is significant: if you'll remember,
at that time our lying president was telling us that war with
Iraq would be a "last resort." Yeah, sure. Not that anybody
really believed him, but it's significant that he still felt
it necessary to make the effort to deceive. \ \



/ / It's a shame you won't admit your a repub.
I mean you sure sound like one!! You say you
don't agree with the repubs view on gay rights?
Maybe you're just taking some agression out on
other people because you have to put with a
daily dose yourself. It must be hard being a
gay repub, huh? \ \


/ / When the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
looked into the intelligence-gathering that preceded
the war, the Office of Special Plans and other
obscure neocon-controlled governmental bodies were
declared "off limits" to the first phase of the
investigation - and then "Phase II" was
indefinitely postponed. \ \



/ / NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell similarly remarked on
June 14 (Media Matters, 6/15/05) that you had to be
"brain dead not to know" what the White House was
doing. But if everyone knew it was a lie when Bush
and the White House repeatedly denied that they
had decided to go to war (as with Bush's March 6,
2003 statement, "I have not made up our mind about
military action"), why were reporters not exposing
this bad faith at every turn? On March 16, 2003,
for example, Andrea Mitchell referred to negotiations
at the United Nations as part of "the diplomatic
campaign to avoid war." If war was a foregone
conclusion, why were such talks reported as if
they mattered? \ \

/ / Mothers of American soldiers of killed in President
George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq joined with a
constitutional lawyer before Congress Thursday to
demand impeachment of the President for lying to
force America into war. Constitutional lawyer
John Bonifaz told a Congressional hearing sufficient
grounds exist to impeach the President for lying
to Congress about the justification for the war. \ \


/ / May 2003 - General Jay Garner, appointed by
Bush as viceroy over Iraq, is fired by Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The general revealed
in an interview for BBC that he resisted White
House plans to sell off Iraq's oil and national
assets. \ \



/ / "Hooding was sometimes used in conjunction
with beatings, thus increasing anxiety as to
when blows would come," the report said. "The
practice of hooding also allowed the interrogators
to remain anonymous and thus to act with impunity."


A military intelligence officer, who is not
identified in the report, told the ICRC monitors
that such treatment was "part of the process"
in which prisoners were given clothing, bedding,
lights and toiletries in exchange for cooperation. \ \



/ / How does one go about creating the conditions
for legality? By framing facts and intelligence
around the policy, of course. The word "Lie" does
not appear in any of the released documents, but
the need to lie, the decision to lie, in order to
justify war permeates every word. \ \



/ / This document also exposes the Bush administration's
rhetorical nonsense about "supporting the troops" by
describing how their war plans did anything but. \ \



/ / Manning said it could prove helpful if Hussein refused
to allow renewed U.N. weapons inspections. \ \


HERO - A bushite killer speaks candidly


/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,
"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. We have the
positions that were offered to the bush administration
on behalf of American intelligence. [the N.I.E.] That
was their position, the bush administration censored
that, re-wrote CRITICAL sentences. Fixed the intel. \ \

/ / Shouldn't a person have a right to face
their accuser in a court of law, if it's in "our"
name as a community that we're going to collectively
get together and deprive another their rights? their
freedoms? their liberties? \ \

Repeat after me:

Coast to Coast hosts are leaving us listeners out here
with the impression, that neither host have
heard of the National Intelligence Estimate,
or the NIE, that was created by pressure through
congress just prior to the war, by the cia, state
department, and eight other American inteligence
agencies, of which, the bush administration got
caught misleading the verdicts by censorship,
and outright re-writing, then bald faced lying.
Subseqently causing the creation of an
investigation by the Senant, who's conclusion stated
that the bush administration "..provided [Americans]
with an incomplete picture of the nature and extent
of the debate within the intelligence community
regarding these issues."


/ / In a September 2003 interview, Cheney claimed that the
National Intelligence Estimate of October 2002 stated there
was ``compelling evidence that Saddam is reconstituting a
uranium enrichment effort'' and the investigators will ``find
in fact that they are valid.''

Cheney's reliance on the National Intelligence Estimate is
misleading since he quoted conclusions which the report
conceded were based on ``inadequate'' evidence or were
disputed by intelligence sources. (29) \ \


/ / Months before the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq,
members of Saddam regime and his military echelons in
Baghdad cut deals with the US Army to surrender the
capital and the rest of the country to U.S. forces. Yet
despite this no war surrender, the Bush-Blair axis
continued to bomb Iraq infrastructure. \ \


/ / On the eve of the official invasion, on March 8, 2003,
Bush said in his national radio address: "We are doing
everything we can to avoid war in Iraq. But if Saddam
Hussein does not disarm peacefully, he will be disarmed by
force." Bush said this after nearly a year of systematic,
aggressive bombings of Iraq, during which Iraq was already
being disarmed by force, in preparation for the invasion
to come. By the Pentagon's own admission, it carried out
seventy-eight individual, offensive airstrikes against
Iraq in 2002 alone. \ \

/ / U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) -- a former telephone
company executive -- has introduced a bill (HR 2726)
that would let cable and telecom companies shut down
municipal and community efforts to offer broadband services. \ \

/ / But he said the incident also raised the question of what
happens to contractors if they are caught doing something
wrong, such as firing on civilians, as their legal status
is not defined. "If the marines think [the contractors]
did do something illegal there is no process they can go
through. Who are they going to hand them over to?" Mr
Singer said. "There have been more than 20,000 [contractors]
on the ground in Iraq for more than two years and not one
has been prosecuted for anything." \ \


/ / Statement Number Two: "To those who scare peace-loving
people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is
this: Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode
our national unity and diminish our resolve."

The first statement is a quote from Hitler's right hand
man, Hermann Goering, explaining at his war crimes trial
how easily he and his fellow Nazis hijacked Germany's
democratic government. \ \


/ / It's the Patriot Act on steroids. Charles Lewis of
the Center for Public Integrity shared this document
with Bill Moyers, who examined it on NOW, his weekly
PBS program. That episode aired Friday, February 7,
yet even now no mainstream news broadcaster has picked
up this incredible story. Read the NOW transcript and
see the document itself online at
 http://www.pbs.org/now/ \ \

/ / It seems that the Homeland Security Department (HSD)
is about to become the KGB. The first Patriot Act already
allows for people to be locked up indefinitely without a
lawyer and without being charged with a crime. If Patriot
Act II passes, then arrests would also be secret. That means
that dissenters (or anyone else, for that matter) could
disappear without a trace, just as they did in Nazi Germany,
in Stalinist Russia, and in Pinochet's Chile. \ \


/ / Not far from their home, Yavin filmed a bit of graffiti
on a wall: "Arabs to the crematoria." A Border Policeman, a
muscular, tough-looking guy, says in a heavy Russian accent,
"I am only following orders, I do what I am told." Yavin
asserts: "We simply do not see the Palestinians as
human beings." \ \


/ / Delgado said he saw an Army master sergeant lash Iraqi
children with a Humvee antenna. He recalled seeing a Marine
send another child flying with a boot to the chest, and men
in his unit pelt Iraqi civilians in Nasiriyah with glass
soda bottles thrown from a military vehicle. \ \


/ / Sensenbrenner's H. R. 1528 is Fascism, so let us call it
what it is. We show a fine sense of gratitude to our heroic
dead when we sheepishly allow miscreants like Sensenbrenner
impose the Fascism that they fought against on us. \ \

/ / "It's the biggest fraud ever committed on the people of
this country," Rangel told WWRL Radio's Steve Malzberg and
Karen Hunter. "This is just as bad as six million Jews being
killed. The whole world knew it and they were quiet about it,
because it wasn't their ox that was being gored." \ \

/ / Blair--no doubt trying to save his own ass back home
where such a lame answer would be fodder for more bad
press--came quickly to Bush's defense, saying, "No, the
facts were not being fixed, in any shape or form at all."
It was an assertion that anyone who has been following
events for the past two years knows to be totally bogus
and desperate, and which is being laughed down in Britain,
but apparently it was good enough for the tame media here. \ \

/ / "There are plenty of women in Fallujah who have testified
they were raped by American soldiers," said Abdulla. "They
are nearby the secondary school for girls inside Fallujah.
When people came back to Fallujah the first time they found
so many girls who were totally naked and they had been killed." \ \

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob")


(on bush's "wacko" behaviour during the 9/11 incident.)



"..the newspapers don't tell you about it,
why do you think that is soldier grunt,
nazi whore, dying slave?"


Word of Advice


/ / ``The contents of the Downing Street Minutes
confirm that the Bush Administration was determined
to go to war in Iraq, regardless of whether there
was any credible justification for doing so. \ \

/ / Ani went on to add that the main hospital and
several primary health clinics in the city need
rebuilding, but the building materials are being
prevented from entering by US forces. \ \

/ / A majority of Americans now know that the US
Government has been torturing innocent Iraqis for
information on WMDs the US Government already knew
they could not possibly have. \ \

/ / So, what will Americans do? Will they walk their
talk, and fire the liars? Will they stand up like free
human beings and refuse the dictates of an illegal
government, or will they cower and send their children
off to die, watching them walk up the chutes to the
slaughterhouse without complaint, shrugging their
shoulders that this is how life is supposed to be and
there is no point in making a fuss about it? \ \

/ / The Constitution does not explicitly authorize
the government to lie to the people, and the tenth
amendment forbids the government to arrogate that right
to itself. Therefore, when the government lies, it acts
illegally and unconstitutionally \ \

/ / The call for an international response
to this torture scandal is based on the fact that there
has not been an adequate investigation here in the United
States. If there were an adequate investigation, there
would be no need for European governments to have
investigations of their own. \ \


/ / It's all merely a crayon drawing, an intellectual wading
pool, a big messy cartoon world populated by manly white
good guys and fanged dark evil guys and we are good and
They are evil and that's all there is to it so please
stop asking weird tricky polysyllabic questions. \ \

/ / Michigan Democratic Representative John Conyers has
called the latest revelations about these attacks "the
smoking bullet in the smoking gun," irrefutable proof
that President Bush misled Congress before the vote on
Iraq. \ \

-What nation had the highest number of citizens with PhDs on the world?
And had more PhDs than America?

Iraq. Under Hussein's government.

/ / -What nation defended this atrocity by saying a gap
in international law allowed for burying Iraqis alive?

The USA.
 http://jeff.paterson.net/aw/aw4_buried_alive.htm \ \

/ / I'm in awe... complete, dumbstruck, speechless awe. \ \

/ / John Bolton, flew to Europe early in 2002 to
orchestrate the firing of Jose Bustani, the
director of the Organization for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapons, "because the Brazilian was trying
to send chemical weapons inspectors to Baghdad," \ \

/ / This is one of the rare instances in which US
journalists' proclivity for creating seamless
narratives around events would be wholly warranted. \ \


A bushite killer speaks freely



/ / Hello everybody. All People, it's the Son of Man here,
the Creator, Johnny Wizard, King of the Universe. Anyway
I'm a god. \ \

/ / Where are Americans to stand up for the Christian
virtues?, That are present within any concepualizations
of who God would be? Is God not Just? Would not God wish
to follow the crimes scene leads at the real murder scenes
to arrest the true evil doers? \ \

/ / Look at this: another reason to kill the enemy bushite. \ \


Guilty of Innocence (the antichrist song)





Falluja Repeat in Al Qa'im


/ / Iraqi civilians and doctors in the area say no foreign
fighters were present in the town. Al Qa'im and surrounding
areas have suffered great destruction, and many in the town
population of 110,000 were killed, they say. \ \


/ / Another soldier told investigators that Sergeant Loring
lightheartedly referred to Specialist Corsetti, then 23, as
"the King of Torture." \ \


/ / Senator, in everything I said about Iraq, I turned out to
be right and you turned out to be wrong and 100,000 people
paid with their lives; 1600 of them American soldiers sent
to their deaths on a pack of lies; 15,000 of them wounded,
many of them disabled forever on a pack of lies. \ \


/ / We have reported here in great detail on the voluminous
evidence establishing that the endemic, systematic torture
in Bush's gulag was instigated by the White House, sanctioned
by Bush's appointed "legal experts" who ruled that as commander
in chief, he is not constrained by laws against torture -- or,
indeed, by any law whatsoever. \ \

/ / The 2,200 documents obtained by the ACLU have been put online at:

Interrogators in Tikrit, working for the Fourth Infantry Division,
sent back an email on August 17, 2003, recommending ``open hand
strikes, closed-fist strikes, using claustrophobic techniques and a
number of `coercive' techniques such as striking with telephone
books, low-voltage electrocution and inducing muscle fatigue''. \ \


/ / noted the U.S. government's claim that its forces do their
utmost to minimise civilian casualties. ''How can we know whether
we're making any progress when a conscious decision is made to keep
that from the public?'' he told IPS. \ \

/ / Remember, these are the people who named a big giveaway to
logging interests "Healthy Forests." \ \


/ / The many organizations that have the ability to mobilize millions
of people have wasted their energies by organizing marches to empty
buildings where there is no corporate media coverage. I tried to tell



/ / Under the terms of the deal, Bechtel got $515 million to rebuild
Iraq's power generating stations; $33 million for rebuilding roads
and railroads; $44 million to dredge the seaport at Umm Qasr; $45
million to rehab the Iraqi telephone network, covering 240,000 phone
lines; $52 million for repair of the Baghdad airport; $208 million
to rebuild sewage and water treatment plants; and $53 million for the
reconstruction of Iraqi schools. \ \


The Final Straw


/ / Someone was asking me, why is that the godly people
of Creation, take such enjoyment out of killing the bushite
enemies? And, I'll tell you what it is... \ \

/ / They have no concern for the neighbor's children,
who have sacrificed their lives in a needless war.,
that only serves the interests of the neocon God haters. \ \

/ / Look at that. You can't even get a single American man,
out of the entire country, to phone Art Bell and have Art
Bell hang up on them. \ \

/ / See? \ \


/ / The legal case for military resistance needs to be understood.
In essence, the military is violating the law. It's the war
resisters who are upholding it. \ \

/ / "We are short of everything," she says, raising her voice to be
heard over the constant crying of children. "We've had nothing
from the new Iraqi Government, except some simple antibiotics; and
nothing from the occupying countries." \ \

/ / It revealed that the Prime Minister persistently lied to
Parliament and the public about the legal basis for the war.

