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Massive State Trooper Response to EF! Banner Hang Across Hwy 26

Right Now!
Reports of 20 carloads of Oregon State Troopers arriving at the banner site.
People at the banner hang site are reporting that approximately 40 state troopers have arrived.
There has not yet been any attempt to remove the tree sits or banner.
More information will be posted when it becomes available.
Scary 11.Jul.2005 11:26


More peddling of utter paranoia, irrational fear & an ever-expanding fascist police state.

Encouraging! 11.Jul.2005 12:01


I smell desperation.

A small adjustment in tactics and no one needs to get arrested.
Keep on agitatin'.

overkill 11.Jul.2005 14:32


some of the cops had foam bullet guns, and they even brought in a k9 unit. it was WAY overkill.

HUH? 11.Jul.2005 16:12

Haven't A Clue

Witness: What are foam bullet guns???? They almost sound harmless but .....

Updated Number 11.Jul.2005 17:37


The 20 state trooper car estimate was only looking down one road (26). There were another 20 cars on 43. There were 40 state trooper cars out there this morning. Very crazy!

Major overkill. 11.Jul.2005 21:04


That IS overkill, especially considering the fact that OSP is always claiming poverty to the extent that (if they are to be believed) there are reports that only 7-8 OSP cars patrol the entire state on weekday nights.

One of my relatives is former OSP and still eavesdrops on their main dispatch signal out of Salem. From what he says, OSP is stressed enough that when OSP is called in from coastal cities like Newport, Florence, etc. the cars are dispatched from Salem due to financial limitations (and of course, you're fucked if you REALLY do need them because it takes them 1 to 2 hours to arrive).

If that's true, what the fuck?

Where did they get 40 cars and how can they justify putting so many squads and resources into busting a couple of tree-sitters with a banner on 26 (who don't pose any real threat, unless open-mindedness and peaceful protest is now illegal), when they should be out doing their REAL job:

Like driving around, eating donuts and pretending that they are proecting everyone.

Maybe a call to OSP honchos is in order 12.Jul.2005 00:00

scratching my head

They show up in droves, they dress up like they're about to go into fierce battle. They send out a treeclimber to cut the banner down.


Maybe a call to the head OSP honcho to ask this question is in order. Who there to call?