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What now?
.... now that it's been over a year. It finally comes to light... that surprise!!! Old Karl Rove turns out to be the leak...... for spite, for get back... because he couldn't pressure someone to say what he wanted to say.... Karl Rove plays hardball.... leak this guy's wife's identity as a CIA agent... to show him who's got the power. The result, the possible deaths of undercover agents working in the chain of command. Under this woman, at worst... and at the very least, exposing an active CIA agent, which is a felony.

A reporter is gone to jail, not because of some ethical protection of a news source. But because she supports the president's line on the war, and does not wish to embarrass the administration.

Robert Novak of CNN sits on the sideline.... the originator of the story... and he got a closepin on his lip... the most trusted name in news.... yeah right.. when you can get it.

As of this time, Newsweek, MSNBC are mainstream media picking up on this,FOX, CBS, CNN do not have a mention of it....

My personal observation is the way that this administration continues to skirt and subvert the law.... so I'm wondering if Karl will get a pass on this situation?
Rove to the Supreme Court 13.Jul.2005 10:35

billy ray billadie@skyride.net

Considering Bush's past performances (Bolton to UN, Gonzalez AG) his next action to destroy the United States as we know it will be to appoint Karl Rove to the Supreme Court. Why haven't investigative reporters (are there any left?) looked into the memos that Rove copied on a computer and sent to Dan Rather?

rove is 13.Jul.2005 12:13

going down

fast. It's great to watch GOP and their TV spinmeisters squirm and wriggle on this one. David Gergen's normally runaway-bride eyes are as big as UFO's right now. You can tell they're stymied on this one. Goodbye to their runaway Supreme Court nominees. Goodbye to Pinnochio's puppetmaster. He'll at least have to resign. This is what Kerry is setting us up for with his call for Rove's ouster. Brit Hume is another one whose usual smuggy smile is somehow having a hard time curling into it's usual position. The big question is: What did Bush know and when did he know it? The White House appears to have been lying it's ass off about this situation for two years now. Credibility is out the window. Especially with Bush Fallguy/Mouthpiece Scott McClellan. Watching Helen Thomas skewqer him over his personal credibility status was awe-inspiring. Even CBS's usual clone-corps were asking some actual uncomfortable questions. Even John Stewart mentioned it. What's happening here? Right in the middle of new terrorist madness, a ray of light is being shed down upon us in the form of a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR FOR BUSH'S CHIEF OF STAFF. All sorts of odd things are bound to come out in this wash. The inquisition of the Republican Himmler, (in reality just another non-descript pasty bureaucrat), has the potential to rock and perhaps cripple the D.C. house of cards in strategic ways. Or is it the House of Usher? See the Dems smell blood in the water!