The revelation came minutes after Mr Blair declared on TV: "I
have never told a lie." \ \


/ / `The worst thing is to shoot one of them, then go help him,' as
regulations require. `Shit, I didn't help any of them. I wouldn't
help the fuckers. There were some you let die. And there were
some you double-tapped. Once you'd reached the objective, and once
you'd shot them and you're moving through, anything there, you
shoot again. You didn't want any prisoners of war.' \ \


The True Fight for Freedom

(Quotes from  http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/true_fight.mp3)

/ / Sattler, as a result of ignoring reason and understanding,
went out and sacrificed all these marines that are now dead. \ \

/ / I see really great things in store, if we can find it within
ourselves to defend the innocent, despite the lies of the bush
cabal. Killing innocent people is wrong. There is no
justification for bombing Iraq, there just isn't. \ \

/ / Demon bush says he's against torture, and the Oregon Military
soldiers tell us, hey, they're torturing children, the bushite
forces in Iraq are. \ \

/ / If you knew your neighbor did that crime, and the police said
that they couldn't arrest him because he was a disciple of the
antichrist, so therefor, WE can't hold him to account as WE do to
the regular civilians... what would you think? \ \


It's the simplest idea. All you gotta do, is get a couple large
buoys, that let's say take maybe a twenty foot square space, maybe
a foot or two thick, and they contain air, made of some strong
plastics. You just take that, anchor it stationary to the ocean
floor, and have it situated on a gear system where, even though the
buoy moves up and down slightly, there is such a tremendous amount
of force on it, through the rising of the tides, that through gear
ratios, you could easily get some turbines going for a thousand
bucks or something. Not a big investment to give you free energy

/ / Do not put any effort into thinking out your own opinions.
Create doubt on anything any true liberator, would try to convey to
you as important for your life. Never mind. Watch your son or
daughter be sacrificed, and just lie to yourself, and tell us all
how your so proud of your dead son or daughter, "because they were
fighting for liberty." And we just got to just keep bullshiting you
because you're an enemy to God. An enemy to true freedom, when you
demand truth not be spoken for the innocent being persecuted, as
Christ was. Where is Christianity in America? Call your Church
now! \ \

Canadian radio broadcast interview with the Wizard



commentary from Johnny




/ / For Americans to remain silent as Bush hands down death
sentences for their children and their unborn grandchildren is a
war crime in itself. \ \


/ / The biggest story of the Iraq war is about the torture of Iraqi
children. \ \


/ / The UN's top human rights investigator in Afghanistan has been
forced out under American pressure just days after he presented a
report criticizing the US military for detaining suspects without
trial and holding them in secret prisons. \ \


/ / As George H. W. Bush mentioned in his famous unpublished
quote to Sarah McLendon more than a decade ago: "[I]f the American
people ever knew the whole story about Iran Contra, we Bushes would
be chased down in the streets and lynched." \ \


/ / The British government formally protested to Israel after the
army officer who opened fire when the film-maker James Miller was
shot dead in Gaza two years ago was acquitted of disciplinary
charges. \ \


/ / CityBeat and Pointblank in the light of the latter's searing
expose of the Gosch-as-Gannon situation printed on the same day as
Gannett's Des Moines Register whitewash of the story. \ \


/ / Many Americans already suspect that those sworn to their
defense actually conspired in the murder of their wives, husbands,
children, parents, friends and fellow citizens on 9/11. And - so
what? The bitter knowledge has simply become part of the great
tapestry of American dissonance. It's joined the cottage industry
of conspiracy infotainment, because High Crimes in the United
States are simply fodder for dark amusement, not for solving. And
certainly not for justice. \ \

Guilty of Innocence (the antichrist song)


/ / Similarly, with bush and rumsfeld. Their kind of treason is so
blasphemous, people can't recognize that any real human being would
willingly try to actually do such a thing for the windfalls of big
corporate profit, and as such, a many god person, (as often the
good natured and kind hearted), desperately look for any doubt,
than to face such a human fear of real demon behavior in our World
of worlds of every character. \ \


/ / "When I told the translator with the soldier that I was a
member of the National Assembly, he answered: To hell with you and
the National Assembly," al-Shaikh told his colleagues. Al-Shaikh
said the US soldier continued to beat him even after he told them
that he was an elected MP. \ \


/ / The reality that the President of the United States spent more
than 18 months resisting an official investigation into the most
devastating tragedy in our history is in itself an outrage. But
the reality that there is no official body still seeking answers to
vital questions is an even greater outrage. \ \


/ / "A list of names on a piece of paper is not evidence, but an
autopsy by a pathologist, is. I undertook by FOIA request, to
obtain that autopsy list and you are invited to view it below
(here). Guess what? Still no Arabs on the list," said Navy
veteran, Thomas Olmstead. "Now, being the trusting sort, I figured
that the government would want to quickly dispel any rumors...It
seemed simple to me. . produce the names of all the bodies
identified by the AFIP and compare it with the publicized list of
passengers. So, I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request
to the AFIP and asked for an expedited response...Fourteen months
later...and I finally get the list. No Arabs wound up on the
morgue slab; however, three ADDITIONAL people not listed by
American Airline sneaked in. I have seen no explanation for these
extras." \ \


/ / But I don't hear a whisper of that opinion on television, in
major newspapers, or from the lips of most Americans, no matter how
they classify themselves politically. It's all still mysterious
Arabs to a majority, who have not bothered to notice there was no
evidence presented, that the investigation into that tragic day was
never conducted, and that the people who profited from this demonic
charade are exactly the ones who claim to be its principal victims. \ \


/ / The decision by the head of Israel's Southern Command to clear
the officer overturned a recommendation by the military advocate
general that he should be severely disciplined. Mr Miller was
killed in Rafah in 2003 while walking back to his lodgings
displaying a white flag and clearly identifying himself to troops
as a journalist. \ \


The Son of Man rocks!


Guilty of Innocence (the antichrist song)


lyrics to,

Guilty of Innocence

you don't need to know your rights, with
bush not going [yet] left denied

he'll state no evidence is required, against
the guilty of, innocence in dire

no need to voice your cries,
bushite would rather market war crimes
with your time

your needs need no loving for, you'll
play a mute dumb bushite slave dying
to score,

The antichrist our enemy, depriving us all of liberty

Forsaken you, forsaken me. Can't you see?





Johnny Wizard's "Time.mp3"


/ / Think of all those people in that situation as God. And these, the
bushite nazi grunts, have positions that are completely irrational,
they're making no sense, your fuking up. It's like a cancer that
God of that whole situation, is inflicted with. They're lying to
themselves. If your there to fight on behalf of Iraqis, you take a
position to demand all the money that has been taken through this
Iraq Development Fund, be returned. \ \



/ / Worse yet, the commission concluded in a 600-page report that
intelligence wasn't politicized. Uh-huh. Frankly, only a
politicized commission could possibly have concluded that "no one
from the White House or Pentagon contributed to the mistaken
intelligence." \ \

Hmmm. Is it that they would have us believe, that the neo-con
faith initiatives are solely based on lies?, for none of the facts
trumpeted by the bushites, were established in their own minds by
critical thinking?


/ / "The analysts who worked Iraqi weapons issues universally
agreed that in no instance did political pressure cause them to
skew or alter any of their analytical judgments. \ \

Yeah but, the American analysts concurred that bush was
misrepresenting their facts.

/ / 26. "I'm also not very analytical. You know I don't spend a
lot of time thinking about myself, about why I do things." --aboard
Air Force One, June 4, 2003 \ \



/ / The U.N. scandal did not cost the taxpayers any money, but
this one is coming right out of our pockets. And, if we can't even
sue the bastards to get it back, we are in big trouble. \ \

The crime is now funneled through the made victim American tax
payers pocket as left unaccounted to through frauds blatant, and
still no cries for Justice, Freedom, REPRESENTATION?


/ / Citizens may be held indefinitely, with or without charges
being made, upon the direction of government officials. \ \

SATIRE? Hardly..

Infinite Injustice In The Global Gulag


/ / There he languished for more than two years until he was hauled
before one of Bush's "military tribunals" last fall. The khaki
kangaroo court duly ruled that Kurnaz was a heinous terrorist who
should be locked up forever -- despite the fact that both U.S.
military intelligence and German police had cleared him of any
connection whatsoever to terrorist activity anywhere in the world.
Completely ignoring almost 100 pages of exculpatory evidence
offered by these experts, the kangaroos relied instead on a brief,
uncorroborated memo submitted by an unidentified Bush official just
before the proceedings began.


The judge ruled that Kurnaz's imprisonment, indeed, Bush's whole
kangaroo pen, was illegal and unconstitutional. To which Bush -- a
staunch defender of law, liberty and civilization -- answered: Who
cares? So Kurnaz, 23, remains in captivity: year after year of
hellish limbo, his youth sacrificed to the caprice of the prissy
autocrat in the White House.


But last week, the Pentagon declined to prosecute 17 soldiers for
brutal murders of prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the
recommendation of Army prosecutors. Army investigators also
released 1,200 pages of new evidence last week detailing widespread
"systematic and intentional" abuse of prisoners throughout Iraq,
especially in Mosul; again, the Pentagon declined to prosecute. \ \


The Scandal Behind the Scandal


/ / ``In the EO, Bush is handing U.S. firms `a blank check for
corporate anarchy' in an `outlandish cancellation of the rule of
law,' said legal director Tom Devine with the Government
Accountability Project. \ \

The antiChrist in action, while quasi-Christians go, "Oh, I don't



/ / US aircraft dropped leaflets on Iraqi Resistance forces
fortified behind high hills warning them of the consequences if
they did not withdraw. The punishment, it said, would be painful
for them. The Americans carried out their threat when they bombed
11 civilian houses. The American air raids killed and wounded
dozens of women, children, and elderly persons Mafkarat al-Islam
reported. For their part the puppet governor and mayor of the city
of Tall `Afar both tendered their resignations in protest against
the American bombing of civilian houses in the city. \ \


"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." -- Frederick Douglass



/ / You have no rights. He'll tell you who is guilty without
any evidence to form your own conclusions, and if you disagree
with him, he'll call you the enemy, the terrorists who aren't
with him on his blanket assertions against God as the innocent.
he blames for crimes while shutting down criminal investigations.
that would normally peruse the actual evil doers. \ \



The Benderman Cause

I felt compelled to support the Benderman's cause in
any way I could, so I am providing America some
arguments that I would use in a court of law to
defend your freedoms. If America would so desire,
I would also be prepared to make a recorded
statement from here in Canada. (I have been
denied access into the U.S..) My positions of
rational argument are naturally based upon our
established facts, and as such, are something few
Americans are afforded the luxury of through
corporate channels. I hope my forcefulness on these
issues does not fear you to doubt I have the best of
intentions when it comes to serving the interests
indivisibly inherent within the American
Constitution. God, I believe is just, and as such, the
ungodly war actions of George W. Bush dictate are
criminal in the worst degree, being a harbinger of
suffering and misery against all of Humanity as
US being the innocent. The innocent in our entirety,
is my "God" that I love with all I can will. I am
compelled as a living human being to defend America
to the last bush supporter praised if need be. I fight
the enemy of God and Humanity with reason,
understanding, Akeido, and a conviction that our
justice system must prevail for me to be truly myself

"He explained to "60 Minutes," "I was told in basic
training that, if I'm given an illegal or immoral order,
it is my duty to disobey it. And I feel that invading
and occupying Iraq is an illegal and immoral thing to

The war was declared "illegal" by the U.N..
Why? Because Saddam wasn't found in breach
of the internationally agreed upon resolution 1441,
(Saddam did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE that was
asked of Iraq by the bush administration, and then
some Mr. Bush refused to even take him up on.
Like national Iraqi television broadcasts.) despite
the lies quoted by corporate news America. There
was no need for the conflict to begin with as was
so reported internationally on march 7th, 2003. U.N.
inspectors had complete unrestricted access to go
anywhere without delay, and known stock piles of WMD
were burned, so could not possibly be
completely accounted for by evidential findings
due to the fact that they were destroyed beyond
recognition. American soldiers were put in harms
way to be sacrificed for no better good, but for to
allow as has happened, the misappropriation, or as
some have alleged, the criminal theft of Iraqi
resources, including monies of the Iraqi Development
Funds through Presidential decree 13303. Which
include the unappropriated, desperately needed,
humanitarian aid provisions still denied innocent
Iraqis, such as potable drinking water and food
stuffs. Democratic principles are DENIED the
Iraqis by the neo-con military forces, such as holding
all individuals equally accountable to a rule of law.
The outlawing of torture, or the outlawing of false
imprisonment has not been professed as the action of
the neo-con "liberating" force. Mercenaries are not
obliged to obey any laws for example. And, "Dr.
Germ", and "Dr. Anthrax" are held solely for the
fact that they know of the scientific hazards of
depleted uranium, and may have warned the
uninformed sacrificing American GI, if not held
illegally against their wills by the enemy.
Commanders such as irrational war criminal
Sattler, forbade all men and boys between 15 to 50
from leaving the city of Fallujah, while refusing to
negotiate with anyone, (because as so was openly
confessed, Sattler had no evidence that Zaqari was
in Fallujah) then leveled the city to kill all it's
inhabitants, estimated at that time near 300,000
people. Using a napalm type WMD, cluster dud
land mine munitions, and as reported, nine two
thousand pound bombs in a city 3 1/2 km by 4 km.
Serving for a military not strong enough collectively
to prosecute such lawless criminal barbarity, is
serving for a military not principled in the American
virtues of freedom and democracy. In truth,
serving for such ungodly criminal command is a
cowardly act of treason. George W. Bush is an
enemy of our Humanity.


>From the "anti-government" Johnny essay, "Stand Together or Don't"

/ / How does anyone buy this? On credit? Things are changing
from bad to worse, and everybody appears, from one or two
media accounts, to think, so what or, whatever. Don't drink the
water! A part of the problem is the journalists who are in fact
just trained reporters, who take all the perks and none of the
responsibilities. Selling off themselves to something they have
written, for them to read. Told what is cover, where is
resources, drawing our pictures with their color crayolas.
Telling themselves there must be a good reason why no one is
doing the story! Or they'll take any of a 1000, why think if you
don't have work to? They know the scores, much more money
in advertising. \ \


Protestor's sign: "killing innocent people is the problem
not the solution."





/ / "why should we afford the same liberties and privileges of
justice to the Taliban. Like why should we give them the same
rights we afford ourselves. They're the bad guys. Why do we want
to do any favors for the bad guys." And really that's an
irrationalism. And yet, it was there. You know, people go "you
don't need any evidence, what do you need evidence for, they're
guilty." And the rational, TRUE AMERICAN PATIOTS, would go, "no,
no, no, that's wrong. We want to actually follow the crimes scene
leads at the real murder scene to arrest the true evil doers." \ \


In nabbing those who committed treason against our America's
America on 9/11, needs to be completed by firstly, following the
crime scene leads at the beginning with Bush's prior 9/11 plans
worked with the ring leader's financier, General Ahmad, and how
Condi, rumsfeld, and Cheney with Myers, fits in the picture
together as likewise traitors. The Iraq war is also a crime
against humanity. All stolen monies and property must be sought,
then returned to a legitimized democratic government. Torture is
outlawed, and finally, all innocent people held in prisons by
bushite forces, held without out charge for trial, need to be
released immediately as ourselves being denied liberation truly.
Let common sense prevail.



