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Tree Sits & Banner Hang Across Hwy 26. EF! Protests Logging in Mt Hood NF Right Now!

Come on out and support the action! It's going on right now!

DIRECTIONS: The Intersection of Highway 26 and Highway 43. The location is a little over 10 miles southeast of Government Camp.
On Monday July 11th, following the 25th annual national gathering of Earth First!, activists stretched an eye-catching banner between two visible tree-sits across Highway 26, outside Government Camp, drawing attention to an adjacent old growth logging project on Mt. Hood National Forest.

"Mt. Hood National Forest continues to log old growth, destroying native biodiversity and threatening our drinking water. We need to re-direct money from the commercial timber sale program to true non-commercial restoration," said Sarah Wald, of Cascadia Rising.

The action took place at the Hilynx Logging Project, a timber sale slated to log 300 year old Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock trees just 10 miles southeast of Government Camp, with several units visible from Highway 26. The Forest Service claims they need to log the area because it is "diseased' with Indian Paint Fungus, even though this so-called "disease" is a natural fungus praised by biologists for creating habitat for an array of old-growth dependent species. The area has a high density of recreation use with many trails, dispersed camping sites, and usage by hunters.

"We need to restore and protect Mt. Hood National Forest. Logging for profit is not true restoration," said local activist Kevin Sloan.

Activists from around the nation attending the Round River Rendezvous joined together to call for an end to the commercial timber sale program in order to protect Oregon's endangered forests, and Mt. Hood National Forest in particular.

"The clearcuts currently happening in Mt. Hood are a terrible reminder of the destruction of endangered old growth habitat in Southern Arizona due to urban sprawl," said Arizona activist Jessica Lee.

Hilyx is one of over forty timber sales threatening Mt. Hood National Forest, many of which propose logging mature and old growth forest. Just recently 68 acres of publicly owned old growth was clear-cut at the Bear Timber Sale, in the southern portion of Mt. Hood National Forest.

"Mt. Hood National Forest provides the drinking water source for one-third of Oregonians. We need to protect our water resources for both drinking and recreation," said local Clackamas River raft guide Jes Karper.

DIRECTIONS: The Intersection of Highway 26 and Highway 43. The location is a little over 10 miles southeast of Government Camp.
let's not make this an isolated incident 11.Jul.2005 09:12


bad logging projects (are there good?) continue to occur in the mt. hood national forest with minimal public awareness. BARK is doing some really good things by getting the USFS to negotiate on sales, however no visible direct action is occurring. if you are not aware, BARK is a great place to start - www.bark-out.org. while i commend the action and support Earth First! wildly, it should not take an Earth First! rendezvous to generate action. get to know the local forest (it is the source of your drinking water) and let your voice be heard. a big howl out to the men and women in the trees!

Not the only timber sale in the area! 11.Jul.2005 09:56

Big Foot

Hilynx is not the only existing timber sale in that area. Bear Knoll and Junkrock are both within walking distance and contain old growth stands (some of the Doud-firs are between 4 and 5 feet in diameter). It is not too late to become involved in saving these old growth reserves. Bark is pushing hard to minimze the impact in the area, www.bark-out.org. But they need your help, and most importantly you need to get up there and see these beautiful places.

Thanks Earth First!

photos? 11.Jul.2005 11:52


where are the photos???

photos of banner hang and rally and lots of cops 11.Jul.2005 16:15


here are some pics from teh banner hanging this morning, we had a good time playing music and raising teh public awareness of Old growth logging taht is currently happening on Mt. Hood. there was a heavy police presence and some random video guys who weren't very friendly, no arrests were made, but they sent a pofesional climber up to cut down the banner, boo! we still played music and used signs to inform vehicles on the road about teh logging practices on Mt. Hood.
banner across Hwy 26 the tree sit is on the right
banner across Hwy 26 the tree sit is on the right
police are our biggest fans, they more than doubled the turnout for this event
police are our biggest fans, they more than doubled the turnout for this event

more photos 11.Jul.2005 16:19


more pics of teh hwy 26 banner hang

map to site 11.Jul.2005 16:25


I have been following/supporting the Siskiyou efforts and am unaware of the exact location of the Hilynx site. Any map cordinates or FS roads would be appreciated. I will trek up there this week. Keep up your excellent efforts, even though the populus is dense and sucking on their consumeristic agendas there are many others whom praise your dedication. RESIST

Earth First? 11.Jul.2005 16:26


I thought Earth First! meant "no compromise in defense of the Earth," so can anyone explain to me why did these tree-sitters make a deal with state troopers and come down when asked?

banner being cut 11.Jul.2005 16:29


photos of the banner falling after a forest service climber went up and cut it
fS or police climber heading behind the rally to climb the tree
fS or police climber heading behind the rally to climb the tree

more photos 11.Jul.2005 16:29


police presence waht accompanied by ununiformed video artists who were not very talkative or friendly at for that matter

Earth First Action on Highway 26 11.Jul.2005 16:30


some photos for your enjoyment.

The Banner
The Banner
Perfect Timing. Some of the smaller trees cut from HiLynx
Perfect Timing. Some of the smaller trees cut from HiLynx
There were a total of 30 Law enforcement cars.
There were a total of 30 Law enforcement cars.

map to hilynx 11.Jul.2005 17:45

cow elk

hey, supporter here is the link to BARK's page containing all you need to know.


wooooohoooooo 11.Jul.2005 19:18

EF! rocks

Thanks, guys. I couldn't stay for today, but had a great weekend!

Something I don't get 11.Jul.2005 23:56

another supporter

Why do the cops come out in droves just because some folks have strung an educational/informative banner across the highway? Why do they send a treeclimber out to cut it down? And why do they dress up in military outfits when they know that all the activists are totally non-violent?

why all the cops 12.Jul.2005 07:54

police liason

The police wanted to display with a show of force in case protesters got to riled up. Hopefully some images of the officers carrying pepperball guns & "sponge" projectile guns will come up on the web. The Captains I talked to said that their immediate mandate was to control the scene and give the protesters the idea that the police were now running the show, not the protesters. Then their mission was to clear out the banner & the protest because they said it was a safety hazard. In addition to this you all should be aware that when the cops send in so many people with so many weapons for such a small event, it is also greatly a DISTRACTION TACTIC. There were other law enforcement people there who weren't in uniform, just quietly taking pictures. THEY are the ones to look out for, not the ordinary cops or forest service people.