Forever Hold Your Peace

"I feel depressed," she said after leaving the theatre.
"He (Gibson) went overboard with the cruelty and
violence, and I think Mel Gibson is a bit of a sadist."

It's not the great artist Gibson, but corporate american
cult news who sit back bushiting "It's harmless, now
shut up dummy", knowing sadistic "sexy" rummy dumped
thousands of tons of radio-active toxic waste, along
with land mines to commit senseless, gratuitous mass
murder in residential communities housing the God of

It is bushite america who call themselves Christian, who
fund the Likud with American sweat and labor, to
criminally assault innocent Christians as accused of
nothing but being Christian. They do this as enemies of
Justice and God, to tell US as unbelievers, to
quickening the coming of the Lord, who will in turn,
condemn the individuals responsible, straight to hell
where they rightly belong. (Or prison whichever comes

It is America who sit bushiting "Freedom", while wording
nothing to blindly enslaving whomever, to torture or
murder for whatever by bombing Nations of People
irrationally. No reason., For law. (But to maybe
secretly sell drugs, or steal assets to victimize
Humanity. a.k.a. Jesus forsaken, or WMD bemer's Iraq)

And it is toxic cult corporate america, who let
traitors, bush and rummy murder thousands in New York
City, ("The People") and then escape forever, operation
infinite justice. I don't think so. I as John would
destroy every nazi american bushite happily, to save the
life of one child in any third world country.


Killing people
for no good reasons really sucks. I hate bushites.

Let's get the Patriots together and bag US some Rumsfeld

I just so much hate that demon antiChrist bush, and his
cabal of war mongers, it hurts. Let's just kill George
W. Bush for being qualified to lead but only himself
and Rumsfeld directly up to our NRA's firing squad, for
almost foolishly thinking they would actually escape the
planned murder of US thousands in New York City on 9/11,
then continuing by sacrificing dumdum nazi soldiers on a
cross in a completely unnecessary war against
civilization. What is it that the evil bushites can do
now in Iraq, before murdering untold thousands and
thousands, but for stealing even more of God's good will
towards all Mankind as loved?

[ S I L E N C E ]

No words from the bushites who rule our communications
through corporate news censorship, while Christian
parents call out unheard: why has corporate america
allowed forsaken soldiers to eat plutonium to murder God
for a measly few dollars the bushmob will pocket for the
up coming "unbiased" re-election news campaign? As I
suggested before, (If there are no real men in the
marines) why not just give the unarrested bushmob all
the money they want, so we can forgo all the needless
death and suffering against our friends and family?

[Look, usenet's us.military.army can be the place anyone
in the world can offer any irrational thought on why
bush shouldn't be immediately arrested or executed as
traitor, but guess what? bushite nazi brethren, either
mostly don't exist in our real world, or can't think to
save themselves as bushwhore nazi dumdums. Dumdums who
advocate the senseless murder of innocent People, and
the continuing destruction of America's America.]


W's Reality Gap

" Whenever President Bush is now confronted with an
unacceptable reality, he either changes the subject -
is steroid use really more important than the environment?
- or expresses confidence in his certainty. "I'm absolutely
confident that..." he'll say, as if the issue is his
determination rather than his conclusion. "

It's his faith infinitive as the antiChrist, where he
has hypnotized the dopey with merely the power of
suggestion, that has brought him to US as foolishly not
conceiving, or most importantly, truly understanding.
So, do we feel sorry for his ignorance as fallibility we
are all prone to own as the human rendition? No. But
for stupidity thinking he could murder US as the
innocent to steal our free values, and just get away
with it by lying to no one continually, is where the
Lord makes our stand for God unseen as miraculous.

The demon bush dictate is not exceptable for my just
little man universe. I knows too much about freedom to
go on dying in bush's forsaken place as innocent
sacrifice. With corporate america's unarrested demon
bush forcing my hand, I would decide to defend by
concluding, he is truly, the enemy of all America.
America: weak without leadership, yes, but not as dumb
as some would have us believe. When is it that we feel
sorry for the thousands of lives bush's deliberate
actions of mass murder have taken for no good reasons?
Their ain't nobody to defend america's overlord, but
through corporate censorship of the reality of who's
really dying for the demon bush liar. I'm the one
anyone would ever have a legitimate fear of getting on
the wrong side of, and if your not in the process of
attempting to get away with murdering some defenseless
family for nothing but to rob from, to each, his or her
own, mostly, right?


U.S. pays millions to discredited Iraqis

" The letter appeared to contradict denials made last year
by top Pentagon officials that they were receiving
intelligence on Iraq that bypassed established channels
and vetting procedures. "

Bypassing America as undefended freedom,, sacrificed to
die for slavery under the unconstitutional as blatant
evil, bushite decrees. Demon bush tells America, and
indeed the World, since 9/11, evidence will no longer be
a requirement to convince US who is a mass murderer, and
corporate news america sells on without the human
opinion present evaluating his true asking price. Man,
that demon bush is sure one true evil bastard when you
think of what he, rummy, and Ashcroft is stealing in our
names censored through nazi fascism. [Granted, I am

God or no God, I don't like that demon antiChrist, Our
Mr. bush Jr. very much.


New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.

An oil-for-Iraq program needs to be reestablished, but
transparent to all as addressing the immediate emergency
needs of Iraqis. Private, in the secret back room with
the bushmob nazi bankers, and their private inept
collaborators flustering as international fraudulent
behaviors, just wont do., try as bush might to murder
perhaps millions of Americans uncovered by his
criminally enforced, reduction in health care coverage


The evil bushites think they're gonna party
in Manhattan on our dime in apartments for around
$15,000 a month, while sneering at a homeless beggar on
the streets, who thought he was still in Vietnam.

Perhaps, he is.

Another American soldier owes me a beer, or will be
dying to steal life from themselves as sacrificed for
the evil criminal dictate of Their Mr. bush Jr.. Don't
go silent as the unknown dying enemy to God and
humanity, stand with Justice and freedom in America for
Americans, and I swear, we won't kill ya as the good
guys in the epilogue.

By the bushmob attempting to create unrest, so
Halliburton at al, can continue in the tommy franks
chaos to rob America blind with false billing, instead
of cash paying, is costing the lives of American teen
soldiers. Who god love'em or hate'em, don't have the
intellect to strategize their way out of an open paper
bag, never mind evil bush's false creeds without real
leadership present as living for. Instead of bruising
our egos, the bushites are dropping bombs illegally on
the family.


Ask a dying soldier how it sits to know commi
Halliburton pocketed Humanitarian Aid? Go ahead,
ask'em?! Then ask'em why they die as cowards by rummy
cluster dud for the bushmob to rob their own direct
families left unprotected? Ask'em! You know what
they'll tell you? They're not happy about these bushmob
war crimes truly destroying America in America,
"freedom", "democracy", Johnny Wizard or otherwise., Or
instead they'll mumble something incoherently while
jaunting away to murder some one found defenseless, or
innocent to pay further while dying to slave under the
criminal dictate of the really evil demon bush Jr..

A proud bushite is a toxic bushite halting from warring
the innocent by stealing your human values truly.

We need to see an apology to come from America, an
apology to Humanity for this carnage waged unnecessary,
but for these contemptible war profiteering practices as
direct assaults to all as God is. Assaults that we have
been unable to remedy by openly communicating to bush's
secret White House, rumsfeld's secret Pentagon, or
Ashcroft's secret Justice Department.

Just who's running this show anyway, I wanna know.

A - g - a - i - n

Will Americans save themselves with help from the rest
of US, by arresting bush and rumsfeld immediately for
high treason?, or will they cower and DIE as the
innocent, in false gratitude to the lying traitors
bushmob? To with their dying breath proclaim
unattested, to be ridding the Universe of their
continuing criminal behavior.. a.k.a. evil?

Evidence is a must to establish a crime scene
provocateur, to deny such privilege is to deny freedom
be served as consented through any government.

Hint: Demon bush, rumsfeld and Ashcroft, they ain't no
struggling democracy entirely.

Look, the thing about God coming down, and having it out
with humanity on some various critical issues, isn't
like going to happen, it is doing.

We had complete unrestricted access throughout Iraq
prior to murdering any innocent child in america's name.

These verbs will strike that antiChrist demon down for
ever and a day, and if I've gone, faded away, these
words will still remain,

till now we meet again,

as you were,

Johnny Wizard


Look at this will ya? DU killing American Patriot
Soldiers, while bush revises our continuing history,
like this ain't really happening. I can only again, beg
you as the reader, to wake up to this bush madness, and
support ME, the mythological Son of Man God King
because: my facts I bring to our table, do not change
from your summation of my unbridled character. (I don't
need votes, but a trust in the good times coming through
for trying something better.) As I have said before, you
don't have to support Johnny by donating a few dollars
for Christ sake, but, to have a care for your own
humanity. Or, will doubting me, unfortunately, change
the truly toxic composition of measured radioactive, and
gaseously microscopic, depleted uranium. For we both as
ALL suffer from the demon bush fumbles of corrupt
ineptitude, disguised as heinous war crimes against
everyone. Crimes of murder, that there is no rational
justification for., then, or now. No good reason to
have bombed, then stole from the billed Iraq as
Dutch-Shell victims. Only irrationalisms. Examples:
What can we do now in Iraq, that we couldn't have under
Saddam? Spend tens of billions in investments on
universal health care, or education perhaps? Why bomb
anyone, when we had complete, unrestricted access? What
could bush have demanded for Iraq justly, when his
un-elected entourage is responsible for outrages 9/11,
the Patriot Act, and Guantanamo? So see, now, we have a
really big ego problem. By god, You humans are truly
blind without ourselves to be seen as.

Well, not quite.

Don't forget, Our Mr. bush Jr. also participated
directly with the 9/11 strategy's, top secret
Presidential Directive, of offering no evidence against
Bin regarding some crime that wasn't galvanizing the
world like the lucky, World Trade Center incidents did
in time sensibly. Without 9/11, what would Powell look
like from when in August he gave the Taliban 43 million,
to then in September, going after those that funded the
Justice supporters? How? And, where is the Saddam
money gone for the food shipments?! Our Mr. bush Jr.
has it secretly he writes. He also writes he will not
be accountable to any rules of Law in this Universe
regarding the ownership of said monies he has stolen
through the UN not chirping. I told you, no leadership.
(Good thing we showed up to raise the dead eh? Nudge

Justice and Freedom, like God as Nature, be not feared
as of.

A friend and myself were discussing political
deceptions, and he asked me if I knew what the secret to
the universe was, and I said no, what?, he replied,
there is no secret.

The politics of living is Humanity's survival, and is
what should be as our interests recognized, to be
representative. However, there is often dismal public
failure to characterize hugely heinous criminal attempts
to harm our universal freedoms through unbiased
corporate conduct. Justice must be prime, and maybe You
as the forever unknown still. It's just, that we don't
have customers at National Newscast Central to invest in
ourselves as interested benefactor. Why can not the
widely publicized, and FREEDOMly available, central
questions on 9/11 be asked without answer by Blitzer, or
Aaron? Do they actually have US believing it is in not
our interests to say as much for Justice? For America?
For God as victim? How far would CNN go to discrediting
American soldier after American soldier, blindly
sacrificed for WorldCom bush and Dutch-Shell bremer,
before CNN finally reports on bush's other partners in
crime, like Ahmad, the funder of the 'mastermind', Atta.
Why continue? For as the bushmob, to murder cowardly
Americans while stealing pensions and selling heroin, is
just stupidly dumb, evil and wrong man. So wrote the
holy god guy from beyond his own comprehension as a
timeless wonder, demon slayer. The dumbass bush crimes
against US as God, I will remind you, are very real, and
toll many innocent souls. The criminal sabotage bush
inflicts in his public responsibilities as America,
yearns eternally for accountability to our suffering
World, God included.

I will not go silently.

No, it wasn't Iraqi planning, or of Afghanistan's
students, it was bush, rumsfeld, Condoleezza,, Ahmad,
and likely Mueller as traitors, who decided your wager
as American to be devalued into official, unrepresented
criminality as bound tyrannical. (Tenant and
checheCheney, maybe also..) See, this is why the Patriot
Act rears it's direct onslaught against every American,
barely too, unchallenged by Blitzer, or Aaron. No
Justice for terrorists, is no freedom for bush's america
TRULY. As a result, the fascist sympathizing bigots,
racists, and war crime advocates, will argue they're
inept to comprehend what they know not of, and as we
witness, gain easy unchallenged corporate access by
ignoring our public sentiment. You don't have to look
far for major problems with the, "but bremer said they
were freed Iraqis", or the official 9/11 story line, but
as a CNN news caster, Your dismissed without care for.
I say it doesn't have to be so, oh godless bushite
victims censored.


Turning Logic on Its Head

Bush's preemptive war policy is a war without just
cause. Under international law and centuries of common
legal usage, a preemptive war may be justified as an act
of self defense only where there exists a genuine and
imminent threat of physical attack.

We are all in agreement, in truth we rise, evil is just
the deceived disguised. Boo!

The case is wrapped up, and bush and rumsfeld need to be
immediately arrested for 9/11, for murdering countless
thousands for stolen gain, at the losses to our
humanity, that show through every putrid utterance of
scum bucket bush, as contempt for our living as humanity
through Law. Where a person accused of a criminal
offence without any evidence is clearly innocent. For
why I ask you reader, would any unjustified leader of US
people blame someone for a crime who wasn't linked to
the offense, while working to close investigations, and
not follow through with the ample clues to capture the
true evil doers? Just how cowardly stupid can soldier
families be taken without conviction as themselves worth
fighting for?

Justice for all, and glory be to godly.


Bush's preemptive war against Iraq doesn't even purport
to preempt a physical attack. It purports to preempt a
threat that is neither issued nor posed. Iraq is not
issuing threats of attack against the United States. It
is only the United States which threatens war.

By publicly encouraging attacks against the American
People, bush works to do death, on hopes to then maybe?,
get what he's purposing we are publicly pushing for as?
Blind, dumb, and criminally neglegent; we all are then
agreed? To have no publicly known reason to perpetrate
war crimes against everyone to steal and murder for Our
Mr.bush Jr.?... America's false deity super evil
anti-Christ? The terrorist of terrorists?

The demon who marked evil on the map with an "Oh", for
Ohpression by slaying everyone as the innoncet and God

loving in Our names?

It isn't Our position as humanity, to grant bush free
criminal reign over our rights to judge plainly still
living. Americans do learn a great deal from Sitcoms
thank you very much, and God damn it, we can count too.
2 infinity with everything minumn, and too, where
indivisable Justice is of truly being Human to reason as
the Living Universe.

Oh, but no, here comes Our Mr. bush Jr. who publicly
only confesses as pure evil, nazi vermin, to want to
kill our party by actually, factually, robbing from,
then murdering everybody as his enemy illegally,
irrationally!, and alas, God is truly alone, for CNN, as
most others, have no cause to make on Our cult
mentality. We are all together as One God, despite
corporate news censorship ignoring our calls for
Justice, because, WE are living as agreed, whole
heartedly, to be worthy of fairness officially. As a
democractic political lobby of too, yourself dummy. God
hater nazi sharon really publicly supports the murder of
ourselves being, he states over and over again to rob
and murder from your family to be only a jewish thing.
The Universe, could be, something amazing at a real
world level of sustainability, as there is space to
consider so factually as Existence is believing!
Curently however, the corporate break up is not watching
US performing live as recorded, because they victimize
US always. War is the breakdown of communications, but,
bush, the unelected American cop killer, he isn't
listening to any questions not being stated absent your
appeals to be heard as silently victimized, because...
CNN doesn't want to embarres US maybe? All the robbing
and killing bush and sharon does continually then?,
mistakenly? Dead people don't say much for your world,
eh american niebour? Eh?




Wow! what a great riff!


A gem of a Johnny..

A Repeat Broadcast

It is God's fault, that is of yourself also, that we,
leaderlessly, allow bush to further escape rightful
public trial then life term imprisonment. This world
could be so magnificent, if that demon bushmob wasn't
criminally getting sacrificed so many dying leaderless
American People left undefended.


You, yes, You,, If you would help yourself to try
questing to preserve freedom as your being stolen peace
of pie, you'd be practically sky writing across the
world. Can't sell it, can't buy it, but Being alive is
what living is all about. Take it from me partner.
God's practically wiped out, and the world is falling
apart because of George W. Bush's treasonous war action
against all of US as the forsaken, Humanity, (Jesus You
are.) but, I still see a glimmer of hope. A real
possibility that you'll be getting on to spend some
quality time doing what we all should be doing,
demanding real justice for (Johnn err...) freedom's
bounty. Sure, I'm broke, near homeless, hungry, and
left forsaken by all you little Jesuses too, but golly,
I'm still holding out the dream that you gained
something from your boo-da catholic Jewish Muslim Moslem
Atheist upbringings. Why must we allow rumsfeld to
escape accountability for blindly attacking Iraq to kill
US as the innocent? The demon antiChrist Iraqi conflict
has no basis for just cause. It can never be what it is
not. We had complete unrestricted access, to do
anything bush pleased, prior to sacrificing a single
person for Halliburton and Worldcom, disappearing
billions as the American tax payer, robbing the central
bank, stealing the nation's public resources including
humanitarian aid, dropping cluster duds on American
soldiers along with tons of toxic waste corporately
mandated as completely safe to eat by the poundful. No
joking. Murdering thousands. Demon bush is really evil
to US all man. It gives me as Creator a bad name the
great Johnster can't disguise as only one big dreaming
little g. I consider the conduct of George W. Bush an
insult to my intelligence, and, I don't like it, nor
wish bush's criminal folly to continue stealing the
lives of good people treated unjustly in anyone's name.
Let the US destroy George W. Bush instead of ourselves
as countless my friend, and be thanked in love as a
person who cared for all that is good about America.
Live god damn you People, live!

Johnny Wizard,
Again as the stupid one,


A Better Way
Like the bushmob
partner's theft of billions through Enron, of which in
Congressional hearings, nobody wanted to know the
pension money is still sitting in the Cayman Islands,
ready to be returned to the helpless victims, like an
American soldier's family being deemed by Congress, as
unimportant to their standard of living. No care right
nazi soldier? Just murder innocent third worlders to
tell your mother how much you care so for her? While
the war criminals, working for Dutch shell, heroin
dealers, and the monsters from Iran-contra, rumsfeld and
tommy, the nazi fucks, search the third world for people
who speak outrage against corporate America funding our
deaths by murder through censorship. While I sit here
writing as Johnny, waiting for a corporate professional
to deem me worth topicing on as unstoppable sweet
goodness. Look, read of our no counter opinion critics
in google 'groups', who publicly call themselves morons
or traitors willingly. Spooky dumb I'll tell ya.
We are all the Palestinians being counted
without value by corporate dictates ignoring the human


Johnny Wizard Reveals
Bush did 9/11

A war plan to kill the people of Afghanistan for Enron's power
plant in India was on the White House desk on the ninth of September.
A plan to blame bin Laden for a crime without providing any evidence.
Then 9/11. None of the ample evidence implicated Laden, like none of
the suspects were from Afghanistan, so why not seek the true
culprits responsible? FBI officers have claimed publicly that
warrant requests were sabotaged by someone at headquarters just prior
to 9/11. The CIA has publicly claimed stock options were played on
the loss of the two airline companies as insider trading. FBI
officers claim Mr. Atta received $100,000 in terrorist funding by
General Amed, who was meeting with the Bush administration a week
prior and after 9/11. Then rumsfeld and bush stood against our
humanity without reason to steal our lives, playing out an evil never
before shown to sway their capture as traitors to the American dream.
I demand my voice be heard through our corporate news services, to
accept any debate from those who fight to keep us ignorant on our
ability to freely communicate.

(from Google groups tab, us.military.army)

Here is the original post regarding the Tribunals:
news:< f57653c0.0112220254.1389b2d7@posting.google.com
And this one is a shortened version, three paragraphs with Jeff, on
the discussion so far with many military usenet sites on the charges
news:< f57653c0.0112251503.76d370b@posting.google.com

How can one argue against what is documented as proven fact?
Do fascists fear intelligence?

Again, we witness no counter argument for bush and rumsfeld's treason
against all the American people. They both have struggled diliberately
to hide the culprits responsible for 9/11, blamed a nation of millions
without evidence to murder for Enron, have attacked the American
Constitution, stolen billions from cowardly Americans silenced by the
corporate agenda through frauds blatant...

And, they both need to immediately be tried for war crimes, or taken
out by loyal American Patriots who will stand up for freedom to be

"Peace Now" < peaceisnow@hotmail.com wrote in message
news: 5a99e95.0205290823.23469d2a@posting.google.com



/ / "The fear is necessary for two reasons. And the
principle reason has nothing to do with Iraq. it has to do
with the government itself. The bush government is criminal.
[...] The problem is: how do you keep people from paying
attention to this? You keep them focused on an external enemy.
[..] so they forment this fascistic hatred of a definable group
of people. So, the war on terrorism so called, is not much a
way for the United States to protect itself against it's enemy,
it is a way for it to create enemies, to justify the kind of
repressive measures that would otherwise be intolerable in
peace time." \ \


Me, Art Bell, and 9-11


>From the Johnny essay, "Justice for God"

/ / The rabbi, Dov Lior, said a "thousand non-Jewish
lives are not worth a Jew's fingernail". \ \

So, decieved American taxed payers give him a big fat
welfare payment to tell US that robbed as cheated GODLY
Christians don't deserve fair treatment? What would
Hillel say? Buddah? Or Christ? Well, the Torra of
Moses speaks of God himself! coming down here and
explaining the best way to destroy the evil likes of an
anti-Jew enemy of G-d's love, Dov Lior, however, I'm
really hoping, you'll figure out how to stand up for
yourself as just as soon, a Christian, Muslim, Jew or
Atheist, whom the label pirate Dov Lior beleives so
little of, and demand some equal time to demand Justice
for God, as would be Justice for any, to therefor,
include US all as truly worthy.

God bless America by killing un-arrested George W. Bush


/ / All for our ability to communicate freely

There is one thing that is strangely absent from our
news coverage as unbiased bushwhores who are actually
devaluing under the tyranny of the evil antiChrist, Our
Mr. Bush Jr., and that is... \ \

Liberty and Justice for All

We need a national call on our national airwaves to have
General Ahmad arrested for being an accessory to the
crimes of mass murder on 9/11.

George W. Bush, Condi, and Rumsfeld, need to be
immediately arrested or executed for near escaping the
crime scenes of 9/11. Warnings came, they, (during
bush's vacation), "TOP SECRETLY" tweaked a, ready to go
planned world war strategy that would start off in
Afghanistan, premised, on not following the crime scene
leads of terrorist offenses that had yet to materialize,
while closing judicial investigations through the lead
up, the follow through, now... they're cooked. The
bushmob didn't want to get arrested those, who in his
name would soon, murder thousands of Americans in New
York City, for that event was saved to put into action
his "top secret" planned invasion. A world war plan
kept secret from those in American government until the
dated documents showed up at MSNBC. Confessed without
choice to MSNBC as "fully implemented" by the White
House, the bushite war crimes plan went underway almost
without hitch. By offering no rational reason that
factually establishes bin Laden's guilt, would GUARANTEE
the invasion of Afghanistan. Again, a planned false
allegation for a terrorist crime that had yet to be
committed. But See?, for, without evidence bush's
america would not be following the crimes scene leads
from the actual real murder scene, and the real culprits
are left to continue un-abated as the un-arrested
enemies of The People in God's trust.

The last thing the demon liar bush secretly wanted, was
to have halted Laden with evidence for the countless
crimes he's left his fingerprints at. For in this
history, we remember, the Taliban ended surrendering
Laden freely without any further answers. BUSH k-n-e-w
BEFORE HAND, if he were to offer any shred of evidence
to the World implicating Laden, the Taliban would
fundamentally fight for Allah like they were going to do
freely under Clinton, and rightly send the suspect away
for trial and sentencing on the commission of crimes
against God in America. But, hell, offering Laden up to
the world stage for a crime he wasn't committed to,
would sure ruin evil bush's war against our freedoms as
justice in this world. For, after following the
evidence, George W. Bush and his partners in crime
would now be behind bars for treason, or publicly
executed after a fair public trial regarding the facts
as they stand uncontended. MSNBC reported that bush had
actually signed the top secret Presidential plans in
their possession to rob and kill God's Great America.
For Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condi, garnered no insight from
"out of the loop" Richard Clarke on the subject of
Laden's terrorist behavior, (last minute not
withstanding) nor conversed the details on waging world
wars on intelligence with Tenet. Nor even,
surprisingly, talked with Armitage.


/ / We can assume, that Armitage received the same
warning reports about an attack as many other persons
did: George Tenet (CIA), Richard Clarke (CSG), Thomas
Pickard (FBI), Dale Watson (FBIHQ) or Henry H. Shelton
(DOD). \ \

Hammurabi tells History to wake up and kill the ungodly
false accuser, George W. Bush for the highest crime of
treason against our entire Universe, and I too, have to
admit, it's a pretty damn good idea to protect ourselves
from needless sacrifice, but for to make the bushmob
even more wealthier than they are as corporate
successes. Killing bush to save the countless innocent
lives of those the bushite liars confess publicly to
target, would be a gift to God un-paralleled in
gratitude for the love of life in which we all truly
share. Think this God asks: What real man of any
nationality, or religion, wouldn't kill a cowardly
bushite who wars defenseless innocent children with
cluster bombs and depleted uranium?, all so the bushmob
can further get away from stealing from their very own
grand parents they leave back home as cowards



Nick Berg was murdered in a large building with yellow
walls and a cement floor, by overweight white bigots who
of none, don't know the first thing about wearing a
turban, nor, the wise teachings of the Koran. We need
to do an investigation to conclude how many buildings in
Iraq fit those same sized projections witnessed in the
film that match up like Abu Ghraib does, before the evil
bushites go ahead and try destroying the 'sound'
evidence like only the super dummies would, to
ultimately win our favor. George, Son of Mankind here,
look, maybe if you'd just confess to making some bad
judgement calls in our names to devalue the human
species for plunder, while pleading mercy on this Court,
we'll let you live in purgatory for a few thousands



/ / Michigan's Senator Carl Levin asked the CIA
director: "Did the CIA agree with the contents of the
Feith document?" "Senator, we did not clear the
document. We did not agree with the way the data was
characterized in that document." \ \

Wow! The American CIA wasn't buying the bushite lies to
sacrifice the American Gi so to rob further from the
innocent censored either. All told, the death/cost
ratio really sucks for all concerned. Therefor, why
don't all nations of Earth call a temporary truce,
acknowledge our misgivings about each other, but then
openly realize, all people, good and bad, like the
forests and the sky lines, hate the evil war mongering
demon anti-Christ, George Walker Bush more than anything

The bushites, as thoughtless degenerates, are warring
our humanity's great achievements in universal law,
pretending like, we're not even present as interested
party. Great achievements like freedom through
representation, or demanding evidence to establish
someone's guilt, have been around since the dawn of
civilization; however, today, we instead under the
supreme command of the lawless evil bushite, are
willingly ignoring the actual criminals attempting
escape from the murder scene of 9/11, to greater parts
unknown without ourselves left still falling murdered
from Your inaction. By bush and cheney order, unfinished
criminal investigations were halted regarding the murder
of thousands in America.

Through fear of the awesome intelligence enshrined
within the Declaration of Independence, or the awestruck
genius in the simple blurb, "A Freeman shall not be
imprisoned", our demand as the civilized, is deemed not
relevant or profitable to corporate news America. What
does it profit an American to stand up for a stranger,
the neighbors, a distant cousin, or even sworn blood
brother? To know rotten Rumsfeld is feeding American
troops plutonium, while telling next of kin families
it's harmlessly done for a few thou', is like the dummy
rummy cluster dud killing today, yet another American
soldier paid through by collateral, so, don't worry, go
to sleep, nothings happening here but the death of

/ / Bush, immersed in his own world of plummeting poll
numbers, said, "Would the terrorists who beheaded an
American on camera just be quiet, peaceful citizens if
America had not liberated Iraq?" \ \

Who wouldn't kill the thieving evil bushite to save the
lives of the innocent they victimize for stolen profit I
ask everyone to think for yourself?

Look, I'm a pranking wordsmith of fiction sometimes, but
trust me when I tell you, this life death karma
business?, is truly a serious endeavor bush is taking
you for as innocent sacrifice. Willingly murdering good
People for the evil bushites to profit off, is a
sickness we must remedy, like, now. Every moment that
unjust demon celebrates his contempt for the American
Constitution, is another insult to all the soldiers whom
have died giving their lives in honor for freedom from
the tyranny a bushite professes proudly as the enemy,
America's enemy, Humanity's enemy, and God's duty as
ourselves to bring a more timely demise.

I am, King and lord of Creation.

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Can you e-mail this to an American talk radio
program, and witness first hand for Yourself, how far
some will rightly go in disguising their continuing
dishonor of all American soldiers; and in so, of all
which the great American nation was truly founded upon.
Liberty and Justice for All. Especially, you. Oh yeah,
and, could you find it in your heart to support my rise
to world acclaim, as a down and out dreamer, looking for
an easy break into the big time? Imagine: me, the guy
nobody has ever heard of before, knowing everybody!



/ / Do you have a Citibank account? How about a JP
Morgan Chase credit card? Who do you think were the
banks that moved the $3.3 trillion "missing" from the
treasury? Who escaped serious accountability on pump
and dump stock market fraud and gold market
manipulation? Do you subscribe to the New York Times or
the Wall Street Journal? Who do you think are the media
organizations that have failed to ask or try to answer
the UnAnswered Questions of 9-11? Why are you "voting"
for these companies with your money and your attention?
Why are you sending them the signal that despite their
abrogation of their obligations to you and your family,
you will continue to support them with your hard earned
resources? If some of your neighbors are earning 2% on
their bank certificates of deposits, while other
neighbors are paying 18% or more to the IRS or
multinational financial companies, why do we not realize
that this is both a political and profit making
opportunity to cut out a parasitic financial middleman? \ \

I'm with you buddy!!!


/ / ``By their fruits you will recognize them. Do people
pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad
tree bears bad fruit.''-- Matthew 7:16-17 (NIV)

I don't see any ``good fruits'' in George W. Bush's
first term as President. I don't even see the
much-touted ``growth'' that Bush supposedly underwent
after 9/11. All I see is a cruel person who has
progressed from blowing up frogs to blowing up people. \ \


/ / As villager Mohammed stated, "While still in the
village, men were gathered together and beaten severely.
A 70-year-old man suffocated and died when they put a
black plastic hood on him." Of those detained, there
were three boys (ages 14, 15 and 16), 10 school
teachers, three human rights lawyers and 67 farmers, 14
of whom were 60 to 80 years old. All of the men were
taken to Abu Ghraib. \ \


/ / Sutton reported, ``Plans were already afoot for the
Americans to disengage from the city. But before their
exit strategy became public the Americans launched one
final blitz on the besieged town. As the world watched
live on television it was, American generals admit, the
most intense aerial bombardment of Iraq since major
combat ended a year ago.'' What did any of them ever do
to us? There's a word for needless killing: it's
murder, and that's what Bush plunged us into. \ \



/ / Let's be clear about what this means: Gonzales was urging--and the
President adopted as
policy--an end run around federal laws. The War Crimes Act, passed by
Congress in 1996, allows
criminal prosecution of Americans for actions that violate the rights
granted prisoners and
civilians by the Geneva Conventions and for "outrages upon personal
dignity." It is backed by the
full range of federal penalties, up to and including the death penalty.
And all treaties, including the
Geneva Conventions and the Torture Convention, are likewise the binding
law of the land. \ \


I Need Funding

/ / The report, dated May 5, said interrogators from a
National Guard unit attached to the 3rd Infantry
Division had "forced into asphyxiation numerous
detainees in an attempt to obtain information" during
one 10-week period last year, the newspaper said. \ \

Nazi bushite enemies ruled under the traitor to America,
lawless war criminal buford "bush bitch" blount.
America has got to double up the effort to preserve your
rights denied under the tyranny of the evil anti-Christ,
corporate america's George W. Bush, if they want to
survive truly as "The People". Freedom without Justice
is like living without being. Demon bush demands by
threat, that evidence no longer be a requirement to
convince us who is evil, or a criminal, and I, John, am
calling his number up. Reality as a property, is of
which to all we share equally. Substantiated
understanding through rational conclusion, formed by our
evidentiary findings, is all we got to go on when
deciding, whom shall be murdered for the crimes of 9/11.
Mr. bush and cheney, they don't want those whom were
accomplices, found out by AMERICAN JUSTICE, and gee,
...I wonder why that might be.. (They both as reported
[MSNBC], urgently struggled to close FBI and CIA
investigations into the matter of thousands [AFFLUENT]
American mass murder victims). If we like the idea of
"Freedom", then we're going for sure need to find those
responsible for transgressing our boundaries quantified
through law conducted so as measured. Top Priority:
Mass Murder. Only barbaric savages, as enemies of
mankind war the Humanity of which is ourselves. The
bushite soldier is ordered to murder indiscriminately
ourselves as innocent victims, and instead of manly
killing their evil bushite commandeer(s), they weakly
target the innocent by cluster bombs, killing their own
brothers and sisters too they praise, completely without
reason as is their unrecognized self betrayal to
America. That they naturally can't see, because they
have no human character. "Growing up" in some southern
bastion of make believe hell, that votes yet again they
claim, to further dismantle the public works system; for
reading is all for the stupid people. The Constitution?
Declaration of Independence? comic books? All trash a
bush supporter once told me of everything under the sun
in public Usenet discussions, or the entire Internet for
that matter. One out a seven in America is a functional
illiterate, which is just about bush's entire
constabulary, that if knew better, would be the first
ones to vote for impeachment, trial, then,..dream on.
The bushite is led as enemies of America, against the
Constitution once held rightly dear. Held dear to the
American soldier of old, not like the thieving sadistic
coward and bushite betrayer of today, absent the Army
Code, or as in present throughout, the Marine's Handbook
on Leadership. Today, American Chivalry is blindly led
through Donald "how dare they ask for evidence to
substantiate my allegations for killing whomever"
Rumsfeld, Kimmit, and the never forgotten bomb wherever
killer of women and children, Sir Franks. A performing
"Knight" [not real] he proclaims publicly to all,
including the wise wealthy spindlers of "magic" some
said, but were the art at living to bring Justice for
the innocent as victimized. The victimized impoverished
from a savage land chained by the tyranny of fools,
through the veils of a.... George W. Bush!! Evil
incarnate! The most despicable excuse for humans
suffering ever surmised by real understanding.

Wow! Why don't you just take a bow for US already!


/ / Add it all up, and the bill comes to nearly $4,000
per household, not including interest. "I wonder how
people would react if they got a bill from Washington
for that amount," he said. \ \

A bill based on murdering US innocent folks, so the
bushmob's bushite slaves, as traitors to America, can
steal even further from our distant Iraqi brothers and
sisters left destitute by our forsaken name. Demon bush
has no rights to any stolen assets, none whatsoever.

Enemies of Humanity shall lose to themselves by us
winning for just ordered chaos. The intelligence of
believing to surmiss, by golly good god we exist as
truly a miracle. Wow!, we could be simply something
fantastic if we had the will to make life something
greater for everyone included. Doing God a favor. What
pleasure could be greater giving back what you so most
treasure? Think of me doing this as King for investment
on continuing towards a better fortune. I don't ask for
your faith as bush demands you for himself, but ask you
to only find faith in youself as an equal unto Heaven,
and try to form your conclusions by not concluding so
much without any understanding at all. Sugestion:
don't be so suggestable., and think about supporting the
re-start of the American 9/11 police investigations by
firstly, arresting bush and rumsfeld immediately, for
the evilest of high treasons in America., America, the
native home land of a freedom plan never lost to the
tide of political indifference through tech-know
corporate media bias. The driving will for me to
succeed towards a better future, is the freedom as being
committed to Justice indivisable. Ultimately, Justice
for You, means Justice for me, even if you don't
understand as much.

Johnny Wizard



/ / These are only some of the reasons bush must be
convicted for murdering innocent people, or executed by
a real American soldier, dedicated to freedom, Liberty,
and Justice indivisible, for all as US equals. \ \



/ / 5) Was there a coordinated effort with the U.S. intelligence
community and/or British officials to "fix" the intelligence and facts
around the policy as the leaked document states? \ \

Forbidden Knowledge



The most powerful broadcast ever recorded in the history of Humanity.


Is Enron Behind The War In Afghanistan?

Look, American soldier..

You now should know, bush and rumsfeld murdered
Americans in New York City, and as consequence, have no
interest in acknowledging as pursued the criminal
investigations. CNN holds no responsibility, as we
witness repeatedly, to American soldiers, but to harbor
those who pirate our rights to openly steal real lives.
If bush makes no mention of himself stealing 50 billion
dollars, murdering American police officers, sabotaging
the weapons inspections process, funding israeli
atrocities against the God loving, and warring our world
as the anti-Christ by running death squads against the
innocent, well, CNN, the american success, sure ain't
gonna be speaking out for your stolen freedoms dying
comrads. For what benefit in market share would there
be to work for your living, dirt bagged? CNN is so
colorfully excited about selling the glossy bush war to
kill the poor stupid people, but for what american
fascist weak binded bushmobbed soldier without
principles? Again, how stupidly dunce does a poor
cowardly american soldier have to be to not believe?
Nobody but a cult corporatized illiterate fascist nazi
vermin parasite, just like Jew hater ariel sharon would
support the murder of American soldiers for a criminal
conflict that doesn't serve to protect. But if it, as
bush nazi evil does with little struggle over the masses
complaining, and america marches off to criminally war
the third world as the bad guys, our World, indeed this
Universe will then know the absolute true cowardice of
american soldiers, as premised upon the weakness of
america's army to not uphold America's own rule of Law
for freedom as themselves included. It only takes One
Soldier to turn this tide to destroy bush Jr., and that
Soldier is where in America partner? Who American
soldier, do you think bush as traitor does steal from as
the duped General public as corporately represented to
be unawares? Do american soldiers have to convince
themselves their families are not worth fighting for,
and instead, lay their lives down in sacrifice to the
bush demon who would also steal from their graves as the
lifeless to speak out for themselves ever? Ever? Did
you know American Soldier, the Pentagon, after receiving
complaints from surviving soldier families, (some of
like the over a thousand documented American troops
slaughtered in Afghanistan) that taps wasn't being
played because of so little real talent present in
american military affairs, and that now, when a cowardly
American nazi soldier dies for the bushmob, the mock
national guard will hold a horn to his lips and act out
the part to your grieving as stolen from family, while
secretly pressing a hidden button, that will play a
cheaper recording? But shhhh...

The fact that you don't see this post, or others nearly
like it at american military internet sites, exemplifies
their fear and weakness to stand as a force worth
reconing with. (Look, we destroy bush and rumsfeld,
stop funding the drug trade and sharon, and begin the
public trials, all in three simple steps.) No, to be an
american soldier in bush's america today, you have to
hide from your cowardice like the 9/11 evidence, and be
something corporate news america is not. Involved.
Just go ahead and die for nothing american soldier, but
for to be unaccounted as hidden without value, while the
bushmob robs from your grand parents as unprotected.
Tis' true it does further seem, american soldiers, on
general terms, are super dumb ass nazi scums, who hold
little of no conviction to protect the America I
remember. Why? Because the unelected war criminal,
American traitor, mass murderer, cop killer bush is
still spewing his blind hatred for the progress of our
civilizations, instilled through law as a function to
gain justice for people. People who are suffering and
dying for bush's contempt for the American dream.

Destroy traitor bush and rumsfeld for escaping to
recommit murder today, and be actually caring for your
world tomorrow, or not, and deem yourself unworthy by
your own admission to play fair as the eternal standing
proud, strong, and free.

Free to be living justly for yourself
truly as caring to know this as everything.


Now, how about the Koran?

Johnny Wizard

Christ I'm Actually Rising!

Destroy the traitors to our humanity, the unelected
lawless dictator Mr. bush, and rotten rumsfeld the
sadistic savage now American Patriot Soldiers. Stand up
for your country, and live for your family. The
corporate TV news professionals show you, as an American
Soldier a concern for your life as unworthy of
discussion, actively censoring the political reality on
bush's america, while encouraging soldiers to commit
crimes against our being, by keeping us all uninformed
as the sacrificial sheeple. The bushmob have actively
worked to not arrest themselves for 9/11, and in so
doing, are purposefully ignoring the public evidence
that is freely available. Mr. Tenant and Mueller would
have you believe the officers of America, who have
completed the criminal investigations outlining the cop
killer bush, are unworthy as American Patriots serving
the cause for freedom and liberty to not be publicly
acknowledged, while blaming Laden for every terrorist
crime that happens before an police investigation even
begins! See? Evil deceived. What do you think? Is
not a list of all supporters of the bushmob in Congress,
who voted to dismantle the Constitution, and wage a
criminal war, as without just cause to murder Soldier
families for stolen Human values, a good list to be
broadcast? Or shall we sit in doubt while these
talentless demon monsters murder millions of US as
innocent cowards? Who isn't a freedom fighting al-Qaida
member according to the evil tommy franks dum fuk's
conclusion? How stupid can an American Soldier be, to
be asked by rumsfeld and CNN, to destroy their own
principles, and to sacrifice their lives for such
cowardice in whoreship to the evil dictates of the
anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.? And, to the still
groggy, without the payoffs of corporate america's holy
Larry King even!, or the anti-semitic fascist Saturday
Night Live troop to boot your stupid carcass to the
front line as entertainment? BA HA HA HA (like SNL's
new, it's all so hillarious audience, paid for likely
because the degrading intolerant bigoted news crew, have
so little real talent performing to the robbed and dying
to be devalued and murdered by their inaction to even
joke about it. Why? No money in contributing to the
poor stupid people without TV contracts, or TVs,
electicity, or running water now that the clouds are
being privatized.) $155,000 is the base pay of bush's
now anti-American criminal congressmen, and that's
before corporate bribes, oops, I mean corporate BRIBES
to urge YOUR "willed" sacrifice in corporate america's
"democracy", now that bush's america is convinced
evidence is no longer a requirement to convince US, who
is truly an evil doer, or who actually wins elections on
behalf of the People. You ask yourself, again, who are
you dying for American Patriot Soldier? Know that this
paper, like all the rest, will reach the CNN and Coast
to Coast network staff under one name or another, and
yet, they'll continue to turn against the interests of
American soldiers by not addressing our present top
priority concerns regarding the facts on your schedule
for departure. Only broadcasting the popular, bush
contempt for all American lives as too much trouble, as
unworthy the free time to openly discuss things before
"they" die, all those nasty evil powerless People. I
dare you American, to be a Soldier and email this to
your brothers and sisters, to convince them with tough
Love, how you wouldn't want to see them die unjustly for
Mr. bush Jr., Art Bell, or even me as the Wizard. Or
spew instead, how you would as a traitor to yourself,
your family, your country, and God too, sacrifice your
worthless self as unfactored, but for to be a pitiful
coward, falling to die by your own sword on stupid evil
bush's corporate command over your rights to be
represented fairly. Be your own Saviour!

Big G is cool, or not. You decide Holy.

The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
kinda even all ready.

P.S. Don't miss the awesome magic Johnny Wizard papers,
"Let Love Rule", or "Strange is Strange", slowly now
disappearing from your nearest search engine dealer!
Get your free copy now, before they're all gone to the
slave owners who truly have know power anyway...

Johnny Wizard


/ / What's the upshot of the BearingPoint Plan? Iraq's
economy and all of its resources are ripped open to
foreign control. The U.S. corporations whose
executives participated in the drive for war and that
have already reaped billions of dollars in post war
profits and reconstruction contracts, could own every
business, do all of the work and send all of their money
home. Nothing need be reinvested in the Iraqi economy,
no Iraqi need be hired, no public services need be
guaranteed nor the rights of workers protected, and no
resources need stay in the country. \ \

We must hunt down the bush bitches who are presently
departing with the billions of stolen American People
dollars that not so mysteriously went vanishing, or, the
bush bitches who as usual, freely admit being God's
enemies, to shooting innocent women and children while
eating plutonium for the richly pleasures of the demon
American cop killing antiChrist continuing, as cowards,
to let rob from their own un-defended families back home
they leave forsaken as the ungodly. A bushite nazi
soldier betrays his very own family with lies of
gallantry, while dying to leave un-arrested, those bush
has termed lawless, labeled by Kimmitt as pro-Iraqi.
Those who torture, steal, rape, and murder the
practically defenseless and innocent. Bush's new
America. Where bush bitch America is to be all left
leaderlessly for the bushite bounty of falling more
innocent gun shot victims. Kill George W. Bush, Condi,
and Donald Rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11 as a true
American Patriot Soldier would, or die a traitor's death
by not defending your family as a coward just pretending
to be a real man or woman of honor and virtue.

As instead, the evil bushite soldier further stands by
associated to the Lawless traitors who steal to leave
remained, the humanitarian aid that was stolen and paid
through to commi Haliiburton. To die warring for
rumsfeld, who while blowing up American GIs with cluster
dud, takes American tax dollars to hire deemed lawless
foreign fighting South African death squad runners, (at
a thousand dollars per each daily) who confess a history
to murdering people just because they were dark skinned
humans. Those racist murdering rumsfeld buddies, would
surely kill a American Negro soldier, as they would an
Iraqi one, no? (Where's Powell on this issue?)

/ / Private contractors covered by the blanket immunity
will also not be prosecuted under US military law. They
will, in effect, be granted a green light to commit
crimes in Iraq with total impunity. \ \

Instead of fighting for American principles, the bushite
lawless traitors murder the innocent to rifle through
the pockets of their fallen victims, true evil is the
bushite cancer. Parasites who, as enemies of God, let
the likes of rapists, or a Negroponte, a Bremer, a
Kimmitt, or a Buford Blount walk within firing range,
and refuse to take out those who intend to allow the
enemies of America, Bush, Condi, Ahmad and Rumsfeld,
escape the 9/11 murder scene back in New York City by
further sacrificing the dumfuk soldiers, dumfuks whom
are lead to be, too weak and stupid to be true blooded
Patriots committed to the cause of liberty and justice
for us all.

Get bushite.

King of America,

Johnny Wizard


Beat the Press

/ / For instance, Russert could have reminded viewers that during
a nationally televised speech in October 2002, Bush said that
Iraq had a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons. But at
the same time the National Intelligence Estimate-- what was
supposed to be a summation of the intelligence community's
best material on Iraq--reported that the intelligence agencies
had no information on any bioweapons stockpiles. \ \

Playing to Win

Bush declared, "and he wouldn't let them in. And,
therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to
remove him from power."

So, there was indeed no imminent threat posed by Saddam
to Amerka, and inspectors had complete unrestricted
access throughout Iraq without delay prior to the, bush
demon's further war crimes. So, what was the reason for
all the pointless mass murder and destruction again? Oh
right.. to sacrifice American soldiers so terrorist
bush's war profiteering can feed off themselves as
family without leadership present as spoken for. Hey no
problem if Bechtel or Halliburton never actually gets
anything done, or at a good price after their magic
trick "pay here for what?" commissions eat up most of
the investment, it's only the dummy American People bid
payers again left unaccounted to DIE intentionally. The
bushites could make more killings for decades to come,
while flogging the now desecrated American flag as the
new bushmob's being intolerance, greed and true contempt
for all US as Humanity. US, a dying dream that once was
the great American way of living; now war crime bush's
personal enslavement for global tyranny.

The devote bushites tell a Loyal but dumb Soldier to
quietly eat plutonium and get blowed up by rummy cluster
dud, because, it's harmless. Again the marines have got
to come in and save our day, by arresting bush and rummy
for 9/11 now, with truth as the all time word of God
exists within yourself included. Look, don't think I'm
gonna fly down to Washington like some comic hero, and
arrest the entire bush administration, going through
them, one by one from their holding cells, on where all
the stolen cash and American values went all by myself.


All the deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq today, (like
the People who died for the bushmob's 9/11), are caused
from their leaderless weakness to not face bremer and
the bushmob as war criminals continuing to transgress in
America's name high-jacked.

Mr. bremer fired Iraqi school teachers, and hired up
Saddam's secret service, those, who if any, would have
closer relationships to charges of criminal impropriety
in the name of the baathist banner, than any other group
would be. If an American soldier in Iraq today, feels
those from the Saddam Baathist regime should face
American Justice (the real way by thinking) why then, is
bremer not behind bars awaiting his public court
appearance? Mr. bremer as the director of Kissinger
Associates, is as, directly tied to "CRIMINALLY"
providing Saddam his WMD knowhow. The first
"Iraqgate".. [I apologize as Creator for being
partially responsible for this worse than B movie but
true plot line scenario, however, looky here!, there
is so much more to believe!!!]

The bushmob tricks are too cunning to comprehend, see?
Again, for those who can, bush must be stopped from
murdering American Patriots for no good cause, because,
it's really getting US royally miffed way up here also
as the true beings actually committed to Justice as
Freedom for all. That's all folks.

Ya, it's me again,
King of a world forgotten,
Johnny Wizard


REP. KUCINICH: If I may, there is no evidence that Iraq
represents an imminent threat to the United States.

MR. PERLE: "...There's no evidence. There's no imminent threat."

REP. KUCINICH: I think that when a president commits the
young men and women of this country to battle, that it
should only be when there is an imminent threat to this


How Bush misled the world

Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman.


i HATE bush

Evil bushite soldiers are the enemies of America, Humanity, and God.
After asking demon bushite soldiers if Worldcom, (who robbed their own
grand parents) is worth dying for by eating depleted uranium
containing plutonium, or stealing Iraqi humanitarian aid to double pay
Halliburton, do they then scream to bill bush and rumsfeld for 9/11 as
true Patriots? No, too weak and stupid as antiChrist disciples to
protect true American principles. Instead, as enemies to the 6 billion
plus of US, drop cluster bombs laced with toxic waste on themselves to
kill their own partners serving at their side in crime, while fighting
to protect heroin pushers, Dutch-Shell, and death squad runners, who
as irrational antiChrist nazi vermin, support the murder of our
innocent families as enemies of everyone. Such as at Guantanamo, 9/11,
or the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum murdering Islamic
children and teachers. Remember: 1. We had 100% access through Iraq
prior to murdering one child, 2. unnarrested buford blount freely
admits to murdering THOUSANDS of Iraqi People for nothing, and, 3.
bush's business partner, General Ahmad, funded 9/11's Atta according
to the American FBI, and also worked on the invade Afghanistan without
following the evidence plan with Condoleeza. Of which left the
official bushmob strategy to NOT apprehend bin Laden, put together
prior to 9/11, and confessed to Johnny through MSNBC, as fully
implemented. SEE?, the 7 or so highjackers that are alive, don't have
any terrorist ties! The bushmob didn't want any to have the evil plan
decieve the American People. This was why when the Taliban offered
Laden at the presentation of ANY evidence, bush's america refused in
ignorance for God as their own demeaned American values continue to be
sacrificed. What can't you figure?

I hate bush, that American cop killer, more than anything else in the

So, I call on all godly men and women of this forsaken world to come
down to take out the unarrested demon bush and rumsfeld today, and be
loved by all as worth something. Or not, and as enemies of America,
end yourselves in contempt for life and love.

The Lord,

Johnny Wizard

Cash donations gratefully accepted.


¡¡¡¡The charity, Christian Aid, said the US/UK Coalition
Authority (CPA) in Iraq has only explained how it spent one-fifth of
the total of 5 billion US dollars given by international donors for
Iraq's rebuilding. ¡¡¡¡The funds include 1 billion dollars from
former UN Oil for Food program, 2.5 billion dollars in assets from
Saddam Hussein's former regime and 1.5 billion dollars in oil
revenues, the charity said in a report.


"What has happened to the cash the US army captured? Should it not be
identified as income in the 2003 budget? A very large amount of money
- $925 million - is identified as 'various expenditures'. What are
these 'various expenditures'?" "The point I am trying to make is that
we seem to see the beginning of a lot of 'cover ups', which needs to
be strongly criticized," Von Sponeck added.


from Johnny's "Who is Who?"

/ / ...As we witnessed horrified
in Florida, as bush the demon tyrant self destructing in
his personal hatred for everything truly, argued with
only himself publicly, that he as pure evil, isn't
required to have evidence to murder anyone, and if The
People should speak out as Justice for all as reason
does sustain, he'll annihilate the entire planet, as he
is against every life as US not understood, perceived,
or believed, because he is generally so stupid as evil
is always, leaving him targeting specifically, any
police officers who are protecting ourselves as
community he would blindly spout proudly, if we could
nail him on the question directly. Justice to protect a
person not guilty of a crime, he believes is ONLY
relative to whom holds the speakers platform for
accusation, so as dictator, he sides to steal and
destroy our lives unworthy as himself, and doing so, has
him deceived it brings bounty by monetary value stolen,
not earned, seeing no value in personal relationships
but to distrust others as reflected to being a part of
himself also, leaves him in relationship to us, secretly
planning to deceive the entire infinite forever
Universe, being harmful to all as the anti-Christ he is
without exception. Ah, but alas Mr. bush, infinity
plus infinity equals infinity super dummy. Nothing else
wiser as this Universe is intelligence known to
ourselves as wonder eternal. See, if there is one thing
every single conscious entity in this Universe of
Universes can all agree on despite whatever bush spews,
is that we don't wish to be deprived our right to life
and liberty for just living to not deny that right from
any other. Lucky for bush, God is forgiveness, being of
a causeless force before an actual beginning kinda
nature, me on the other hand as Johnny, representing
life and death the way I do honestly, am not so stupid
nor tolerant watching him destroy ourselves in error.
It's a crazy world. Mr. bush tinks the world is only
of his perception, nothing more of ideas, no strength in
wisdom, fearing equality for us would leave him in all
honesty, a life wasted trying to cheat himself. While I
as Christ say every single individual has the equal born
right inherent as existence eternal dictates, not only
because I'm naturally a caring, compassionate person
familiar with physics, but also because it does me well
for my freedom to be all I can. For in this struggle of
living, I foresee great potentials, not only for myself
having fancy dinners and super big parties, but also for
the realms of knowledge I'm familiar with ourselves
neglecting, and how many important issues go unresolved
due to doubters who dismiss actual experts in areas such
as understood sciences that need our utmost immediate
attention, motivating me to do anything possible to make
this place a better world on behalf of everyone, that of
which, to resolve, only lacks a lounge act King, who as
should be, me, because here I am to crown myself
standing this way forever dreaming. Plus, believing I'm
actually trying to help this big old clunker of a
Universe as I understand fairly well as friendly, really
makes it an extra special bonus for the planet and
everything, as long as our world isn't completely
decimated by the bushmob, due to the general masses
having absolutely no interest in understanding
themselves. I don't have any interest in what others do
with their freedom, other than deny ourselves to do
likewise. If a nation commits a crime against my
freedom as a individual, of which I know as a god to be
equally represented through everything, an innocent
person murdered effects me personally, especially when
it's advocated in a public forum where freedom is
advertised, but obviously not present, there is where my
voice demands by RIGHT to be in defence of all
innocence, (big G 6 power) such as is my eternal
struggle for freedom in my own name of John. (I'm in
the book.) I wouldn't kill everyone in the country, or
police officers as bush would advise, but demand the
perpetrator to be corrected, chastised, insulted,
arrested, or shot smiling as my two year John is crazy
mad about bush the nazi tyrant murderer, has manifest
ourselves this way. Freedom is only garnered through
Justice for all equally. \ \

/ / I am here guised as our
fabled archetypical, self made hero zero, as a living
proclamation to you. That you too, are an infinitely
complex multi-dimensional eternal living universe. That
answers a question that can not be asked. That we have
made it by nothing short of our own will to want to try
and take up the offering. Becoming our own adventure to
the future. With help offered by ourselves as the
universe, because we all do love life really. Working
to have as many as possible, time to do whatever we
want. In a universe who's cause is to celebrate life as
best we can, a gift that is never ending. With plenty
of surprises and pitfalls along the way. Therefore,
never ever lose faith in yourself, and in all you can
accomplish. Count on yourself to always be here with
you helping to make your dreams come true within reason.
I can't wait to fly like a eagle! Most of this is
easier done than said. I have learned that kindness is
good, and cruelty is bad. Truth is knowledge, and
knowledge is power. I am your creator that you have
created! You! Right here! Words! Sitting at seven
trillion years as the present and counting. This is
just the tip of an iceberg, in a deep huge ocean, on a
planet called earth that circles a sun. In the milky
way galaxy containing billions, and billions of even
more just like it, in a universe of universes that are
bigger than forever. Of such immense girth, mass and
energy, it can all be found alive and dancing in the
period at the end of this sentence. Da Da! You don't
really believe in all this now do you? How did you do
it all like that really? You are now officially born a
fool among the fools of creation. Thank yourselves. We
win. Now I can get some much needed rest, by putting
faith in you to help ourselves up. By waking up and
smelling the coffee. If you now know for almost certain
that our entire human civilization is being directly
used to kill innocent people, including your neighbor,
by a handful of the the most vilest excuses for hell
barely living, scared stupid and shaking, shouldn't you
have already something to say to your congressman, or
getting the facts on CNN especially. How long must we
tolerate this abuse by taking our crime. Or are you
just a lily livered coward, who blames me for your
excuses for killing yourself. Or making fun of others
who are thinking, while lashing at who ever they tell
you to because it's easier to play the role the nazi
bank buildings and disorganized crime has you in for.
It is safe to say, we, the people of all nations, are
now officially the good guys and only one last step from
calling ourselves the worlds saviours, by just counting
ourselves in to help our politicians. Does this now
mean we are better than those who would think that we
were not? Things that make you go hmmm... As for the
rest of ya, carry on as you were. Yawn. Then if by
some unforeseen moment we find ourselves at an end, in a
far distant future or tomorrow, alone without nothing,
ourselves or any friends. Never ever being here or
never ever even then. I'm sure it would be to a great
big bang of laughter for being so foolish and not the
wiser. Then maybe we would cry for nothing, laugh at
our expense for listening, and start the whole thing all
over. Only this time it would be funnier. I'm playing
Jesus Christ for real! With the crafted success we have
coming from our art departments, maybe all we have to do
is make sure everyone knows their basic arithmetic and
encourage politicians to sing or play instruments during
recess. Just might work. This mythical journey of self
discovery is based on the dreams and aspirations of
others, where the only thing holding us back is
ourselves. If there is one thing we can all be
absolutely sure of, it is that the true spirit of
mankind shall prevail. \ \


Two Splats

But why not just arrest the bad guys to US all by
evidence to conclude so rightly instead? Like outlined
in the Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independance?
What would it be my American friend, kill millions of
repressed Americans with billions of their stolen
dollars as weak pathetic cowardly losers being robbed
and taken as granted into slavedumb, or fight for
freedom by demanding the cop killer bushmob be
immediately brought to Justice by military fire power?

Let's just say if Saddam had in fact, destroyed all he
claimed, (that Blix was proactively processing for
verification with Saddam's 100% full cooperation), that
was enough of no evidence to collaborate for bush
personally to criminally war our world with mass murder
against God as the antiChrist. With the anti-American
evil bushmob now not encouraging the completion of the
UN's full accounting for the destruction of Saddam's
alleged illicit weapon warehouses, leaves the demon bush
reason for mass murder of US unresolved as no longer
important he figures unthinkingly? The bush
administration, as evil is Just the deceived disguised,
has pronounced to deliberately not be working
collaboratively to seek final conclusion of demanded UN
inspection fulfillments, you know, evidence demanded
that untold thousands of US were murdered for by small
nukes, and clusterbombs?, as devout bush failures
censored to communicate our true instincts on
maintaining our own survival? Instead of further
murdering more as criminal bush purposes, I say we just
arrest for public trial, or immediately destroy, the
bush demon and rotten rumsfeld for criminally
perpetrating the 9/11 senario against our better



/ / If this administration fails to hand those logs over, they will
stand in taint of high treason. \ \


Instead of murdering our
own families as war criminals for bush to pilfer the undefended
wallets of our grandparents, why don't we all smarten up, and just
bill the unarrested demon bush instead as something truly Patriotic?
What'd ya say? I say, let's just destroy evil bush instead for
arrest at 911, stay loaded if necessary for cheney, then demand a
change in altitude down at CNN headquarters for our benefits to be
included in future broadcast material. Examples to start on:


/ / The agreement had been negotiated between the heads of two
Pakistani religious parties and Mulla Omar, the Taliban head of state,
and was explicitly approved by Osama bin Laden himself. General Pervez
Musharraf, the Pakistani head of state, turned down the arrangement,
under pressure from the U.S., which was interested not in catching
Osama bin Laden but in occupying Afghanistan. \ \

Here_Comes_Humanity_at_hotmail.com (Destroy the unarrested American
cop killer, Our Mr. bush Jr..) wrote in message


"Kennedy said a recent report by the congressional
budget office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the
$4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be
accounted for by the Bush administration."

The Good Lord

Okay, now things are getting personal. It seems not
only bushite soldiers murder our innocent families for
no rational reason but to serve as enemies of God under
the antiChrist, they now need to blindly forget about
protecting the sacrificed family they almost know best
as their stupid own. Who gives a fuck if bush wants to
rob American tax payers a say in paying block grants to
fix things they criminally break? See? This is why
bush can't declare the money spent should be a loan, for
then, someone might be held accountable. Billions have
been already stolen from the UN's escrow account, while
the central Iraq bank, has those heading it, likely
directly involved in it's alleged current robbery. How
else could the plan made prior succeed? Ha ha. It's
almost like they imprison themselves on purpose for our
benefit. ALL Americans are too weak as stupid they keep
selling US. Now then, when's the fictional God King
fellow, gonna make our entrance disguised as a simple
man of few means, trying to get his show biz break in
the international media under the fantastically named
Johnny Wizard bill?

We, as, humanity, must make bush accountable for
the criminal waging of our rights as Life. "Why blow up
anything in Iraq", ask a mindless as DU poisoned bushite
soldier participating in death squads to murder women
and children? Our war crime perpetrators we need to
raise our guns in defense to, are: buford blount, tommy
franks, rumsfeld, bush, Condoleeza, and likely mueller.
Remember: The FBI informed US that bush's business
partner, (THE UNARRESTED) General Ahmad mastered 200,000
DOLLARS to give Atta, The 9/11 Mastermind, then, worked
with Condoleeza to devolop the 9/11 Afghanistan plan. A
TOP SECRET Presidential Directive reported on by MSNBC's
Jim Miklaszewski. A DOCUMENTED plan of not following
the criminal leads to arrest the actual perpetrators, to
secure criminal invasion against the American flag
waving, Taliban. Dated two days before 9/11 came down,
and confessed to MSNBC in March by the White house,
after deliberation, as fully implemented. Evil is just
the deceived disguised, and there's really not much to
fear of really like whatever. Evil is dumb. Always has
been. Humanity, through our public media, often
glorifies humanities worst malcontents, as have deft
skills of persuasion, instead of our failed ability to
simply challenge criminal transgressions like those
TRULY perpetrated by the bush demon for instance. Or
how about a soldiers word, not found as capable, but for
form letters to try and trick the family back home with
bush lies crying. Have you heard the true death count?
Who wouldn't defend their family from any irrational
proud bushite soldier, who as cowards, would murder the
practically defenseless and hungry, innocent and God
loving, like our family as our brother at Guantanamo,
while as traitors, fight to protect those responsible
for murdering thousands of New Yorkers? No instead of
protecting America, they spread radio-active toxic waste
on themselves, while fighting to persecute people not
guilty of any criminal offences. How weak and stupid,
can the almost fictional antiChrist really take a dying
America down counting for?

The ungodly bush demon demanded that evidence wasn't
required to arrest the 9/11 culprits, that he decided
instead, as planned before hand, with rumsfeld, would
war our undefended families to toll further criminal
sacrifices. Perhaps millions. Get bush for me please.

Johnny Wizard


It all seems pointless to his wife. ``Why is he
there?'' Graham asked Brown, lips trembling.


First of all, the point here is not that 170,000 items were stolen
from the Iraq museum, or that most American corporate media records
the losses, as only those that were stolen from the lobby; it is that
AMERICAN PLANNING was underminded by the demon bush "cabal".

The telephone exchange for example was blown up with several bunker
busters (DU weapons containing hundreds of pounds of toxic waste to
all of Humanity) for no reason but bush's evil to steal life from God
Nature. (The Iraqi military had hydrogen generators, and can use walky

talkies instead of payphones.) Why blow up whatever in Iraq to murder
our families for demon bush to cash US out as traitor I ask You?

Second, microscopic DU is a TOXIC heavy metal, as poisonious to human
beings, and as light as the wind. Also, being radio-active, a single
particle breathed into the lungs, can mutate DNA. Similarly to outside

background radiation can externally, but at 1900 times the level,

Get_bush_at_hotmail.com (Destrroy the American cop killer, Our Mr.
bush Jr.) wrote in message
Here_comes_Johnny_at_hotmail.com (bushite soldiers die as traitors to
America) wrote in message

9/11 families seek curb on probe officer

Remember: Condoleeza personally, with General Ahmad, devised the
"invasion of Afghanistan without any evidence plan", a plan to not
follow the criminal leads involving the murder of thousands of

Again, the very last thing demon bush wanted, was to actually
apprehend bin Laden, for, it would have foiled his documented war
plans as the super evil antiChrist disguised.


Bill_Kush_at_hotmail.com (Bill Kush) wrote in message

"Kennedy said a recent report by the congressional
budget office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the
$4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be
accounted for by the Bush administration."

The Good Lord

Okay, now things are getting personal. It seems not
only bushite soldiers murder our innocent families for
no rational reason but to serve as enemies of God under
the antiChrist, they now need to blindly forget about
protecting the sacrificed family they almost know best
as their stupid own. Who gives a fuck if bush wants to
rob American tax payers a say in paying block grants to
fix things they criminally break? See? This is why
bush can't declare the money spent should be a loan, for
then, someone might be held accountable. Billions have
been already stolen from the UN's escrow account, while
the central Iraq bank, has those heading it, likely
directly involved in it's alleged current robbery. How
else could the plan made prior succeed? Ha ha. It's
almost like they imprison themselves on purpose for our
benefit. ALL Americans are too weak as stupid they keep
selling US. Now then, when's the fictional God King
fellow, gonna make our entrance disguised as a simple
man of few means, trying to get his show biz break in
the international media under the fantastically named
Johnny Wizard bill?

We, as, humanity, must make bush accountable for
the criminal waging of our rights as Life. "Why blow up
anything in Iraq", ask a mindless as DU poisoned bushite
soldier participating in death squads to murder women
and children? Our war crime perpetrators we need to
raise our guns in defense to, are: buford blount, tommy
franks, rumsfeld, bush, Condoleeza, and likely mueller.
Remember: The FBI informed US that bush's business
partner, (THE UNARRESTED) General Ahmad mastered 200,000
DOLLARS to give Atta, The 9/11 Mastermind, then, worked
with Condoleeza to devolop the 9/11 Afghanistan plan. A
TOP SECRET Presidential Directive reported on by MSNBC's
Jim Miklaszewski. A DOCUMENTED plan of not following
the criminal leads to arrest the actual perpetrators, to
secure criminal invasion against the American flag
waving, Taliban. Dated two days before 9/11 came down,
and confessed to MSNBC in March by the White house,
after deliberation, as fully implemented. Evil is just
the deceived disguised, and there's really not much to
fear of really like whatever. Evil is dumb. Always has
been. Humanity, through our public media, often
glorifies humanities worst malcontents, as have deft
skills of persuasion, instead of our failed ability to
simply challenge criminal transgressions like those
TRULY perpetrated by the bush demon for instance. Or
how about a soldiers word, not found as capable, but for
form letters to try and trick the family back home with
bush lies crying. Have you heard the true death count?
Who wouldn't defend their family from any irrational
proud bushite soldier, who as cowards, would murder the
practically defenseless and hungry, innocent and God
loving, like our family as our brother at Guantanamo,
while as traitors, fight to protect those responsible
for murdering thousands of New Yorkers? No instead of
protecting America, they spread radio-active toxic waste
on themselves, while fighting to persecute people not
guilty of any criminal offences. How weak and stupid,
can the almost fictional antiChrist really take a dying
America down counting for?

The ungodly bush demon demanded that evidence wasn't
required to arrest the 9/11 culprits, that he decided
instead, as planned before hand, with rumsfeld, would
war our undefended families to toll further criminal
sacrifices. Perhaps millions. Get bush for me please.

Johnny Wizard


It all seems pointless to his wife. ``Why is he
there?'' Graham asked Brown, lips trembling.


First of all, the point here is not that 170,000 items were stolen
from the Iraq museum, or that most American corporate media records
the losses, as only those that were stolen from the lobby; it is that
AMERICAN PLANNING was underminded by the demon bush "cabal".

The telephone exchange for example was blown up with several bunker
busters (DU weapons containing hundreds of pounds of toxic waste to
all of Humanity) for no reason but bush's evil to steal life from God
Nature. (The Iraqi military had hydrogen generators, and can use walky
talkies instead of payphones.) Why blow up whatever in Iraq to murder
our families for demon bush to cash US out as traitor I ask You?

Second, microscopic DU is a TOXIC heavy metal, as poisonious to human
beings, and as light as the wind. Also, being radio-active, a single
particle breathed into the lungs, can mutate DNA. Similarly to outside
background radiation can externally, but at 1900 times the level,

9/11 families seek curb on probe officer

Remember: Condoleeza personally, with General Ahmad, devised the
"invasion of Afghanistan without any evidence plan", a plan to not
follow the criminal leads involving the murder of thousands of

Again, the very last thing demon bush wanted, was to actually
apprehend bin Laden, for, it would have foiled his documented war
plans as the super evil antiChrist disguised.


Bill Kush

So, Syria, on the behest of the demon bush
administration, arrested without charges the Canadian
Arar, blamed him as a terrorist in cahoots with whomever
without any evidence or access to a lawyer, and finally,
after international pressure to think rationally instead
of lawlessly plundering our rights away to die as
godless cowards for criminal bush, released Arar back to
Canada without unjust corporate america asking any
further questions. Then, Israel bombs civilian targets
excused by a video filmed underground, for nothing but
to say, Syria wasn't doing enough to speak out against
the geography, or injustices committed against
humanity by sharon. Like the nazi Israeli military
blowing up the neighboring homes to the one of where the
actual suicide bomber suffered, while reassuring US that
nobody lived there anyway. (Now, what if that was Your
community as a true God living Christian, Jew, or
Atheist?) The Likud party has discrimination laws that
only apply to "jews", and persecutes innocent people
like Christ is, with criminal INTENT routinely. You
know Christ?, King of the Jews? What connection do the
victims in Syria have to the allegations Israel has made
about senseless killing? What can't they figure those
nazi sympathizing dumfuks? Imagine this: You own your
own home, built by your granddad, you work an honest
twelve hour day for your spouse and children that you
deeply love, THEN, the nazi bushites break down your
door, steal all your possessions, (including the
Christmas toys under the tree), and send you out to live
in a concentration camp to be terrorized repeatedly, all
tax funded by americans to pay monsters like negroponte
to escape legal questions, or incarceration for
condoning crimes against our humanity for decades. Mr.
sharon is not Jewish, nor is the general population a
fair, well balanced Human representation. (Yeah, come
from anywhere in the world as a labeled "jew", and STEAL
someone's earned wages, and the ungodly bushites will
tax fund it to share the kick backs from the blood
drenched antiJew sharon crowd, or don't, because you
love God as your neighbor.) Being Jewish is a religion,
(like in Ethiopia) while being a Palestinian, is a
nationality encompassing all distinctions there present.
(Like in America's forgotten Constitution.) Atheist,
Christian, Jew, and otherwise as potentializing equals
through true freedom practiced politically. The Jew
haters of Israel have jew only roads in stolen
territory, paid for by sacrificing Americans as
principle. DYING! What can't you figure anti-Semitic,
God hating nazi Jew killers?

Again, I as Creator, am still seriously pleading and
begging for YOU, a rare real Patriot to work for ending
the criminal life of the war mongering God betrayers,
bush and rumsfeld, for escaping criminal arrest for
perpetrating, aiding and abetting in the murder of
thousands of Americans in New York City, and then
feeding Patriot American soldiers, a toxic, radioactive,
microscopic heavy metal dust comprised of also
plutonium, just to pocket a few thousand dollars for
bush's reelection coffers.., or continue sacrificing
your TRUE meaning and purpose as an enemy of Justice., a
traitor to your family, country, and Humanity.

If you believe,

Johnny Wizard

The Most Insidious of Traitors

/ / In short, in order to protect Bush from the
ramifications of using fake evidence to support his
war, this White House destroyed an intelligence network
that was protecting us from the threat posed by
chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. \ \


Contra Aide


/ / And, the year before, Americas Watch, the
precursor to Human Rights Watch/Americas, subtitled
its report on abuses in Honduras "Signs of the
`Argentine Method.'" In a damaging four-part series,
Ginger Thompson and Gary Cohn of the Baltimore Sun
discovered that in 1982 alone the Honduran press at
least 318 stories of extrajudicial actions by the
military. The series further alleged that the embassy
(and a select group of higher-ups in Washington) knew
of the abuses and that the American public as well as
Congress were consistently "deceived." In 1994, when the
National Commissioner for the Protection of Human
Rights in Honduras published a preliminary report on
disappearances, the first public recognition of
responsibility by the Honduran government, it listed
179 people as still missing and unaccounted for. And in
1995 Rick Chidester, a former embassy aide under
Negroponte, revealed to the Sun that his supervisors
had ordered him to remove allegations of torture and
executions from his draft of the 1982 human rights
report. \ \



/ / Some of the information published as part of the
project is pretty shocking, like the fact that the
U.S. removed 8,000 incriminating pages from Iraq's
weapons report to the U.N.; or that Donald Rumsfeld
may have a plan to deliberately provoke terrorists so we
can react. Other issues - like the attacks on civil
liberties - have been covered in the mainstream press,
but not in the comprehensive way Project Censored would
like to see.
So, without further ado, here are the "Top Ten
Censored Stories" of 2003: \ \


/ / Instead of murdering our
own families as war criminals for bush to pilfer
the undefended wallets of our grandparents, why
don't we all smarten up, and just bill the
unarrested demon bush instead as something truly
Patriotic? What'd ya say? I say, let's just
destroy evil bush instead for escaping
arrest at 911, stay loaded if necessary for
cheney, then demand a change in altitude down at
CNN headquarters for our benefits to be included
in future broadcast material. Examples to start on: \ \


A Johnny splat from
"All for our ability to communicate freely"

HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able
to perform professional no-notice inspections all over
Iraq and to increase aerial surveillance..."

Does a bushwhore devolving society where we
murder ourselves on irrational suspicions to steal
our worths to give to the bushmob as victims,
sound like a bad preposition to you too friend?
What is bush's panacea of packaged eternal freedom
absent Justice mean truly as measured to you judged
unfairly as the general Public unawares? How EXACTLY
is the bushmob going to liberate the oppressed and
disenfranchised without expressing public knowledge
on the subject on indivisibility? See?
If bush actually had evidence to truly believe
Saddam does in our present day have control as in
political possession, weapons of mass destruction,
sold to Saddam illegally by America to gas the
enemy with the then, full blessings from the great
satan, bush would have provided as such to the UN to
be legitimately concerned for "The People" in
Uzbekistan included, right? He would need to know
where abouts he comes to understand so, no? Mr.
Bush Jr. couldn't be sure enough otherwise to
toss cowardly American soldiers as worthless
without meanings, to be sacrificed as he is doing
for financial private profit paid for by the
victimized public, could he?


Two years on and what the f... ?

/ / We haven't yet understood that it is impossible
to wage war against an abstract noun. \ \


New York, You've Been Used
By William Rivers Pitt

/ / So what, you may say. September 11 happened. We
have to respond.I would answer with the following:
First of all, understand that these ideas were
formulated well before September 11. These officials
within the Bush administration did not cobble these
concepts together in the aftermath of that attack, but
had them waiting before the attack ever came, and used
the attack to bulldog these ruinous policies out into
the world. That is disturbing on its face. In a
moment, I will share with you the most disturbing part
of all. But first, this.\ \


Here_comes_Johnny_at_hotmail.com (bushite soldiers die as traitors to
America) wrote in message

Short and Sweet

"The inquiry heard last week that the words "may be able
to", referring to the 45 minute claim, were dropped on
the orders of Mr Campbell and replaced with "are able

Oh, and the 45 minute claim was actually referring to
small caliber weaponry, not sexy WMD...

From Johnny Wizard's "Believe"

/ / In other
words, the bush administration has confessed completely
to US, the People, to have absolutely no political
interest in following the primary crime scene evidence
surrounding the murder of thousands of American
citizens. Golly G, I wonder why that might be. \ \


U.S. lawmakers say Iraq WMD intelligence deficient

/ / "The absence of proof that chemical and biological weapons and
their related development programs had been destroyed was considered
proof that they continued to exist," wrote Goss and Harman, who are
chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the House Permanent
Select Committee on Intelligence. \ \


Who is behind the "Terrorist Network" in Northern Iraq, Baghdad or

/ / According to Powell, the head of the Kurdish terrorist group is a
person by the name of Abu usab Al Zarqawi who "fought in the Afghan
war more than a decade ago". (Colin Powell's Address to the UNSC, 5
February 2003 ). Ironically, this statement points to the complicity
of Washington rather than Baghdad. What it actually means is that
Al-Zarqawi fought in the US
sponsored Afghan wars as part of a CIA led operation. What Colin
Powell's statement suggests is that their "main suspect" Abu Musab Al
Zarqawi was in all likelihood trained and indoctrinated in a CIA
sponsored training camp in Afghanistan or Pakistan. \ \


Bush at the UN-a war criminal takes the podium

/ / But a growing majority of world public opinion sees US militarism
as the greatest force for chaos in the world and equates the Bush
administration's methods with out-and-out gangsterism. The US
president unleashed a war that is widely acknowledged even within US
establishment circles as unprovoked and unnecessary. By conservative
estimates at least 10,000 Iraqi civilians
were slaughtered and the number of young conscript troops who lost
their lives may number tens of thousands more. To claim he acted to
``honor the rights of man'' is obscene. \ \


/ / There is no doubt that Washington's predatory economic plans for
Iraq will provoke even broader and more intense resistance to the US
occupation. Unlike the American people, the Bush administration is
more than willing to accept the resulting increase in young American
soldiers, reservists and National Guard members dying daily to secure
increased profits for the administration's corporate backers. \ \

Stage Zero -The Moral Development Of George W. Bush

/ / I'm not a big Clinton fan, believe me, but can you imagine those
words coming out of his mouth during the absurd Lewinsky debacle?
An interviewer asks: "But didn't you say you did not have sexual
relations with that woman?" "I am the commander, see. I do not need
to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being
the president...I don't feel I owe anybody any explanation." \ \

I Believe
By William Rivers Pitt


The spies who pushed for war

/ / Mr Thielmann said. "Normally when you compile an
intelligence document, all the agencies get together to discuss it.
The OSP was never present at any of the meetings I attended." \ \

Bush's Mental Illness


/ / If George wasn't driving the world down the road to extinction
with his wars, his environmentally disastrous choices and world
alienating policies--"Look at me, ma, no hands" he says while sitting
behind the wheel of our children's future--I'd think he was almost
fascinating. \ \


Great Big Love

What can the demon bush do now for Iraq, that he
couldn't before robbing and murdering one bro, or
thousands for generations untolled?

Know that we still when reviewing our history, conclude
yet again, the lawless bush demon terrorists, had one
hundred percent access throughout Iraq without
restrictions, and that all of the available evidence
concluded, as still does, that yes indeed, it was
possible, and highly likely, that Saddam had destroyed
his weapons of mass destruction (provided in part
CRIMINALLY by bremer's (publicly insured) "Kissinger
Associates" (BNL)). Not one child needed for criminal
plunder to the war crimes of the ungodly buford blount
was required. What can the demon bush do now for Iraq,
that he couldn't before robbing and murdering one bro,
or thousands for generations untolled? DU discharged,
is microscopic heavy metal MEASURED radioactive (gamma,
plutonium, millirem), and toxic times five. It's
soluble, oh, and it's not soluble. DU will kill
needlessly American bushite soldiers by several
different scientific methods. Simultaneously. It's
deadly accuracy, has nothing to do with opinions, and
those that support silence on the science of said
weaponry, are Our greatest enemies. It is the cowardice
of American service People, to not work actively to
destroy bush and rumsfeld as traitors, or to even speak
up for their own families by living for freedom, that
they continue to fall unworthy dying as sacrificed
slaves, to the bush demon being as human hating Satan

A current outdated CBC web page, alleges fictitiously,
most scientists believe DU is harmless.

I am the Lord of our world and I want attention over the
oppression of ignorance being practiced by our corporate
news control. The ignorantly evil who refuse to allow
US Justice for living freely, must be challenged
immediately, and directly with reason for. Murdering
Humanity as war crime advocates for demon bush to
further steal our rights and good fortunes, must be met
with reaction eventually.

When buford (a blatant traitor to America and to all the
flag represents truly) was asked why according to THEIR
heinous estimate, did he commit bushite troops to the
murder of thousands for no objective but to commit mass
murders in demon bush's name he puked, "We just wanted
to let them know that we're here.", by murdering our
families he did for no other reason he threatens?, still
living? Me? Blount you nazi fuk, you don't speak for
anyone. I challenge blount personally on a fight to his
termination. If he refuses, and is still not arrested
for war crimes like death squad franks, 9/11's bush and
rumsfeld, bill'em Patriot for Love and country, the
flag, and Humanity.

The Massacre of Rashdiya

/ / ``The American bombing of the district of Rashdiya began at 3 .m.
They used cluster bombs. It continued until 9 p.m. During these hours
casualties began to be carried to the hospital in civilian cars
and pickups because there were no ambulances in this district. We
received a great number of casualties, all of them women and
children. \ \

The 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen are in "conflict of interest":
Mysterious September 11 Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill
by Michel Chossudovsky Global Outlook

/ / The two Joint Inquiry chairmen Sen Bob Graham and Rep Porter Goss
were fully cognizant of the "Pakistani ISI connection" and the role
played by its former head, General Mahmoud Ahmad. Why then did they
choose to exclude an examination of the role of the ISI from the
Inquiry's 858
page Report?

...On the morning of September 11, the three lawmakers Bob Graham,
Porter Goss and Jon Kyl (who were part of the Congressional
to Pakistan) were having breakfast on Capitol Hill with
General Ahmad, the alleged "money-man" behind the 9-11 hijackers.
... Was this mysterious breakfast venue a "political lapse", an
intelligence failure or something far more serious? How come the very
same individuals (Goss and Graham) who had developed a personal
rapport with General Ahmad, had been entrusted under the joint
committee inquiry "to reveal the truth
on 9-11." \ \

Again, please forward these words to every soldier you
know of,

thanks in advance,

Johnny Wizard

From Johnny's "One More Thing"

/ / There is a guide book for leadership in the
American Marines entitled, "Guidebook for MARINES", and
inside, it contains 14 principles to strive for as an
American Soldier...

Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, decisiveness,
Dependability, Initiative, Tact, Justice, Enthusiasm,
Bearing, Endurance, Unselfishness, Loyalty, and

For integrity it states:

"1. Integrity. The stakes of combat are too high to
gamble leadership on a dishonest man. Would you accept
a report from a patrol leader who had been known to lie?
Of course you wouldn't. All your statements, official
or unofficial, are concidered by your men to be plain,
unadorned fact. Make sure they are. When you give your
word, keep it. There are people depending on you to
come through with the goods."

Now, I could go on further about what kind of lifeless
degenerate a lawless cowardly mute soldier in bush's
nazi death squads would have to be, to serve under bush
as slave and traitor to home and family, as against God,
the Flag, and all that we represent as equals through
Justice, but I won't. \ \


OneLeap_at_hotmail.com (Patriot) wrote in message

One Giant Leap

A bushite soldier, to be proud of committing senseless
murder for the American cop killer, the Iraqi bank
robber, the demon bush Jr., along with WorldCom,
Dutch-Shell, and Halliburton, is not only a cowardly
traitor to victimized American families, but to all
People our World over. Weak as stupid and pathetic
cowards, who instead of bravely protecting America by
killing the unarrested bush demon and rumsfeld for 9/11,
side instead to eat DU while threatening Justice
everywhere as enemies of Humanity, freedom, and God.
Where are true Patriot soldiers regarding tommy franks
for death squadding children, or monster mass murderer
buford blount killing thousands of innocent people for
nothing he confesses freely as mad man? Wimp ass nazi
fuks, fascist commi vermin, uninformed as functionally
dead anyway, are all proud bushite soldiers.


No representative world body politic, would decide to
purposefully, criminally victimize US as the Innocent
for war monger, American cop killer bush as our official
Democratic decision maker.

I hope you as anyone else, can agree to find easy
agreement with anyone on our own interest as immediate
need, to have the heinous UNJUST traitor to our
Humanity, the mass murdering Mr. bush Jr., immediately
halted for victimizing Humanity criminally as documented

Mr. bush Jr. SIGNED his own name with Condolezza to
the "top secret" Presidential Directive 9/11 Plan. A
plan to invade Afghanistan without using evidence for an
allegation to a crime they would pin on Laden as
innocent of. A documented plan, IN AMERICA'S NAME, to
not apprehend the actual 9/11 perpetrators by following
the ample criminal leads offered through America's FBI
or CIA. Again, all completely planned SECRETLY several
days before the WTC incidents. Planned with bush,
rumsfeld, and atheist General Ahmad, the funder of
9/11's fall guy, Atta. The very last thing Ahmad, bush
and rumsfeld wanted, was to actually arrest Laden, for
it would have foiled their documented in writing,
criminal war crimes against my America to steal the big
bucks with our funerals. Mueller, franks and Tenant,
would likely be directly involved, like Condolezza is
for sure, and need to be questioned, then immediately
arrested for treason to face public trial in our court
room of popular opinion. Destroy Our unarrested Mr.
bush Jr. my friend, and this Universe of ours will be
forever grateful.

God is Just,

Johnny Wizard


OneLeap_at_hotmail.com (Patriot) wrote in message

One Giant Leap

A bushite soldier, to be proud of committing senseless
murder for the American cop killer, the Iraqi bank
robber, the demon bush Jr., along with WorldCom,
Dutch-Shell, and Halliburton, is not only a cowardly
traitor to victimized American families, but to all
People our World over. Weak as stupid and pathetic
cowards, who instead of bravely protecting America by
killing the unarrested bush demon and rumsfeld for 9/11,
side instead to eat DU while threatening Justice
everywhere as enemies of Humanity, freedom, and God.
Where are true Patriot soldiers regarding tommy franks
for death squadding children, or monster mass murderer
buford blount killing thousands of innocent people for
nothing he confesses freely as mad man? Wimp ass nazi
fuks, fascist commi vermin, uninformed as functionally
dead anyway, are all proud bushite soldiers.


Good_Lord_Almighty_at_hotmail.com (Good Lord) wrote in message


"Kennedy said a recent report by the congressional
budget office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the
$4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be
accounted for by the Bush administration."

God is Just,

Johnny Wizard

 demon_bush_is_a_liar@hotmail.com (bushites die as nazi cowards to overpay fraudsters Bechtel
while robbing their own grandmothers!)
wrote in message news:< 10e10d55.0401220732.14edf6c2@posting.google.com>...

"The People of Iraq are free"

The enemy bushite falsely faiths that somehow, in time,
by forcing a continuing threat of our murders as the
innocent striving for Freedom through representation,
they as the enemies of You, America, Humanity, and God,
will as they are doing, provide US a "free" government
in this World that will permanently sell off all of our
Nations assets below wholesale, to give into the
convicted likes of a Halliburton, WorldCom, or five
dollar a day, worker wages Bechtel. Now what kinda
People's Democracy would that be then, where bush states
is now truly "free" for his war crime ilk to rob from in
Our stolen names dying? The demon bushmob 'cabal' has
freed Iraqis from access to clean water, electricity,
low cost fuel, food, medicine, being not bombed or shot
at by getting organized, or